Johnny Manziel: “This is the last of the last chances”


Johnny Manziel says he’s feeling better, and that doesn’t have much to do with going 36-of-38 passing against air in a pro day workout yesterday.

The former Browns first-rounder told Bruce Feldman of that he’s almost 90 days sober, and hasn’t done any hard drugs in over a year. For him, that’s as important as another chance to play football, as he detailed his recent struggles and having to tell old friends he’s committed to making a real change.

“I let them know, ‘Hey, I gotta be selfish in what I’m doing,'” he said. “I gotta do this for me. Listen, I’m not gonna block your number but if I don’t text you back and I don’t answer your calls, don’t be offended. I’ll call you when I get bored and I wanna say what’s up. But don’t invite me on any trips. Don’t tell me to go to Texas to go to [friggin’] Sixth Street. None of that.’ The people I know that are in my life that by no fault of their own are going to want to do something that I just don’t have the luxury of doing anymore. When I first got in the league, did I have some leeway? Sure I did, but I have exhausted all leeway and all second chances. This isn’t the second chance. This is the 35th chance. This is the last of the last chances to show people that I’ve made a drastic change in my life, and it’s for the better and I’m happy with where I’m at.

“I need to be safe for myself. I’ve let multiple people know—guys that had been around me for years, I reached out to a multitude of people and said, ‘Listen, I’ve never been selfish in my football career. I’ve always flown you guys to every game. I’ve gotten you tickets. I’ve done everything. But for now, I’m selfish with what I need to do because I don’t have room for you guys to come around and for me to get off on a bad path. It just can’t happen. I’m happy. I’m married and I’m doing what I’m doing. My wife is my buffer with all of the bulls—. She doesn’t let me get away with any of the B.S. She’s just straight to the point. She has my best interest at heart, and there’s times where I don’t like it. I’m still a stubborn guy—I don’t like listening all the time. I’ve had a lot better sense of being able to sit back and reflect, even if it’s a daily reflection. I have that backstop. I’m working with good people and I’m working the majority of the day.”

Manziel admitted that people are used to hearing him talk about such things — and that he’s good at the talking. He’s also saying all the right things right now.

It will be interesting to see if the combination of his counseling, his medication after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and his work with a personal quarterback coach (George Whitfield, who has worked with Philip Rivers and Cam Newton and Ben Roethlisberger and others) is enough to get him back on a field. He’s set to leave next week to prepare for his stint in the Spring League, which he hopes is a springboard to a camp invite.

108 responses to “Johnny Manziel: “This is the last of the last chances”

  1. Manziel shouldn’t be at the Pro Day workouts but instead languishing in a prison cell given the several incidents of assault (protected by his posse) at bars as well as domestic battery against his girlfriend. But his family’s billions (and resultant political connections) assured that he would stay free.

  2. Good luck to him. He knows he’s screwed up far too many times but seems intent on doing the right thing from here on.

    I hope someone takes a chance on him and he proves his doubters wrong.

  3. Can’t wait till this dork is out of football for good so I won’t have to hear about him anymore

  4. Glad he’s sober and all…but nah man, your last chance already passed. Don’t be the last to realize it.

    The Spring League appears to be a mix between guys past their prime, guys who were just never that good and guys who probably should be locked up…but yeah I’ll probably watch.

  5. Good luck to him. I hope it finally clicks in a good way for him. He’d be fun to watch in the NFL again.

  6. Best of luck to him. Never was a fan and I don’t think he was ever talented enough but we all have our demons and I hope he can conquer them.

    Those who say you are tired of him then just click pass to the next story. Can bash him all you want but in the end you know his name and he has no clue or care who you are.

  7. Just as Payton does with his 3rd stringer, Hill, in NO – play him on special teams as well

  8. jackedupboonie says: “Go to Canada and prove yourself ya entitled little twerp!”

    Sorry, which team is giving him a starting gig that he hasn’t earned yet? How does fighting for a training camp invite make him an “entitled” twerp?

  9. Johnny has always sounded great in interviews and I liked him on the field. But 90 days is not a long time and I don’t think he can expect any team to invest a roster spot in him until he sustains things for a year.

  10. Glad he finally seems to understand the gravity of his situation. If this doesnt work out he’ll have to live off his family’s millions for the rest of his life…poor lil guy.

  11. Hey Johnny, if you thought the CFL was an amateur league, I have news for you. I wish you luck in the last stop of your football career.

  12. jackedupboonie says: “Go to Canada and prove yourself ya entitled little twerp!”

    And seriously, has no other NFL QB ever partied a little too hard?

