Doug Williams confirms Junior Galette is moving on

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Linebacker Junior Galette will be playing for a new team in 2018.

A report last week indicated that Washington pulled the contract offer they made to Galette and senior vice president for personnel Doug Williams confirmed on Sunday that Galette will be moving on.

“I did tell him we were going in another direction, and he was very thankful,” Williams said, via the Washington Post. “He had two Achilles’ injuries, and we stuck by him. We gave him a chance, and he’s very appreciative of it. He told me, ‘Thank you. If it wasn’t for you, I don’t know whether I’d still be here,’ so it was a good conversation.”

Galette returned to action last year after missing two seasons due to the injuries and had 20 tackles, three sacks and a forced fumble. The Browns have been linked to Galette in recent days.

Ryan Kerrigan, Preston Brown and Ryan Anderson are the outside linebackers in Washington with former Bear Pernell McPhee visiting recently.

13 responses to “Doug Williams confirms Junior Galette is moving on

  1. “I did tell him we were going in another direction, and he was very thankful,” Williams said

    Sure, I’d be thankful for being paid $20M for nothing, too.

  2. While I’d never wish injury to any player, he certainly seems humbled by those injuries. He burned bridges with New Orleans. So, you can mark that team off of potential landing spots.

  3. Doug Williams went on to say, “Hey, it’s the Bruce ‘Winning Off the Field’ Allen way of doing things. We paid Galette for two years to rehab and get himself ready to contribute to a team. Now that he has shown pretty good production in limited time last year, Bruce says, ‘It’s time to go in a different direction and let another team reap the benefits. It’s the Lil Danny Dumpster Fire way of doing this ‘football’ stuff. Besides, who needs defense? We got a 34-yr-old QB running the option, so we’re all good. Super Bowl!'”

  4. 20 tackles and three sacks last season. Missed the entire 2015 and 2016 seasons with injuries. He turns 30 tomorrow.

    I doubt that many teams are going to be interested in him and quite frankly, I’m not sure why anyone would be.

  5. “Sure, I’d be thankful for being paid $20M for nothing, too”

    Not sure where the $20M number comes from? Gallette was on the Redskins roster from 2015-2017. Per Sport Trac he was paid a combined $1.2M by Washington over that time period.

    That’s not a bad deal for the team, for a rotational edge rusher for one full season. And it wasn’t a bad deal for him…he will surely sign for more than that and had an opportunity resurrect his career, play a full season, and rehab two major injuries.

  6. Saints paid him the big cash then got rid of him very quickly… The Saints are just coming through the cap hell that and a few other horrible deals placed them in.

  7. This guy is a fraud – he is lazy and doesn’t make a single play of any impact that changes the game. He rides waves, he doesn’t create them. And he stole two years’ of paychecks costing the team dearly.

    I’m honestly surprised that a competent decision has come out of this team this offseason – right now this is the first – and could be one of two stopped clock moments.

  8. nickinneohio says:
    March 26, 2018 at 9:59 am
    I hope Browns fans didn’t buy a lot of players jerseys last year.

    Yea, no, that wasn’t really a thing last year. Funnily enough, not so many Browns players with super active fan clubs last year.

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