Giants’ decision at No. 2 should hinge on their evaluation of the top quarterbacks

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So what will the Giants do with the second overall pick in the draft? Some (like me) think they can’t draft a quarterback, given that it would create an awkward, clunky situation, with Eli Manning still the starter but the rookie presumed to be in line to supplant Eli, sooner or later.

Hall of Fame coach Tony Dungy has first-hand familiarity with that dynamic, from his time as an assistant coach with the Steelers.

The year was 1983. Terry Bradshaw had won four Super Bowls, and the then-34-year-old was preparing to embark on his 14th season with the team. That April, the draft pool included Dan Marino, a Pittsburgh native and former Pitt quarterback.

As Dungy told the story on Friday’s PFT Live, the Steelers didn’t want to have an awkward, clunk situation at quarterback, with Bradshaw as the starter and Marino as the heir apparent. So they passed on Marino. And then an elbow problem kept Bradshaw from playing for all but one game of the 1983 season, before retiring. And then the Steelers shifted aimlessly at quarterback for two decades, until they drafted Ben Roethlisberger.

Dungy’s point is this: The Giants need to hinge their decision not on the presence of Eli Manning but their evaluation of the incoming quarterbacks. If they believe that the quarterback who will be there when they pick at No. 2 will be a franchise quarterback who will carry the franchise well into the future, they should draft him and keep him on the bench until the time comes to move on from Eli.

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  1. Giants can use that #2 on a different position because their 2019 starting QB is ALREADY in New York… Teddy Bridgewater

  2. I can see that point, but with Eli having 2 more years and a brand new oline provided they draft one olineman by the 2nd or 3rd round and possibly gamechanger at rb being available, interesting decisions available is all I’m saying. Let’s be honest they never really gave Webb a chance. I’m just saying why draft qb this year when you haven’t checked all the options. You always can have the Alex Smith in Kc, with pat mahomes waiting in the wings scenario next year. Sb seems like a game changer at running back, the Giants haven’t had one of those since possibly Tiki Barber.

  3. I’m guessing the Giants trade out of the #2 spot and pick up a bunch of extra 2nd and 3rd rounders… Using one of them for their future Franchise QB.

  4. Darnold: To the Browns

    Rosen: Bradford2. No health concerns, easily the top QB in the class

    Allen: Derek Anderson2. Jets and Browns already made that mistake.

    Mayfield: Going to the Jets. They know Gettleman is a size guy, so they knew he would go Darnold or Allen. Mayfield is perfect for the Jets blue collar fan base.

    Giants had a QB who (with an asterisk) started 210 straight games. Does anyone here think Rosen can start 32 straight games?

    So it comes to what the Giants feel about Allen.

    Gettleman’s mantra ‘Draft a HOF player at 2’. Well, Terry Bradshaw is a close comparison. The Giants don’t have the D, don’t have that O and may or may not have that coaching staff. Bradshaw is no HOF’r without what I consider to be the best team of all time.

    To appease the Ne crowd, I’m sure they would have won more with BB as would have the Bears. Talent wise, no team in history compares. In that scenario, the Giants take Allen.

    I can’t see Denver or the Jets going with a big, inaccurate arm and the Giants will be stuck at 2. As I also can’t see the Bills giving away the farm for Allen when it appears they might be able to get him at pick 7, instead of trading to 2.

    The Giants go Barkley. If the Browns pass on Darnold, the Giants go Darnold.

  5. Quarterbacks seem to be playing longer and longer nowadays, so Eli could have a few more years left. Peyton played well until 39, Favre played into his 40’s, Brady and Brees are still going strong. Eli’s never had a serious injury. I think it comes down to if they think a rookie will make the team better than Eli in the short and long term.

  6. The awkward/clunky decisions have to be made though. That’s why GMs gety paid what they do. If the QB they want is there & he is a true franchise QB in their eyes, they can’t pass on him. It worked in Green Bay all those years ago, San Diego as well under different dynamics (Brees – Rivers) & it seems to have worked for KC last year & they found their game changer RB in the 3rd round.

  7. When you have your starting QB in place, and you like (maybe not love) your back-up QB, how do you pass on a talent like Barkley? At such an important position?

  8. I think if there’s a guy out there they think can be a franchise QB for 10+ years they need to pull the trigger. Even if Eli plays for several years it’ll give the guy a chance to learn until he’s ready to play. Aaron Rodgers sat on the bench for three years backing up Favre. As far as QBs go, they are such a valuable commodity you have to take the long-term view. All that being said, picking QBs early sometimes works out (Eli and David Rivers) and sometimes it doesn’t (Ryan Leaf, Jamarcus Russell et al). Sure, they need lots of other players but QBs are hard to find. I wouldn’t be surprised if they get a QB with the second pick.

