Jets owner says they’ve pulled their offer to Ndamukong Suh

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Free agent defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh has lost what was reportedly his most lucrative contract offer.

Jets CEO Christopher Johnson said today that after he and General Manager Mike Maccagnan talked it over and decided to rescind the offer they had made to Suh.

“Our thinking just changed a bit,” Johnson told reporters today at the owners’ meeting.

Johnson didn’t give any further explanation of why the Jets would pull their offer. It could be that they didn’t think Suh was interested in playing for them for any reason other than the fact that they have a lot of cap space and can offer him a lot of money, and having him on the team only to cash a paycheck wouldn’t be the way to get the most out of Suh’s considerable talents.

But whatever the reasons, it now appears that Suh will have to go someplace else. That may be what he wanted anyway, but losing the Jets’ offer could mean losing leverage in contract negotiations.

82 responses to “Jets owner says they’ve pulled their offer to Ndamukong Suh

  1. As much as I would love having Suh’s talent on the Jets they are trying to change their image and build a locker room of hard working players. They want a winning climate and as a long suffering fan, it’s what I want also.

  2. He should get used to the idea that teams are not going to offer him huge money anymore. He would be lucky if a team wants to sign him to at least a 3 year contract.

  3. You just insulted a team that wasn’t going anywhere! Makes Suh look better KNOWING that he didn’t sign just for the coin.
    I dont like the cat at all, but looks like the Rams will have a pretty good defense.

  4. It is foolish to pay huge money to a guy who thinks guys who care about winning and losing too much are fools being played by the owners. Winning usually requires that everybody to some degree puts the team’s needs before his own. I doubt that would ever happen with Suh.

  5. I have been a Rams fan since 1971.

    I want no part of this selfish turd.

    Go anywhere “Stomp”, just not to the Rams.

  6. Smartest thing Jets done in years. Hes 31 wouldn’t of fit into teams future. Since drafting a rookie QB even if we hit on the QB still 2 years away and Suh would just playing for Paycheck. Lets go Jets!

    Save the cap to rollover to 19′ and beyond. Maybe now look to trade Leonard WIlliams for a 1st and 2nd rounder in 19′ to recoop the lost picks. We can draft his replacement (5+ years of rookie contract control) instead of Leo has only 2 (Still only 23) Tons of value on trade market.

  7. He’s another Albert Haynesworth. Takes plays off and is just a gold digger. He’s all about himself and watching him I’ve never seen him congratulate one of his players on offense when they score. After the fanfare of the contract signing it’s all about counting his money.

  8. uglydingo says:
    March 25, 2018 at 5:50 pm
    Maybe Ndamukong should have accepted the pay cut in Miami.

  9. ravenmuscle says:
    March 25, 2018 at 6:01 pm
    He’s another Albert Haynesworth. Takes plays off and is just a gold digger. He’s all about himself and watching him I’ve never seen him congratulate one of his players on offense when they score. After the fanfare of the contract signing it’s all about counting his money.


    Honestly, as a Dolphin fan I cannot agree that he was taking plays off. He’s a lot of things but he played hard in Miami and was on the field a lot. His effort was never an issue to me. Definitely a “me” guy by all accounts though.

  10. learysdisciples says:
    March 25, 2018 at 5:37 pm
    Nothing like pulling it out on someone.

    Especially if they were the one doing it to you.

  11. I remember being so upset the Bucs couldn’t draft him and had to settle for Gerald McCoy. So happy the Bucs have him. Unfortunate the rest of the team is so bad.

  12. Guys like him ruin the game with their antics. Let them go to Vince McMahon’s Wild World of Pro Football. It’s not fun to get stomped on by a “fellow” athlete. Only animals play and enjoy this behavior. It saddens me that the team I root for just TRADED for Bennett. Another bum the league doesn’t need.

  13. Maybe he should go back to Detroit! They have a defensive coach now and it may work out?

  14. Hard to go from no state tax in Florida to a lesser contract plus what would amount to roughly what, 12 percent income tax for his bracket in California?

  15. Johnson is the Josh McDaniels of owners. He was about to do something stupid , then he did something smart.

  16. bondlake says:
    March 25, 2018 at 6:18 pm

    The Jets figured out that if you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.