    – Kenny “The Snake” Stabler barhopped like crazy and said “There’s nothing wrong with studying a game plan by the light of a jukebox”
    – Joe Namath
    – Sonny Jurgensen
    – Brett Favre
    – Billy Kilmer
    – Bobby Layne
    – Kyle Orton’s nickname was “The Bottle”

  13. Its an honor and privilege to be a part of the NFL. What makes him think he deserves another opportunity? Abusive to women. Abusing drugs. Entitled. And hasn’t proven to be a good NFL QB even when he played. He just needs to go away for good

  14. I hate to say it but 90 days is not long. And its actually less time that when he first started claiming to be sober and working his way back so thats a bit of an issue there. I dont think he has really taken enough steps yet that a team should be taking chances on him. Yes I know he is athletically gifted so it doesnt surprise me if he made some throws look good. But this still does not sound like the issues are far enough in the rear view mirror to call this sustained improvement. Its more like hes just been ‘good for a little bit’.

  15. Stay away Johnny. Life is much more important. The NFL brings too much pressure to anyone, let alone someone battling a mental illness. Wish him the best. Just got married. Walk away man and focus on what is really important.

  16. Yeah, like the Pats would touch him. Remember that leaked Patriots scouting report? The one that predicted everything Manziel did like it was written by time travelers? And that the Browns ignored along with their own $100k QB report, in favor of what some homeless guy at the draft thought? We are not the Browns.

  17. Judging by the amount of comments in such a short amount of time, it’s fair to say Johnny still moves the needle when it comes to click bait. Maybe someone gives him a chance. More importantly, you just hope the young man keeps it together and has learned some lessons. He’s got a lot of life left. I hope he lives it well.

  18. If he’s cleaned up and if the domestic abuse is a side effect of drugs and drink, then I wish him well in recovery and attempting to restart his career. He’s very lucky if he found a woman who won’t take his bull.

  19. Manziel is a phony little punk. Worse, he’s a spoiled brat. I hope he never wears another NFL jersey again.

  20. itslels says:
    March 23, 2018 at 4:40 pm
    A lot of hate on here for a dude just trying to turn his life around. Not his fault people keep interviewing him.


    Give me a break! Manziel always loved all the attention and never cared about anything but getting drunk and getting high. He is a spoiled little punk and doesn’t know the meaning of responsibility.
    He deserves all the “hate” you say he’s getting. Instead of doing what he has always done — blame others — put the blame where it belongs — right on him.
    I don’t “hate” him, but I can’t stand him and hope he goes away and is never heard from again. Just looking at his Alfred E. Neuman face turns my stomach.

  21. It could happen. He might be better than a bunch of the back-ups on rosters right now. Look up the names of some #2’s and #3’s that are languishing on benches or on Practice Squads.

  22. No more easy out for ya rich boyee. Stop busting out the workout truck at college pro days and just head to Canada. Your shotgun wedding style life doesn’t work for the NFL. Maybe if you were a kicker.

  23. Miami should take a chance on him. With so many other position needs they can’t afford to go quarterback in the first round. Manziel and Kaepernick both need to be observed for several weeks in a camp; Being out of football for several years makes it tough to come back.



  25. I hope someone gives him a chance and he lights up the league. How in the world could that be a bad story for the tainted NFL right now? Many of players have done much worse and still played.
    Good luck on your final chance. Hope he can pull it off.

  26. Good luck in recovery and a second chance, but you still have Daddy’s money if you flop.

  27. 90 days sober and doesn’t do “hard” drugs anymore? Well, who wouldn’t want to take a chance on that?! You know, except for the fact that he was NEVER any good in the NFL. Why give another chance to a guy that never once proved he could even play at that level?

  28. Wow almost 90 whole days? I sense a relapse coming and fresh video coming soon on TMZ of him, cocaine, and other stupidity.

  29. “Its an honor and privilege to be a part of the NFL”

    Maybe once upon a time but with serial liar Goodell running the league and owners who shield domestic violence abusers because their team might win another game or two with them on the field, Haslam who scammed millions from his PilotFlyingJ customers and other scumbag billionaires there’s very little left about the league that’s “honorable”

  30. 90 Days is good … just not ready to be called a professional football player.

  31. Say half the NFL teams carry 2 QB’s and the other half carry 3.

    If he’s not a distraction can you really say that he’s not as skilled / qualified as the QB’s from 50 on to carry a clipboard?

    Kaep Fans – What’s the key word in the above question? [Distraction]

  32. I’m not going to bash Manziel for being “only” 90 days sober. You have to start somewhere and for someone trying to get sober (if he’s truly serious), 90 days is a major accomplishment. I’m far from a Manziel fan and still think he’s a little rich kid Affluenza punk. That said, it’s good that he’s gotten rid of some of his moocher posse who always had their hands out. Maybe he’s changed, maybe he hasn’t but ditching some of his loser friends was a good start.