  9. .
    Giants options:

    A. Keep the pick and draft the QB of the future. If Eli can’t handle it, let him give up his 20 million dollar contract and retire. Garopollo waited patiently behind Brady for three years and it didn’t create a problem. Besides, at this point in his career Eli is a very middling QB. Having someone to give him competition might be a good thing.

    B. Trade the pick but stay in the top 4-5. You don’t want to trade a nickel for five pennies. However it goes down, the Giants want to come away with a Pro Bowl quality player with their top pick. Whatever else they can muster in trade is gravy.

  10. That Pat Shurmur did not move to sign Teddy Bridgewater speaks volumes about what Shurmur may know about his condition.

  11. Rodgers was drafted with the 24th pick and went to a good team. Garoppolo was drafted in the second round and went to a good team. Those teams could afford to let those quarterbacks sit for three years. We’re talking about the second overall pick now. If they use the pick on a quarterback, he’ll sit for one year at most and then he has to start by 2019. If you think Eli has three more years left, pick a player like Barkley who can make an immediate impact or trade back for more picks and improve the team. If you take a quarterback, you’ll probably be back in the same place next year, which gives you the opportunity to improve around the new quarterback. Long story longer, if you love the guy who’s there, you take him.

  12. The Giants are picking second. There is nobody they can pick at two to make them good enough to make the playoffs next year. Get real, you stink, that’s why your picking second. By the time you might be good enough, your boy Eli will be gone….. Take a QB for gosh sake. It’s a no-brainer!

  13. Assuming Darnold goes to the Browns at #1, the Giants should either take Baker Mayfield or trade down with the Broncos (picking up their high second-rounder), or the Bills (picking up 2 first-round picks and a second rounder).

    Pat Shurmur quoted Bill Polian saying that guys who get hurt a lot continue to get hurt a lot. So I don’t think they will take Josh Rosen, a guy with concussion and injury problems, and can’t move on top of it. With Josh Allen, you have to trust Shurmur’s opinion on QBs, and if Shurmur loves him they will take him.

  14. All you people keep saying “Pick the QB”.

    How about telling WHICH QB?


    Kamura and Hunt were lightning in a bottle. Good luck with that. Look how Prescott played without Elliot. Put Barkley in the backfield and it forces the D to put a safety in the box which Engram,OBJ and Shepard can abuse.

    WTH? Anyone paying attention here? Tell me WHICH QB. Most of you are assuming he will be another Rodgers behind Favre, regardless which one they choose.

    These forums are getting dumber by the day. I miss 10 to 14 years ago when it was intelligent, serious football fans. Now it’s just stupid.

    Russell and Leaf had NO work ethic and some in the building knew it.

  15. Lets connect the dots. Why did the Giants pay big money for a 30 year old tackle? To win NOW! Why did they sign a 31 year old RB to a $7 million contract? To win NOW! Why did they trade for a 27 year old LB? To win NOW!

    Why did the Giants NOT accept the JETS trade? Because there is someone at the 2nd position that they think will help them; WIN NOW!!!!

  16. You have to draft Franchise Quarterbacks when you are in position to draft Franchise Quarterbacks. It IS the most important position on the team, and it isn’t even close. If you pass on the opportunity, you could be in for 20+ years of Browns, Bills, Dolphins, 49ers … So on.

    You do not pass on a Franchise Quarterback, unless you have one set for at least 4 years. “At Least”

  17. Eli is known for winning 2 super bowls against the most hated team on the planet. He’s known for having a brother and a father who were better QBs.

    He should be known for throwing 5 INT in a single game, or limping to 9-7 divisional titles against 3 of the most mismanaged franchises in sports history.

    Draft a QB, idiots

  18. GOOD GRIEF !!!!


    You people are killing me.

    I have to stop reading the comments section. Like a slow downhill descent into hell.

  19. .
    Dungy’s story makes no sense.
    So the steelers passed on getting a guy that accomplished nothing?
    If they go Marino they will would have not won a superbowl as marinos whole career its just stats that amounted to NOTHING. his career was an embarrassment.

  20. HMMMM Clunky? like when the Giants benched a more than competent Kurt Warner and lost the rest of the year with Eli?

    It’s the circle of life in the NFL!

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