Competition Committee opposed pass interference change, 6-2

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If the Jets’ proposal to change defensive pass interference from a spot foul to a 15-yard penalty is going to be successful, it’s going to need a lot more support than it enjoyed within the Competition Committee.

Via, the rule-recommending body recommended against making the change by a vote of 6-2.

“I don’t think anything will happen on that,” Giants co-owner John Mara told reporters regarding the proposal ultimately made by the Jets. “I happen to be in the minority. I prefer the 15-yard penalty, but most people prefer [the current rule].”

Any rule change requires the approval of at least 24 of 32 owners. With 75 percent of the Competition Committee against it, it’s hard to imagine that 75 percent of ownership will be in favor of it.

And that’s good news. Of the many glitches the NFL needs to fix, this isn’t one of them.

14 responses to “Competition Committee opposed pass interference change, 6-2

  1. Really a stupid proposal. Every DB would simply tackle receivers.

    Instead why doesn’t NFL just educate refs to not make idiotically bad calls?

  2. Or make incedental contact pass interference calls 15 yards and keep blatant grabbing as a spot foul? Seems reasonable enough.

  3. I think a fair compromise would be keeping the 5 yard penalty for illegal contact or defensive holding but don’t make it an automatic first down. Nothing worse than seeing a defensive penalty away from the ball result in a first down.

  4. This “proposal” screams Power Play by the Jets who made it. Perhaps they are working with a NFL employee who has pretentions of using it as a means to promote his or her agenda within the Byzantine power structure that has evolved internally at the NFL or perhaps the Jets want to create a political “chit” resulting from the proposal being voted down. It is a testament to how politicized the internal workings of the NFL have become under Goodell’s “leadership”.

  5. Illegal contact/holding on defenders shouldn’t be an automatic 1st down. I don’t mind PI being a spot of the ball foul, automatic first down.

  6. This is an easy way for officials to change the game. Way too many bad calls on PI that benefit the Patriots.

  7. How about we just see a little more consistency in the application of the rule. The amount of blatant non-calls and bogus calls makes the current penalty onerous to those who get hosed.

  8. For those who missed it:
    The Jets’ proposal would make all defensive pass interference fouls a 15-yard penalty unless the contact is “intentional and egregious,” in which case the ball would be spotted where the foul occurred. That stipulation would presumably lessen the incentive for defensive backs to commit a foul to avoid a long pass play.
    The rule proposal has long been considered highly unlikely to pass, in part because of the new level of judgment levied on officials to determine “intentional and egregious” contact. But executive vice president Troy Vincent said last week that it had gained “momentum” among some committee members and coaches who want to avoid long, game-changing penalties. Of the 303 defensive pass interference penalties in the 2017 season, 129 were marked off more than 15 yards.

  9. So we will still get teams just throwing it up multiple times a game in hopes of getting the flag cause they cant move the ball otherwise. It has always been the worst penalty. There has to be a compromise somewhere in the middle. Maybe making it a half the distance from the spot of the foul.
    Make offensive coaches and players work for the yards instead of giving it to them freely. It truly ruins good games when the team losing in the second half of the game starts throwing it up with the intention of drawing flags. Or when a great comeback drive with 2 minutes left means nothing cause the other team gets at least 1 PI call to get them in FG range and win the game.

  10. Why does it either have to be a spot foul or 15 yards? What if beyond 15 yards it was a spot foul up until like 30 yards. Beyond 30 yards would be a 30 yard penalty.

  11. I think the problem is Offensive PI isn’t called enough. Ive seen some of these receivers mug the DL or cause the “interference” and get the call. Michael Irvin made a career on it.

  12. You know, there are still 24 teams not on the competition committee that could, theoretically, vote for this rule change, which would give them a 26-6 majority vote.

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