  33. He has his chance. It’s in Canada. Prove yourself there both as a professional and as a responsible citizen. If it works out you may get back to the NFL. Consider it the Two Step Program.

  34. I love everyone out there behind a keyboard on their high horse. Football players are human just like everyone else. People make poor decisions throughout their life, and the goal is to learn from them and better yourself. Anyone who would wish against someone’s success in doing so are just miserable, jealous people. I’m sure none of you have ever done anything “wrong”. Anyway , as a football fan (not a Manziel fan), I for one would like to see the guy get his life turned around and once again be successful in something he has devoted so much of his life to. I wish him luck. Hopefully he is doing better and some team gives him a chance to compete. I’m also pretty confident that if he does succeed and ends up being a winning QB for one of your teams, your entire tune will change. Winning is a powerful opinion changer lol

  35. The job of a backup QB entails all the things Johnnie is not. Hard working, patient, second set of eyes for coach and starting QB. For those saying he’s better than majority of backups….my question is….at what??

  36. Ya gotta love the game, man.

    For all the drama OchoUno (T.O.) created, he nonetheless produced on the field, which bought him that ticket to Canton, man (hey, OBJ, are ya listenin’?)

    Set your goals high, Mr. Manziel, and work to achieve them.

  37. It all sounds great,but only three months of sobriety? He will need way more than that for any team to take him seriously. I would like to see him make it because he’s fun to watch,but,you have to take everything he’s saying with a grain of salt.

  38. playedthegame32 says:
    March 23, 2018 at 4:19 pm
    Its an honor and privilege to be a part of the NFL. What makes him think he deserves another opportunity? Abusive to women. Abusing drugs. Entitled. And hasn’t proven to be a good NFL QB even when he played. He just needs to go away for good

    What are you smoking…??? It’s an honor and privilege to serve your country in some capacity, to be a role model…but to play in the NFL..??? Hell no…that’s just an opportunity to make some good money and be well known playing a game.

  39. @akira554

    The thing with Namath, Stabler, and Favre was they had all the talent in the world. I hear a lot about how Namath and Stabler are overrated but that usually comes from millennials and generation x fans. But truth be told Namath and Stabler were amazing players for the era they played in, only one QB put up video game stats and that was Unitas. Also, Stabler was a part time party guy and had a bit of a questionable character like Manziel, Namath is flashy but has class. but I watched an HBO documentary on Namath and he legitimately struggled with alcohol and was kicked out of his home with his sisters after high school and bought an RV for them to live out of and used that motivation to become an icon so I really respect the guy a lot and has lived a good life post substance abuse.

  40. Just to be clear…. It’s everbodie elses fault and none of your previous behavior could be considered selfish? Dude, all you EVER think about is yourself and what would make YOU happy at any given moment. I honestly don’t even believe the 90 day bs.

  41. Only God can change you son, when he dwells in you. Otherwise, good luck being sober, not for long until you crave for it again.

  42. Only God can change you son, when he dwells in you. Otherwise, good luck being sober, not for long until you crave/desire for it again.

  43. dws123 says:
    March 23, 2018 at 4:02 pm
    Can’t wait till this dork is out of football for good so I won’t have to hear about him anymore
    Don’t hold your breath, we still here reading about Tebow and Krapernickle.

  44. What harm is there in giving him a tryout? Yes he’s made some very serious mistakes and it’s cost him and he knows it. Sounds like he’s grown. Sign him to a league minimum with a morals clause with a one violation automatic firing, bring him in and see if he can perform. If not, cut him loose. Little risk in that.

  45. Having Johnny Manziel on your team is like having John Belushi on your team.

  46. He’s like Tonya Harding asking for a re-do because she had a ice-skate-lace malfunction

  47. “This is the last of the last chances”

    Johnny, I have given you “one more chance” I don’t know how many times. I kept believing your lies, only to be disappointed every time. I have pretty much given up on you, Then I saw you go 36-of-38 at the pro day workout. True, no defense but still impressive.

    I loved to watch you at A&M. I know you have (had) the skills. One more chance. I hope a NFL team will give you a chance. A last chance. If you get this chance and blow it, you are truly done.

  48. Kinda says it all when CK is a pariah for protesting police brutality and Johnny ‘football’ gets publicity and looks from 10 plus NFL teams for his supposed comeback from being a selfish drug addicted clown.