    Ummm. Ever heard of bathing your dog?

  17. Suh does not show up for every game. Yeah he’s there but he does not always exhibit extreme effort. Suh was certainly not worth what the Dolphins paid him. Only an elite QB in the NFL is! Suh might be seeking QB money again and he’s not going to get it. Teams can look at the film to make their own evaluations.

  18. Suh’s going to the Titans. He’s only concerned about money so he’ll go to where he can take home the most. Factor in no personal income tax and he’d take home more money in Tenn. than he would have in New York even if the Jets offered him more money.

  19. The Maybe Jets are being very intelligent here. A guy like Suh needs unique motivation. Maybe it’s a coach he respects or the desire to win a ring once for the legacy that brings. Just a big check from a rebuilding team seems suspicious for me and I’d hate to be a Jets fan and have my team sign him. Honestly unless it’s one of the 5 or 6 legit Superbowl contenders out there that might give him motivation I’d be very leery of signing this guy.

  20. When you have made the highest offer to a free agent, and their people continue to “shop” the offer in hopes of a better deal, rescinding the offer is sound business.

    This is why teams in all sports are waiting so long to sign players. Regardless of what anyone thinks about the particulars of the offer, the Jets acted in good faith in making their offer.

    Suh’s people took advantage of that good faith, and now they get to start from scratch.

    Everyone who is whining about “why Player X is not yet signed” should take a hard look at how this played out for the Jets.

  21. pats777 says:
    March 25, 2018 at 6:02 pm
    Good. Hope the mouth breather remains unemployed forever.
    Being a Lion Fan makes me NOT a Suh fan. But, let’s call it right. He’s meaning things…but a “mouth breather” is not one. Dudes got an engineering degree…prolly smarter than you.

  22. It seems like there are a lot of people commenting here who have never watched him play. While there’s no doubt that the guy’s a tool his effort and motivation have never come into question. At least from people who know what they’re talking about

  23. I’m just curious as to what team or team’s culture he has ever improved….any team that doesn’t sign him is better off. ANY TEAM!

  24. The people who claim Suh isn’t a hard worker have no clue what they are talking about. He worked hard in Miami and did exactly what coaches wanted him to. People look at the declining sack numbers and incorrectly attribute it to him taking plays off or not trying hard enough. The truth is he played very well, I never saw him take a play off in Miami. The only thing I didn’t like was the Mallet throat grab. That was bush league and he should have been suspended for it. That said, since he entered the league he has always said he will play for the most money he can get in his contract. Yes, in that regard he is selfish but that does not translate to the field.

  25. dummykong,

    go to Philly so you can play with the tough guy Michael Bennett who likes to push around handicapped people.

  26. One thing you can count on with the Jets. They absolutely do not want any good players on their team.I’m just waiting for the next garage sale.

  27. If this keeps up, he’s going to get a 1 year prove yourself contract loaded with insensitives. This is now 2 teams that didn’t work out and a few teams left in limbo. Hes too good not go get a contract, however I don’t believe it will be a big one.

  28. For a team that does not make good moves, this is a very good move. They’re gonna be glad they rethunk that

  29. I would like to see him come back to Miami on a 1 year total incentive only contract. I think he liked being in Miami but Miami had to get that salary cap under control. Those that say he is Albert Haynesworth are just the typical bush league crap talkers. This guy is a beast of a DL and I’ve never heard an Offensive Coordinator ever say they haven’t game planned for Suh. Hate him all you want, he is still top 2 at his position!

  30. Michael Bennett has done nothing wrong playing the game and according to the Houston police commissioner he’s a felon. May have been a bit of a jerk with the star status attitude much like most all pro jocks. From what I read he is outstanding with community work in Seattle . These Philadelphians who don’t want him on the team are the same ones who didn’t want Howie Roseman as head of whatever he’s head of. They didn’t want the head coach this time last year and would have the eagles trade their all pro center who is now the most popular player in Philly.

