Bill Belichick: I have a lot of respect for Malcolm Butler, wish him well

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After Malcolm Butler signed with the Titans, he had nothing but kind words for Bill Belichick. Belichick, who benched Butler in the Super Bowl, expressed those same sentiments for his former cornerback.

“I have a lot of respect for Malcolm,” Belichick said, via Mark Daniels of the Providence Journal. “From the day he got here in rookie minicamp four years ago, he’s always competed as hard as he could. He always has been a great competitor on the field, and I totally respect that. I’m not going to get into last year. I’m not going to get into next year or some other year. I talked to Malcolm. I wished him well in Tennessee. Obviously, [Titans coach] Mike [Vrabel] and [Titans G.M.] Jon [Robinson] are great people that I have a lot of respect for in that organization and I have a lot of respect for Malcolm. We wish him well.”

Butler played 97.8 percent of the Patriots’ defensive snaps during the regular season. He played one snap of special teams in the Super Bowl despite the Patriots’ problems stopping Nick Foles.

But it appears everyone has moved on from Butler’s disappearance in the Super Bowl, leaving the reason for his benching a mystery.

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  1. Who cares about a reason, the fact is it aided in the eagles win and i’m ecstatic with that. No explanation required bill !

  2. Call me a hater all you want but the Patriot’s success over their last 3 SB run’s should be fully credited to Tom Brady. Bill Belicheck is without a doubt the best coach the NFL has seen in the cap era but he is not without fault. As a fan, its funny how we can easily criticize these men from the comfort of our chairs but still it does not change the fact that the Patriots have done an a sub par job at drafting and trading over the last 3-4 years. They got fleeced on the Chandler Jones trade, Cyrus Jones is a complete bust, Dominique Easly let go, traded a 4th round pick for brick hands and mr.Can’t run routes without slipping Dwayne Allen, Jamie Collins trade netted nada, Jimmy Garropolo for a 2nd round pick when Sam bradford netted a first one? Kony Ealy trade bust, they traded also a good backup in Brisset for a bust in Dorsett, they also overpaid for Gilmore while allowing a very underrated pass rusher in Sheard just walk for a measely 3year-24mil$ to the Colts. Their trades and drafting have left their defense brittle and shallow and that clearly got exposed in the playoffs, last year they sacrificed the long term by trading so many of their picks. I think while they did do a good job with drafting Shaq Mason, Joe Thuney and Trey flowers in the later rounds, they allowed way too much talent leave for nothing in return. The Falcons choked and Brady orchestrated an amazing come back but this year they faced an Eagles team that hit them in the mouth and came out to play, as a result, a great Brady performance got wasted. Looking at next year, it will hinge on Brady again, that defense looks atrocious on paper

  3. The universe corrected itself.

    The seahawks were on the verge, but decided to instead throw the ball and turn Butler into a hero.

    The patsies are gifted a SB.

    Belichick allows hubris to dictate decisions and the result is the patsies got smoked.

    SB lost.

    Could Butler have made a difference?

    We’ll never know, but it surely wouldn’t have hurt.

  4. Love how BB shoots down Tom Curran’s phony narratives. BB actually has relationships with the players and never burns them. So, the haters keep hating.

  5. The Guy’s a Class act unlike Jeff Fisher and many others. In all his years he has never thrown any player under the bus even though guys like Butler played horrible all year and was sick the week of the superbowl and looked awful in practice that week Bill just takes the high road. That’s a major reason why the guy is a winner and everyone else is Jealous of him. Thanks Bill.Thanks for everything Genius. It’s just another Chess move for him.

  6. Butler already admitted recently that he wasn’t really ready for the SB, so why second-guess Belichick any more?

    Any New England fan that questions Belichick’s coaching, or his personnel moves, is just stupid. The man hasn’t lost a step, he’s gotten New England to 2 Super Bowls in the last three years. Just shut up already.

  7. Belichick should not only respect Butler for what Butler did for him for pennies compared to what a top corner earns, Bill should be kissing his feet. Butler also should be grateful for the opportunity and the coaching Belichick provided him. It went both ways, but I’m sick and tired of hearing Malcolm owes Bill everything.

