John O’Korn: I’m the most NFL-ready quarterback in the draft

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Which quarterback in this year’s draft class is the most ready to play in the NFL right away? Sam Darnold? Baker Mayfield? Josh Rosen?

No, John O’Korn. At least according to John O’Korn.

O’Korn, who managed just two touchdown passes and six interceptions as a part-time starter last year at Michigan, says that playing for Jim Harbaugh prepared him for the NFL better than any other quarterback has been prepared.

“Honestly, I think I’m the most NFL-ready quarterback in this draft just as far as terminology, and knowing what to do on a day-to-day basis, game-planning,” O’Korn said. “I was part of the game-plan meetings with coach Harbaugh, coach [Pep] Hamilton, the whole staff, coach [Tim] Drevno, all last fall, so just on a day-to-day basis what it takes to be an NFL quarterback, I think I would choose myself over any other guy in this draft in that regard.”

That might make O’Korn sound delusional, but he understands that he’s just going to be a guy fighting for a roster spot in the months ahead.

“That’s all I really can ask for,” O’Korn said. “Whether I get drafted or picked up as an undrafted free agent, that’s really not up to me, but I’m going to come in, I’m going to work and I’m going to be the best at whatever they expect me to do.”

Perhaps O’Korn means to say that he’s the most ready to be an NFL scout team quarterback, the most ready to be a camp arm who can give an NFL team good reps in training camp. That doesn’t necessarily make him worth a seventh-round draft pick, but it might get him the chance he’s looking for.

63 responses to “John O’Korn: I’m the most NFL-ready quarterback in the draft

  1. Knowing what to do? Maybe. Actually doing it? Not so much. In reality, he won’t even be drafted.

  2. Knowing what to do and performing are two totally different things. The only chance at him making a roster seems to come from NE where guys like him end up getting a pay day later in their careers.

  3. I’m sure there is a full-time astrophysicist/part-time football fan
    who knows more about terminology, game planning, and passes as well as john o’korn.

  4. Michigan fan here.

    Uhhhhh… If you can’t succeed at quarterback under Jim Harbaugh, you can’t do it at all.

    Go Blue.

  5. Really! That’s kind of like saying I’m the most draft ready QB because I’m really really good at Madden.

    Takes way more than technique to succeed in the NFL.

  6. He played like he had happy feet, missed secondary receivers who were wide open…..maybe he should have not said anything.

  7. Whether that’s being drafted or picked up as a free agent? This guy thinks he could get drafted?? He is delusional. He showed nothing last year. Played horrible against average college competition.

  8. Brady was a good player at Michigan who just had the misfortune of being on the team at the same time as Michigan high school legend & favorite son Drew Henson ..O’Korn, on the other hand, is complete garbage.

  9. He really should’ve kept his mouth shut. He just earned himself a whole lot of derision. Bad move, O’Korn. You just cost yourself with that delusional remark.

  10. This is an old concept. NFL Ready QB. The most NFL QB is the QB in the draft that happens to get with a smartish head coach who puts him in a system that plays to his strengths and plays the same system basically that he has already been highly successful in in college!!!!! How long has the media been making such statements only to be found wrong. I mean how long does it take for the MEDIA to learn a damn lesson?

    NFL ready used to be important when the NFL QB’s were REQUIRED to make all three reads on most plays where they held on to the ball and stood strong and long in the pocket waiting for the first read (deep) to try and get open, if that did not happen in time, he quickly looked for the next longest read, middle of the field, and if that did not open, then they would look to the closest check down at least trying to move the ball forward some!!!! Today it is the exact opposite. They check down first most of the time to get the QB in a rhythm and move the sticks and hope for breaks in coverage. It is easy work on most teams for the QB today.

    MOST of todays QB’s do not play that way. They play a modified West Coast style system, not just to open the run game up, but to actually serve as their basic system. They haven’t quite named it yet. They just call it pro style if you park behind center.

    The NFL QB today is often a check down Charlie. High passing yards and high completion percentages. The old NFL system of going deep first, Big Ben is one such examples of a QB who plays that style. And he gets in trouble for “holding the ball”. John Elway, Marino, Peyton, and the Air Coryell systems most model the traditional system.

    And the Read Option QB’s actually go deep more often than the West Coast guys behind Center. They just have a different way to open up the lanes and bring about a successful running game.

