Drew Stanton agrees to two-year deal with Browns

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Quarterback Drew Stanton didn’t visit Cleveland, but a meeting with Browns brass while they were scouting draft prospects last week was apparently enough to lead to a deal.

Agent Mike McCartney announced on Twitter that his client has agreed to a two-year deal with the Browns.

Stanton spent the last five seasons with the Cardinals and started four games during the 2017 season. He was 79-of-159 for 894 yards, six touchdowns and five interceptions.

Stanton’s arrival brings the Browns back up to four quarterbacks with Tyrod Taylor, Kevin Hogan and Cody Kessler already in the fold. With the Browns widely expected to take a quarterback with one of their two first-round picks, it seems likely that Hogan and/or Kessler will be looking for work somewhere else in the not too distant future.

27 responses to “Drew Stanton agrees to two-year deal with Browns

  1. Seems pretty obvious that based on film, Browns management doesn’t think much of the roster QBs they inherited. Dorsey obviously thought that despite a strong arm, Kizer didn’t compare to Mahomes.

  2. Why? I mean, I get him as a second or third stringer for a playoff team that wants someone who can fill in for an emergency.

    But the Browns are nowhere near playoff contenders. Might as well use that roster spot for someone who might, potentially, one day, turn into something.

  3. This makes little sense, and if the Cardinals didn’t keep him
    on a QB-LESS team…. well that says what they think about him.

  4. Why? Its funny, the minute you get a new GM or coach or anything-they immediately begin to tear down everything the other regime was building. No continuity. While the Browns did not win, they were BUILDING. Since they have the same coach, why start from scratch with all these new guys? Stanton is not even on a rookie contract.

  5. Somebody needs to take the checkbook away from this GM! He is like a kid in a candy store with all that cap space he inherited from Sashi’s strict planning and frugalness.

  6. Apparently they wanted 2 veteran QB’s for the rookie to learn under. Not likke they were going to keep Kessler or Hogan around anyways.

  7. Using Florio’s logic.. This now puts the browns out of the running for a QB with their two first round picks since that’s what he said about signing Hyde and not considering Barkley

  8. Josh gets a deal, but Kaep doesn’t, where is the outrage?
    Kidding, just wanted to wind up the never ending Kaep defense…because no one is tired of it.

  9. Hopefully this means they can keep their rookie QB on the bench this first year. At least Stanton’s been around. Kessler wasn’t going to help much anyway.

  10. The goal is keeping their drafted QB on the bench. This guarantees new guy is the #3 QB on the depth chart and they won’t have to have another Manziel moment where a good team is hankered down by a rookie QB forced to start before he’s ready due to injury.

    Kessler and Hogan were on their way out as soon as they couldn’t beat Deshone Kizer in a QB competition.

  11. This is a great move. Stanton is 11-6 in career starts!. Kessler and Hogan ZERO wins. Stanton gives them a capable backup who can also be a mentor to Darnold or Allen and help ensure they do not have to play any sooner than necessary.

  12. Hue Jackson has said and done some stupid stuff but this is the dumbest…
    Tyrod is the starter, no competition.
    Shouldn’t everyone feel like they have to compete everyday.
    You are screwed another year Cleveland…

  13. This tips their draft hand—they will take Darnold as #1 pick and let him sit for a year. They’ll likely take Chubb #4, although Barkley may still be there at #4, unless the Giants take him over a QB.

  14. This is a good move…..pushes the drafted rookie down the depth chart, so they have someone to take over if Taylor gets hurt. The rookie needs to sit this year…this helps drive that goal.

  15. It took a few comments and the ‘like’s proved it but it’s a brilliant move.

    The rookie has NO shot at #2 unless you have double injuries.

    The rookie is going to be Darnold who is a sponge and needs some time. Coupled with two QB’s who clearly know their place (1 is a bridge and 2 is a back-up slash mentor).

    Perfect opp for Darnold.

  16. Rookie on the bench… with a veteran voice constantly in his ear…
    while Tyrod is on the field.. Not too difficult to figure out.

  17. Now I am SERIOUSLY concerned about the Browns scouting department. I went to the Thursday Night game where the Cardinals played against the Seahawks and Stanton looked like he couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn! Whatever he’s the answer for…I don’t want to know what the question is. He’s 4th string at best…on the Browns…which is 8th string anywhere else. What tape is Dorsey watching? College??

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