Howie Roseman confirms Chris Long will play in 2018

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After the Eagles gave defensive end Chris Long a pay raise last week, there was talk that it might have been an effort to persuade Long not to retire. If that’s what it was, it worked.

Eagles G.M. Howie Roseman said today that everyone is on the same page and Long will play in 2018.

Confirmed,” said Roseman. “Chris is a hugely important part of our team, and I think sometimes there’s this perception that Chris is hugely important part of the team because of what he does off the field, which is a big part of Chris Long. He’s an unbelievable teammate. But Chris Long is really productive, and when you go back and you watch our games against some of the best teams in football and in the NFC — you look at the Rams game, and the Falcons game, you look at the Vikings game, you look at the Super Bowl — the guy is getting consistent pressure on the quarterback. So, confirmed.”

Long, who will turn 33 on Wednesday, played in all 16 games last season, and the three postseason games. He recorded five sacks.

12 responses to “Howie Roseman confirms Chris Long will play in 2018

  1. This reminds me of the Karate Kid…”Daniel Larusso is going to fight”!
    Chris Long is going to play!

  2. the Anti-Bennett if you will. Humble, gracious, and loves the game. Also doesn’t lie about police brutality and knock over handicapped women.

  3. If Bennett doesn’t play he’ll get more snaps than he knows what to do with.

  4. Class Guy !!! Howie(Long)raised him Right !!!!!!..Brings his all on the field and Represents his family better !!!! NOT LIKE THOSE bennets !!!!!

  5. It’s funny how people cheer chris long, who I love and send so much hate towards bennett, who I personally have some issues with especially if he did knock over an old woman. It’s funny because chris would probably try to figure out on how to support and help bennett, yet most are ready to crucify him.

  6. Same people who hated Roseman, Peterson, Wells etc. Now they hate Bennett until the first sack or TFL.

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