Jeff Fisher never responded to Vince Young’s misspelled letter

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Vince Young said last year that he wrote former coach Jeff Fisher a letter apologizing for his role in their strained relationship.

But Fisher never bothered responding to it, because he wasn’t sure Young himself wrote it.

The former Titans coach told that he suspected the letter came from someone at the University of Texas, where Young was working.

Yes, I got a letter from Vince,” Fisher said. “And I didn’t respond. My name was spelled wrong on the letter, the letter came from the University of Texas, and I had no way of knowing if it was (really) from him. It came from the athletic department. But my name was spelled incorrectly.

“I still have it. But I didn’t know if it was from him so I felt no need to respond. . . . I thought if it was from him he would have maybe spelled my name right.”

Young detailed his version of their relationship in a Sports Illustrated story last summer, and outlined a number of gripes with his former coach, including that he’d cancel meetings without telling Young, that he told people Young was suicidal, or that he’d leak private conversations to the media.

“I’ve been asked many, many times to comment in response to three of his comments, and I had nothing to gain my commenting because all three of his comments were false, they were not true,” Fisher said. “I know the truth, so I stayed away from all that.”

Of course, even if he did, it might not matter much, since there’s no indication that relationship can or will ever be repaired.

62 responses to “Jeff Fisher never responded to Vince Young’s misspelled letter

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA, how many ways can you misspell Jeff Fisher? UNBELIEVABLE, and you’re supposed to read a defense in 2 seconds.🙇🏿

  2. Well Jeff, did you really expect Vince to know how to spell? remember his Wonderlic score?
    in fact, I would be surprised if more than 50% of the players could spell above the 6th grade level

  3. “I’ve been asked many, many times to comment in response to Sean McVay’s dramatic turnaround of the of team, and I had nothing to gain by commenting as that would only further expose me and because I’d like to coach a team to a 7-9 season again someday I think it’d be best to keep my mouth shut. Oh yeah, one more thing, Vince Young can’t spell so I don’t think he wrote me an apology letter.”

  4. Why does he have to placate someone like Young. The man is illiterate. Why do the talking heads and so called reporters think all of the players and ex-players have to be protected and coddled… they are supposed to be Men… so Man Up!!! They aren’t that special..

  5. Proves that where QB’s are drafted can be critical. Fisher seems to have a knack for the getting the worst out of everyone. Maybe Young has a career. Maybe McNair is in the HOF had he been with a real coach.

    There are worse coaches but to survive as long as he did, in the media world we live in now, it the 9th or 10th wonder of the world.

    Can’t see him being anything but perhaps the DC coach at Vanderbilt and even that’s a stretch.

  6. Vince saved Fishers job as a rookie with an 8-2 run, allowing Fisher you fleece nfl owners for tens of millions of dollars for the next ten plus years…
    Look at the Rams turnaround after cutting bait with Fisher- tells you all you need to know about him.

  7. 17 NFL scouts just came up with a new question for draft prospects, “How would you spell Jeff?”. Anyone who can’t do it right within three tries is dropped from the draft board. Other than Cleveland’s. They’d trade up for the guy.

  8. Jeff Fisher (or Fischer, which is a common spelling) was and is a terrible coach. But Young tried to apologize for his role in it – which shows character. Fisher only shows a lack of it with his response. And I am not surprised. He can’t even man up to being Mr. 8-8.

  9. 23fandrew says:
    March 25, 2018 at 12:52 pm
    Dear Geff Fissure,

    bravo sir….im crackin up…bravo

  10. dirtdawg53 says:
    March 25, 2018 at 1:04 pm
    17 NFL scouts just came up with a new question for draft prospects, “How would you spell Jeff?”. Anyone who can’t do it right within three tries is dropped from the draft board. Other than Cleveland’s. They’d trade up for the guy.


    Because a homeless guy inspired Haslam to go after him

  11. Fisher is such a loser. Guy somehow conned his way into the longest mediocre career ever seen. Does nothing but pump himself up and make excuses for why he didn’t succeed. Back when VY flamed our it was easy to say it didn’t work because VY was dumb, didn’t care, etc which may still be the case. But when you look at how good every single Jeff Fisher QB played after being freed from Fisher, I think you have to put a lot of blame on Fisher for the way him and Vince fizzled out. Honestly though, he could have been a pretty good GM based on his track record

  12. I actually thought his last name was spelled Fischer so if that’s all it was seems kinda petty to me but if his real gripe with Young is about Young’s alleged lies about him then I understand

  13. Jeff Fisher is just very bitter. He still isn’t over that the Titans basically picked Vince Young over him, and it eventually blew up the team for both of them.

    That being said, Fisher’s biggest contribution to the NFL is encouraging dangerous play and then acting incredulous that yelling at his team to injure the other team deliberately is a big deal.

    He did get his teams to play hard. Just usually not within the rules. And as the years went on, he got worse and worse other than anything but overly aggressive defense. If he didn’t have Steve McNair as his main QB, would his offense have done anything but run 3 times and punt? He did well when he had an explosive QB or RB that could make things happen out of a conservative offense or improvise big chunk plays.

