Steelers unsure if they’ll pick up option on Bud Dupree for 2019

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The deadline for teams to decide on picking up their fifth-year options on 2015 first-round picks is on May 3, which means the Steelers have a little more than a month to announce how they plan to proceed with linebacker Bud Dupree.

As of now, they say no call has been made. General Manager Kevin Colbert said, via Mark Kaboly of The Athletic, that they are still mulling their options.

Dupree would stand to make over $9 million if he played the 2019 season under the terms of his rookie deal. That might be a bit rich for a player who has produced 90 tackles, 14.5 sacks and a forced fumble in three seasons, although Dupree hit a career high with six sacks in his first year as a full-time starter in 2017. If he were to break out in 2018, the salary would look a lot more reasonable.

The option is guaranteed against injury only, so the Steelers could exercise it and then rescind it if Dupree doesn’t play up to their expectations. With the draft coming before the deadline, they could also add other outside linebacker options that wind up affecting their ultimate decision.

11 responses to “Steelers unsure if they’ll pick up option on Bud Dupree for 2019

  1. He’ll be joining Jarvis Jones as another first round bust. I just don’t think the Steelers’ scouts watch tape. You could see these guys weren’t top college players. How would you expect a mediocre college player to play at an elite level in the NFL? Maybe these guys were impressive at workouts or something, but they weren’t good college football players.

  2. Does it matter? The guy isn’t a difference maker and the Steelers are going nowhere, with or without him. Worthlessberger will be retiring soon anyway and they will be a .500 team (If they’re Lucky)just like all the other also rans in the AFC.

  3. Steelers are notoriously fiscally conservative. This could bite them with Shazier probably done with football, and replacements for Bell and Roethlisberger needed long term. This is definitely Bell’s last year there and possibly the QB’s so they really have to hit on multiple picks in this draft.

  4. I actually think he’s a decent to good pass rusher , but a below average run stopper . He’s fast as hell though , and he’s the best edge rusher we have right now . Got to keep him

  5. I’d decline every player from that defense. Bortles torched them. One of the all time ugliest playoff losses outside of Tebow beating them.

  6. Huh? Undecided whether to commit $9 million to a huge bust?? For a team with cap problems???

    The guy is a sub-replacement level player. If they cut him tomorrow, even at only 25 and with first round pedigree I’m not sure he’s have a job.

    What’s the debate? Ego? Not wanting to admit you whiffed badly on both Jarvis Jones and Dupree?


  7. Steelers went production over profile with Jarvis Jones and whiffed
    Then with dupree steelers go with profile over production and perhaps have whiffed again !
    I think dupree is too saddled with coverage responsibilities and run reads he was born too chase the qb. He should be put on the left side and turned loose with only 1 responsibility and no reading just go hit the quarterback. If he accidentally makes a couple run stops during a game that is a bonus.

  8. Dud Dupree is the biggest bust since Jarvis Jones. The Rooneys have no idea what they’re doing. This is why Jacksonville destroyed them twice.

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