  31. Suh should just figure out where he wants to live and what team he wants to play for. Talk to the coach and sign a cap friendly deal. Win a super bowl. Apparently Suh is friends with Warren Buffet, and has learned a lot about investing. He’ll probably have more money than any player in 20 years from now. It would be nice to have a super bowl ring too. Look at Chris Long. He went to New England and won a super bowl, then left and signed with Philadelphia and won another ring. He actually donated his entire salary to charity. These guys have more money than they’ll ever need. I would think winning super bowls is much more fun than playing for a rotten organization that offers you a couple more bucks to come and be miserable.

  32. .
    lol, it’s funny reading the comments…
    The Jet’s made a good decision?!?!
    The Jets are the ones who made him the offer and Suh is the one who did not accept it.
    So thank Suh for forcing the Jets to change their minds.

  33. Couldn’t have happened to a DIRTIER, more selfish, player! I’m not a jets fan but GOOD FOR THEM! Go stink up some other team. For every dirupted play he gives the yardage back in PF’s.
    I can’t wait until this disgrace in pads retires and takes his stink off the field forever.
    If he ever gets inducted into the HOF I’ll quit watching football!

  34. Lolz when you’re getting punked by the Jets you know your career is going downhill fast.

  35. Did they pull the offer or did Suh and His people say You do realize You are the Jets? Thanks, but no thanks!

  36. I don’t have a clue which team will eventually sign Suh but I can guarantee that the team will end up with a losing record and regret the day they signed him and caused dissension in their locker room. He isn’t worth the contract at even half his asking price.

  37. This guy was greatly overpaid and became the highest paid defensive lineman at that time. Now that the GMs know what this dude is all about he’ll never be the highest paid ever again. Just look back at all the free agents that went with teams who made their new free agent the highest paid player at that position and you’ll see none ever won a championship. They just won the Super Bowl in March.

  38. I don’t blame the Jets. If they made him an offer, and he was actually interested in playing for them and contributing to the team, he would have signed it at the meeting. But because of the selfishness that is Suh, he was going to just take that offer and use it to leverage a deal somewhere else. This guy doesn’t have any interest in being part of a team and trying to build a winner. He’s just looking for the job with the best salary and benefits so he can goto work everyday and get fat. There is no passion there. There is no Suh in team. He’s just s guy looking out for himself at everyone else expense.

  39. As a dolphins fan… i never felt any fire or passion by him to win. His comments before the New England game sold that “im paid to get after Tom Brady”.

    Um… try harder please. You want to win right?

  40. $uh isn’t out for money , he is misunderstood
    $uh just wants to be a part of a team , like in Detroit and Miami where money was never the issue

    I would love to see this guy go without an offer– he’s been in the league with his dirty plays long enough –
    getting dissed by the Jets– laughable

  41. I see a lot of the same people that whine about the sport becoming soft and unrecognizable, here complaining about this guy for being too nasty of a player. Make up your minds. Football is a nasty sport played by violent men. Or it is flag football. Which is it? Maybe this guy is a jerk but he plays his heart out and yeah, sometimes his mean streak is a little too pronounced, but at a reasonable price he would be a huge credit to any of 32 teams.

    That said, I still don’t want him in Seattle, I don’t think he would be a good fit. But he would instantly be the best guy on their D-line.

  42. Well, there is one thing. Suh isn’t interested in playing for anyone unless it’s for a lot of money. It’s not just the Jets, so Maccagnan and Co. shouldn’t feel too bad about that.

  43. Any team interested in Suh’s services should ask themselves why the Lions were so eager to part ways with him.
    The answer is he wanted way too much money, which the Dolphins were dumb enough to give him, he’s a dirty player, and he’s an over-rated player, too.
    So — buyer beware with this guy.

  44. Its probably more likely that they offered and he said “ill think about it”…and never got back to them and they didnt want their offer shopped.

    If he really wanted it – he would have taken it. I dont think Suh gives a crap that he wont be playing for the tired ass Jets this season.

  45. There are people on here who have never seen him
    Play, that’s obvious. He didn’t take plays off. and was always
    Double teamed. Just because you don’t like him, doesn’t mean
    He can’t play the game. He’s one of the best defensive players out there, like him or not🏈

  46. Wait, Suh not choosing to sign for the most money is the opposite of those who say players are only in it for the money.

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