    And despite his pleas, the Rams turnaround was due to better coaching. He had talent, and he did very little with it.

    A truly great coach does big things in their 2nd job–all it did was reveal Fisher as mediocre at best. And bitter about it.

  14. The NCAA loves to use throw the ‘student-athlete’ term when questioned as to why they don’t pay their players. Vince Young spent three years at the University of Texas as a student (and more time after his playing career to earn a degree). So how does an issue like this happen? Did UT do everything they can to help VY in his endeavors? Or did they just pass him out of classes, because of that “Invinceable” title run? I’d hope the latter isn’t the case, but this brings up the question of accountability.

    If a campus isn’t going to hold an individual accountable as a student and help them through their struggles in every possible way, then at the very least, the campus needs to be held accountable ($) for their usage of the individual as an athlete.

    I don’t know Mr. Young’s situation, and it isn’t my business to know his personal endeavors, but Texas obviously didn’t do enough for him despite their bountiful resources. I know a campus can’t force a student to study or invest in their learning, but they can have that student sit-out or hold them from playing until their situation improves, just as they do at the high school or middle school level.

    My struggle is, that despite this clear issue with Mr. Young, the university (and NCAA as a whole) had no issue marketing the national title run with a slew of merchandise or asks for donations from alumni.

    So the organizations brag about the benefits of an education, yet aren’t doing their best for those in the classroom. The organizations certainly know how to parlay their students into mechanisms of income, though.

  15. Oh as if VY is just an innocent little victim.
    After all, in today’s educational system, “students” are not expected to spell correctly.

    Imagine the outrage if Fisher wrote Young a letter and misspelled Young’s name (it wouldn’t happen since Fisher went to USC). The media and Young would be apoplectic. VY would play the race card of course.

    Yes, I do not expect any football player, outside of guys like Craig Krenzel, Ryan Fitzpatrick, or Myron Rolle, to actually be able to spell correctly.

  16. Do you people really have no clue what happens if Universities pay college athletes?
    The athletes would become EMPLOYEES, and would thus be subject to all policies and standards that any other employee is held to.
    This means that a player could be FIRED instead of merely being suspended for a half or some games.
    There would be no NCAA protection.
    Union? Oh yeah good luck unionizing in an academic institution. It won’t happen. This means that players will have NO union protection whatsoever. Of the thousands of colleges/universities, only 1-2 have a union. Liberal colleges want unions for private sector businesses, but have ensured that THEY are exempt from the same mandate.
    Taxes. Yes now players will have actual income and will have to pay taxes on that income. I’m sure the IRS is just waiting for all of the tax evaders in the CFB player ranks.

  17. “jeff fisher is garbage. and so were the titans and rams he coached. go browns!!!!!”

    You make funny, yes?

  18. “Oh as if VY is just an innocent little victim.
    After all, in today’s educational system, “students” are not expected to spell correctly.”

    Are you an angry person? You seem like an angry person. How do you feel about black people?

  19. Vince used the high English spelling of “Geoffrey” when referring to Mr. Fischer in the letter. Not his fault that his former coach’s parents where dumb American rednecks.

  20. Some people just have IQ’s or the inability or whatever to get through college. Mayne Vince is ‘stupid’, so might be your mailman or that same mailman might be a molecular engineer on the side.

    Which means, in essence, College Football is a money making sham (for the ‘student’ athlete). Coaches, schools and some programs within get paid and paid well. Some students get degrees that change their lives, some don’t. It is common knowledge if you buy your kid a car, the odds of an accident increase dramatically. If they have to earn it, then it’s a different game.

    Young did not belong in college. He probably did not belong in HS. He might be smart but uneducated or he might just not be smart. Doesn’t make him a bad person. But it does make Jeff Fisher a bad person for dissing him (passive aggressive as stated in first comments).

    Kids get into Ivy League schools when their SAT’s are below the norm because they can catch and throw. I turned one down and would have been laughed at by the same admissions, had I not been an all world HS pitcher.

    It won’t get fixed. I learned that a long time ago in some class called Bureaucracies and something or other. Once created, good luck bringing them down,

  21. I am no professor of English but while this page has a lot to do with spelling, shouldn’t the words “spelled it “be spelt. Probably opened myself up to criticism here lol.

  22. “I had no way of knowing if it was (really) from him”

    Really? How about giving him a call or text? Doesn’t seem that hard.

  23. Think and say what you wIll, but VY10 is still 3-0 versus lil’ bro Manning/Big Blue in Regular Season play 🤓

  24. Well, at least Mr. Wunderlic attempted to make amends. The failure to at least respond to Young’s attempt tells us all we need to know about Fischer, I mean Fisher….

  25. No doubt Vince isn’t a rocket scientist but coming from a coach who had 3 QB’S on his roster in 2016 that all made the playoffs last year proves he is a horrible coach.

  26. I always liked Jeff Fisher because he used to be the Defensive coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles but he seems like kind of a jerk. The guy apologized. He spelled your name wrong so you ignore a letter that probably was difficult for him to write and send. Sad.

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