Elways calls on his core players to step it up

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In only two seasons, the Broncos went from Super Bowl 50 champions to 5-11. President of football operations and G.M. John Elway has a suggestion for turning it around: The team’s key players need to step it up.

“That’s the core of your team and you’re right, we’ve got to play better,’’ Elway told Mike Klis of 9News.com after Klis mentioned players like linebacker Von Miller, receivers Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders, cornerbacks Chris Harris Jr. and Bradley Roby, defensive lineman Derek Wolfe, linebacker Brandon Marshall, and safety Darian Stewart. “I know all those guys you mentioned can play better than they played last year. We’ve got to get the leadership back from all those guys and they’ve got to get their game to the next level where it was.”

As the 2017 season was falling apart, Elway made waves by suggesting that the team had gotten soft. He didn’t speak in those terms on Sunday.

“For us to get back and do what we want to do, which is compete for a championship, then those guys you just mentioned have to play better,” Elway said. “We’ve got to play better as a core. As a team, I know we can play a lot better than we did last year.’’

Appearing on PFT Live earlier this month at the Scouting Combine, Elway was more specific regarding the reasons for the decreased level of play.

We did not respond to turnovers well,” he said at the time. “I think that we lost a little bit of hope. When you lose hope on a football team, it’s very difficult to get that back. Then the harder we tried, the more mistakes we made offensively and the more discouraged the defense got. It’s kind of one of those snowball years where we couldn’t get it to stop from rolling down the hill. Hopefully, we can learn from it and not repeat that this year.”

If they do, and if as a result they fail to win at least eight games, the Broncos will have their first back-to-back losing seasons since 1971-72. And if that happens, the changes next year will surely be far more dramatic than they were this year.

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  1. Yeah, couldn’t be a lack of a quarterback, a porous offensive line, lousy tight ends, aging wide receivers with no depth behind them, piss poor coaching, failed drafts, bad inside linebackers, poor safeties, and a GM that doesn’t get it.

  2. John Elway has had the 2 worse first round choices over the last 2 years. Paxton Lynch was a disaster waiting to happen. Anyone who watched him at Memphis knew that 67% of his pass attempts were 1 read passes that traveled 5 yards or less in the air. only 10% of pass attempts ever traveled beyond 10 yards. He never had to read a defense and when forced to actually to throw the ball beyond 7 yards, his accuracy was amongst the worse in college. Garret Bolles was a 25 year old LT in college who played with 0 technique and won on his strength alone…as a man versus college kids in the Pac 12 and he wasn’t even that great at it! If the broncos get the luxury of picking Josh Allen, it will make it 3 first round selections in a row where Elway completely whiffed. So he in retrospect needs to step it up. He has the Broncos mired in mediocrity. At least the Browns told their fans they would suck, the Broncos’ front office actually believed this was a playoff team!

  3. Elway should trade Von Miller to the Giants for the 2nd pick in the draft plus a two this year and next. Save 25 million against the cap next year. Draft a QB at two and Chubb at five. Miller is a luxury player on a bad team. Just too expensive. The dollars could be better spent.

  4. They were lucky to get that SB- if the Patriots would have kicked the 3 FGs instead of going for it – boom Patriots in another SB

  5. First back-to-back losing seasons since 1971-72.

    This Bronco fan hates to say it, but last year a similar record was broken – The team was shut out for the first time in over 25 years.

    This in spite of the fact that they had better talent than many of the earlier teams. In other words Elway provided decent talent but the performance wasn’t there. That’s on the head coach.

    Right now 8-8 looks out of reach and it smells like the Josh McDaniels era. He got fired mid way through his second year.

  6. Last year the 49ers started out 1-10. Then they put Jimmy Garoppolo in at QB and went 5-0. I guess their core players started playing better when Garoppolo took over.

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