    FIRST YEAR – Butler doesn’t play much, but takes Arrington’s place in Superbowl, plays a great 2nd half, makes maybe the greatest play in Superbowl history and wins it for New England. $420,000 salary

    SECOND YEAR – Butler is the 12th ranked corner in NFL and a big part of any success of Patriots. $829,000 salary

    THIRD YEAR – Butler is the 2nd ranked corner in NFL and a major part of the Patriots 5th Superbowl Championship team. $969,000 salary

    FOURTH YEAR – Butler attempts to negotiate long term deal a year early, Patriots offer does not top 7 million a year and he is told Patriots do not pay cornerbacks more than 10 million a year. Patriots then slap Butler in the face by giving Stephon Gilmore 5 year, 65 million contract. Pats allow Butler to negotiate with New Orleans, in advance of a trade. New Orleans and Butler agree to a 4 year, 50 million deal, but then Belichick refuses to make the trade, bleeping Butler over again. Butler has an inconsistent year, ranked 42, but still makes big plays, picks, strips and tackles during the year. People close to the team attribute his up and down play to his battle with the team distracting him and shaking his confidence. Belichick still plays Butler 98% of defensive snaps the whole year. $3,910,000 salary

    Here’s the kicker, in 2017, if Butler had played, the Patriots may just have won their sixth Superbowl. Bill Belichick has overtaken Pete Carroll and Dan Quinn for the most idiotic coaching decision that caused his team to lose a Superbowl in history. The decision to not start Butler based on his illness early in the week is understandable. But the decision to never insert him when the defensive personnel was being shredded, in a game that could have, and, was, eventually turned on ONE defensive stop was unconscionable. When that decision constantly left Jordan Richards on the field and Patrick Chung left with coverage responsibilities beyond his capabilities, it is clear that Belichick’s decision was personal. The fact that Bill had Ernie Adams activate the “let’s kill Malcolm in the press” propaganda machine, shows that it was personal. Every story Bill and Ernie leaked to the press to try to cover Bill’s ass was proven to be a lie.

    The Patriots don’t win their 4th and 5th Superbowls without Malcolm Butler. They might have won their 6th with him, were it not for the fact that when it comes down to money, Bill Belichick is the most arrogant bleep in NFL history. It wasn’t enough that in 4 years Malcolm Butler, for just about 20% more than a franchise kicker makes in one year, was the difference in two rings for Belichick’s legacy. The fact that Butler tried to negotiate early was enough for the sociopath Belichick to sabotage a Superbowl for the players, team and fans of the New England Patriots. Why would any free agent take a discount to come here for a chance to win, knowing the coach may screw over the whole season based on personal animosity in what were literally the most critical minutes of the season. Don’t care how many he won, or will win. There is no forgiving Bill Belichick for what happened in February, FOR THE REASONS HE DID IT.

  8. He actually did Butler a favor by not playing him. If MB had blow out an ACL or had some other devastating injury, his value would have been zero as a free agent.

  9. People who claim the Pats were lucky to win the SB when Butler intercepted Wilson’s pass seem to overlook that it took one of the luckiest catches we have ever seen in football history to put the Seahawks inside the 10 yard line to begin with.

    And of Richard Sherman would have intercepted that pass for a win Seahawks’ fans would be talking about how their great defense stepped up and won the game.

    Brady put up over 350 yards for the game and scored 14 points on two TDs in the 4th quarter. The Pats won. Get over it already.

  10. it all worked out as usual. belichick has a right to be proud of guys nobody else wanted that he built into top free agents. they move on for a bigger contract and bill builds another contender picking 31st or 32nd. that’s why he is recognized as the GOAT coach / gm.

  11. Malcolm B has a place in the PATS memory forever. He was targeted by the competition in 2017. They saw something in his play to warrant that. I wish him the best of luck in the future.

  12. BB you should have respect for Butler. He won you a SB you were going to lose, had it not been for Carroll’s utterly ridiculous call from the 2 yd line. Not a Seahawk fan.

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