  49. The fact that teams watched him means he still has a chance, 90 days is not very long though, if someone does give him a chance with only that much time sober, they must see something. I wish him success

  50. Kaep Fans – What’s the key word in the above question? [Distraction]

    These two have NOTHING in common. Kaep had notable success on the field and while he wasn’t lighting the world on fire when he last played, he finished that season with 16 TD and 4 INT. His entire list of distractions consists of kneeling in silence and wearing offensive socks during practice. Manziel, on the other hand, never looked good on the field. His list of distractions consists of longstanding substance abuse, domestic violence, public brawls, being late to meetings, missing treatment, and a general und very apparent lack of commitment to football. Manziel defined the term troublemaker. His own family made public appeals for help. He was on the fast track to being kicked out of the league from the day he was drafted. Manziel is no longer in the NFL because he could not be counted on both on the field and off the field. You don’t have to approve of Kaep’s kneeling, but to compare him with Manziel is asinine.

  51. When I look at people who in sports who have succumbed to addiction despite their talent, seems like an amazing dynamic. Alfdon Smith, Ryan Leaf, and lesser talents all the way back to Joe Gilliam. I end up rooting for them not for the sports victory, but the life victory. I hope you make it Johnny.

  52. Any NFL GM who gives Johnny Manziel another chance should be in rehab at gamblers anonymous. I’m happy that Johnny is 90 days sober and recently married but he is still a major risk. Part of the problem is that a lot of his success at Texas A & M was having a receiver like Mike Evans who repeatedly enabled Johnny to scramble and throw it up high for him to catch and make him look good.
    Best solution is still to head to Canada and prove himself.

  53. As much as we thrash this guy. You can only hope for the best when he’s really trying clean himself up. Good luck young man, hang in there!

  54. Not true. As long as the Vikings are still a “franchise”, there’ll be a place for unwanted misfit QBs to play. Of course they’ll never grab the golden ring but at least they’ll be vastly overpaid for their services.

  55. Coming out of college I thought Manziel had the skill set of a backup NFL QB, but I questioned whether he had the mental makeup to be a happy camper as a backup. He was super competitive (which is a good thing), but perhaps to the point where he would be detrimental if he wasn’t the main guy. He actually reminded me of Joe Theismann coming out of Notre Dame. Theismann changed the pronunciation of his name to rhyme with Heisman. In college, he was known as Joe “Theesman”. Theisman actually spent time in the CFL before joining Joe Gibbs in Washington as a backup. He was the holder for FG’s, and even returned punts. He ended up having a decent career, but Joe Gibbs is perhaps the best offensive coach in history. Manziel would need someone like Kyle Shanahan. He could backup Garoppolo, and possibly get a chance down the line. Garoppolo hasn’t played enough to know whether or not he’s durable, so you never know when that chance might arrive. But it stills go back to the fact that he was a backup to begin with. He was never a first round talent, even if he was a choir boy.

  56. 90 days drug free…🤣. That’s a lifetime battle. This guy is talking like a guy in rehab. He doesn’t know what he doesn’t know.

    A few years from now he will realize his last chance was years ago.

    A few years from now we’ll read about him being found OD’ed in a cheap hotel room somewhere.

    His father should have kicked his ass the instant he discovered his son was experimenting with drugs.

  57. Go to Canada and enjoy playing football for football’s sake. Then come back in two years, having proven yourself. Doug Flutie had a good long career spanning both leagues. You can too.

  58. Go to Canada and enjoy playing football for football’s sake. Then come back in two years, having proven yourself. Doug Flutie had a long career spanning both leagues. You can too.

  59. I had high hopes for the kid. I still believe he has a special competitiveness that’s hard to find in athletes. I hope this works out for him and he can get back to playing the game cuz he’s fun to watch. A lot of negative comments 👎. Just root for the kid to turn his life around, football is a bonus

  60. Even if Johnny Footnote could magically erase the brain and body damage from years of hard partying; fill in the 2-plus years out of the league; add a few inches of height and 20-30 pounds of muscle not more flab; instill some character and honor; develop a work ethic and trade for Mike Evans to catch his wild jump balls, he still has never learned a playbook, even back in college.

    Until then, his only hope of reeling in one more sucker is paying for a spot in the two-week beer league, over a six-figure payday that would require actual longterm commitment and learning more than a few basic plays.

  61. thecaringkind says:
    March 24, 2018 at 3:09 am
    Kinda says it all when CK is a pariah for protesting police brutality and Johnny ‘football’ gets publicity and looks from 10 plus NFL teams for his supposed comeback from being a selfish drug addicted clown.

    He was the functioning QB at the San Diego State pro day……13 teams attended the San Diego State pro day and he was the QB. The only way they would not have seen him was by skipping the San Diego State pro day…..nice try, though. It was not a JM workout.

  62. “Can’t wait till this dork is out of football for good so I won’t have to hear about him anymore”

    Maybe he’ll pull a Tim Tebow and try baseball next. These type of guys will always try to hog the spotlight.

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