Jim Irsay optimistic Andrew Luck has “turned the corner” in rehab

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Andrew Luck hasn’t hit the finish line in his rehab yet, but Colts owner Jim Irsay expressed optimism that the franchise quarterback has “turned the corner.”

“All indicators are [the] healing is going really well, and we feel really optimistic that he’s turned the corner and has a full decade ahead of him of excellence,’’ Irsay said, via Mike Chappell of Indianapolis’ WTTV. “That’s a long period of time.’’

Luck, 28, underwent surgery on his right shoulder in January 2017. He remains in rehab, currently working out on the West Coast with a pair of throwing specialists.

The expectation is Luck will join the Colts for their offseason conditioning program April 9.

“I expect him to throw quite a bit,’’ Irsay said. “I expect him to channel his Brett Favre, if you will, and just say ‘The hell with it. Let’s go play football; let’s go rock and roll.’

“There’s never been anything unusually ominous or surprising or behind the scenes that’s taken us by surprise. There really hasn’t been. The throwing shoulder, there’s a lot going on there. It’s a complicated mechanism. At this level, with the type of torque that’s put out, you just want to make sure you bring him along the right way.’’

The Colts are 43-27 in the regular season with him, and 10-16 without Luck under center since Indianapolis drafted him No. 1 overall in 2012.

34 responses to “Jim Irsay optimistic Andrew Luck has “turned the corner” in rehab

  1. That’s what he said a year ago as well. Did he also say wile beating a drum – step right up and buy your Colts season tickets…

  2. “I expect him to throw quite a bit,’’ Irsay said. “I expect him to channel his Brett Favre, if you will, and just say ‘The hell with it. Let’s go play football; let’s go rock and roll.’

    I am pretty certain Andrew Luck does not get that channel.

  3. “I expect him to channel his Brett Favre…”

    Nice encourage your QB to take copious amounts of booze and pain killers. Oh wait…throw $29,029 in cash on the front seat and he’s you.

  4. One thing for sure … After this coming season the world will know if Andrew Luck is just another over hyped mediocre QB (Like his Father), or was he ever the real deal? Stay tuned football fans. The truth is coming soon.

  5. “and just say ‘The hell with it. Let’s go play football.”

    This is probably a direct quote from when the Colts sent him out to run scout team last season the last time they wanted to show off how well the recovery was going.

  6. Only low character people would hate Luck. He’s not only a great person but a great QB. Wishing he was done is morally corrupt.

    Luck when healthy led a poor Colts roster to three straight playoffs and 3 11 win seasons including multiple playoff wins. What QB that didn’t cheat and lie did that? Luck will be back.

  7. Ron Jull says:
    March 26, 2018 at 4:55 pm
    Andrew Luck continues to be the most overhyped overrated overpaid qb ever.

    Sucks to be Luck, lol

    He has a ways to go to catch Bradford…

  8. I have nothing but the utmost respect for Luck, I saw him almost single-handedly beat the Super Bowl Broncos despite taking pounding after pounding in that game, he kept getting back up and making things happen downfield. That game ultimately cost him his season and perhaps his career in hindsight

  9. I didnt bother sorting out specifically who did what disparagement. I just saw a lot of it reading down the thread.

    But while I agree that hooker was not correct, his original point about the double standard being applied Clinton to Trump was spot on. I think James Conroy’s comments about the polarization were the most spot on thing here. The hypocrisy is just a symptom, its the polarization thats the problem.

    Wishing Luck to be done I agree would be a poor thing to do. Anyone that wants to see a player like him out of the game is not a fan of football.

    But its a different thing to not believe reports like this that come from a team with their track record if misrepresenting the situation. i want to see him back, I really do. But I cant help but to have my doubts. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, thrice, more than thrice….

  10. I live just outside Indy and covered the Colts for an online organization as well as other regional sporting events. I made some money last year betting the under at 9.5 games, 9 games, 8.5 games and finally 8 games before the season started. You could tell by Luck’s physical appearance he was not ready for the season despite what ownership was saying. There are many synical people here in the area that won’t believe he is coming back at all until they see it. Rumor is his family doesn’t want him to play for the Colts organization and with the supporting cast’s lack of talent and the porous offensive line over the past few years, his family may be correct in their desires. But to say he is under talented or over rated shows a deep lack of real football knowledge. As I have said on here before, I still believe he will end up being Brady’s successor in New England, but I have my doubts if he will play for the Colts again.

  11. He said this last season as well. Then Ballard said that Luck was one week from returning…. literally every week till he was put on injured reserve.

    The relationship between Colts fans and Colts management is a very abusive one. Time for an intervention.

  12. This guy had an enormous amount of talent coming out of Stanford. And by all accounts he is a great guy and competitor. Sadly, the Colts have abused him physically. Hopefully he will actually heal and move into a team that will actually appreciate him and let him live up to his potential.

  13. Hey, screw mind numbing shoulder pain and loss of arm strength. It’s not real….
    Let’s say screw it and play some football.

    Out of the mouth of babes..

  14. Seriously? What is wrong with you people? Luck has been consistently brilliant despite having a midget #1 WR and a paper o-line. He’s only 28, he’s tough as they come. Zero reason to think he’s done.

  15. blue18hutthutt says:
    March 26, 2018 at 5:29 pm

    “That game ultimately cost him his season and perhaps his career in hindsight”

    I remember that game and Andrew Luck is a beast and was running like Marshawn Lynch carrying piles and all but he took major beating which u can’t do as a QB, those were his decisions not to slide but yet run like a rb in that game and even though he finished the game, that next week we were talking about a lacerated spleen amongst other injuries. That was the beginning of the season 2 years ago. So he has been out of football for 2 years during his prime basically. It won’t be that easy for him to come back.

  16. Those who colluded with the NFL to frame the most successful franchise the NFL has ever seen, are all paying the price. Colts and Ravens are garbage, irrelevant teams. And those who dared to take the NFL’s side publicly are all in shambles. The Giants, Panthers (See their owner), Packers,
    All had owners or past GMs take the NFL’s side.

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