    The NFL has completely changed and the high passing yards today, and the high completion percentage expectations are both a result of a large measure of a lot of short high percentage passes. As well as the diminished need for the full back!!! Where is the full back today?

    If a team puts a highly successful QB in a system he has already been successful in in college and he is on a solid team, he can be ready day 1. I mean they do have arm bands with the plays for the day on it. The NFL progressions today are often the exact opposite. check down, then mid, then deep on occasion. Go back and check the passing yards and even more importantly the completion percentages of the NFL greats of old. Then you will see the truth. These West Coast QB’s play the exact opposite today.

    Marino career completion percentage 59%, John Elway, 57%, Staubach, 57%,

  11. He’ll be a good backup QB to help get the starting QB ready for gameday and be his extra pair of eyes on gameday like Scott Tolzien.

  12. Dude your delusional…lot of people can go to the range and be scratch golfers til they tee off….

  13. If Jim Harbaugh likes him, expect him to be in Ravens camp. They need quarterbacks and John is the coach so it makes sense.

  14. Why does everyone think the astrophysicists are the smartest people on the planet?

    Hawking was front and center and one of the world’s great minds. As was Einstein.

    They seem to get the credit for being the brightest lights ever. On a practical level, Edison and Franklin too. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were ‘rocket scientists’ too, just didn’t deal with rockets.

    I’m waiting for the day where we say “He’s no molecular engineer”.

    There’s some extremely complicated things out there, I just don’t think rocket science is one of them.

  15. ‘…terminology… game-planning…” lol

    Let’s go to the videotape, e.g., Baker Mayfield throwing down three (3) TDs versus “THE” Ohio State etc.

    What you do on the field is all that matters, dude.

  16. Did O’Korn take the NFL required drug test? Geez, even his own coach was close to asking for volunteers before going to this guy. Maybe O’Korn was trying to get Vince McMahon’s attention with this bravado, but the dude needs a massive reality check. He’s rated 37th overall among draft eligible QBs and is 24th among those targeted as free agents. What do you think his chances are – slim/none?

  17. O’Korn was SO bad this year. He gave them NO chance to win.

    NFL ready? He cant hit the easy throws on the college level.

  18. He has a point. He isn’t going drafted to be a starter, he will get a FA chance to be the 3rd or practice squad guy. Would you rather have a guy like O’Korn, who has played under an NFL guy, or a run and shoot guy who has not taken a snap from under center in 5 years.

  19. His firm even slightly delusional belief in himself reminds me of a certain 6th round draft pick from Michigan.

  20. To be “NFL READY” has many moving parts. You need extraordinary talent, obviously. Must be strong mentally, physically & emotionally. When drafted, these QB’s need the right coach, offensive coordinator, & they must be on the same page. The QB likely needs to adapt to a new system with new terminology. Rookie QB’s need great talent around them, most importantly a dominant offensive line, a dominate running game which includes at least one RB who can catch dump offs & a TE safety valve. I would also say not getting drafted by an organization in rebuild mode, or constantly in it, but instead landing on a team with minimal coaching transitions that implement typically the same offense. This way not everybody is learning new verbiage, including a rookie QB, & instead a steady offensive system will already be in place & the rookie QB is surrounded by player/coaches.

    I could go on forever but to be “NFL READY” is almost any oxymoron. Dozens of things have to go right, be right, & have been right. And I know all this because I’m an expert.

    I’m a Bills Guy. Go Bills. Please don’t trade up & give up all those picks. None of these QB’s are “QB READY”. Especially in Buffalo. Just sit back, draft Lamar Jackson when he falls to #22, & run the Harbaugh/Kaepernick 49’rs offense until you have a better team, better (or any?) offensive system, and have had some coaches with longevity & continuity. Build your offensive line. Until then any QB in BUFFALO will sink.

  21. The comment got him some press/notice he would otherwise not have. Not a bad move for a guy who doesn’t have much to lose anyway.

  22. I would be shocked if he gets drafted. He sucked. Worse Hairball had him on the field? Mich is going nowhere with hairball and his desire for a flat footed qb with zero protection. Hairball last year if he goes 8-4.

  23. Good for him. A minute ago, the only Korn I knew was Kornheiser, now I’m rooting for this guy.

  24. O’Kernel should say he’s no better than Sam Darnold because Darnold couldn’t beat an Ohio State defense either!

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