Josh McDaniels: Conversations with Belichick, Kraft provided “clarity” on role

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Josh McDaniels thought he was showing up to Gillette Stadium two days after the Super Bowl to say goodbye and collect his belongings. Instead, meetings with Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick prompted McDaniels to change his mind.

The Patriots offensive coordinator spoke publicly for the first time since spurning the Colts.

“I wasn’t 100 percent sure what the future was. I just hadn’t had any clarity on that,’’ McDaniels said Monday, via Jim McBride of the Boston Globe. “So, where did I fit in? Where there any plans? I just didn’t have much clarity on what my role was here moving forward.’’

McDaniels’ contract, which had one year remaining, was adjusted, but he was given no guarantees, per McBride.

“Once I heard from Robert and Bill on that Tuesday, it just gave me reason to pause and consider this whole situation,’’ McDaniels said. “The opportunity to stay here and work for who I think is the greatest owner in sports and the best head football coach in the history of our game, to work with the best quarterback that has ever played. . . . Look, I’m privileged to have the opportunity to do that and when they kind of crystallized that — ‘Hey, here’s what we see going forward and here’s how we would like you to fit into it’ — it gave me a reason to stop and say, ‘All right, what’s the best decision for me?’ And certainly it was difficult. But I made the decision on my own, nobody pushed me into it.’’

McDaniels, who said his family was willing and ready to move to Indianapolis, acknowledged his conversation with Colts General Manager Chris Ballard was not easy. But McDaniels said he made the “right decision” for him and his family.

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  1. He says no guarantees were given but that after talking he had clarity. Will serve him right if the Pats essentially promised that he would get the job but then they change their mind when a better deal presents itself.

  2. McDaniels will be named coach after Bill and Brady are gone. Which would still be better than coaching the Colts.

  3. Good luck getting any other owner to take a chance on you, two time loser. Once as a head coach, once as a quitter.

  4. Che has to have a guarantee to follow Belichek, there will never be another job offered. He has to know that. When it’s over in N.E. It’s over.

  5. Someone please explain to me the point of quoting McDaniels at this point. I mean the guy has displayed consistent inability to display honesty and integrity. So why even ask him anything at this point? I couldn’t be any less interested in the words coming out of his mouth. Wanna know how to tell if he’s lying? His lips are moving.

  6. He’s probably the Head Coach in Waiting which is fine, I dont even mind him spurning the Colts like that. They announced the press conference before he signed the contract. I really only feel bad for the assistants that they hired on his word. He shouldnt have committed if he was not 100%, they should allow for contracts to be signed instead of this wink nod crap. A persons word is supposed to be gold but the team couldve reneged and not faced as much backlash. What McDaniels did was wrong, I am obviously happy to keep him as OC, but at the end of the day I guess its better late than never although he definitely couldve handled the situation WAY BETTER. If hes not the successor he wont be a HC ever again so for his sake he better hope that his wink nod agreement isnt pulled back.

  7. “McDaniels said he made the “right decision” for him and his family.”

    That’s always the right decision, no matter how hard it is to make. The coaching part will blow away over time … just not in Indy.

  8. Maybe he should’ve had that conversation before he had his assistants in place and leaving their current positions uprooting their families in the process. So much for being a man of your word. Worm.

  9. Sounds like Belichick and Kraft committed the tort of interference with a contractual relationship and/or prospective economic advantage.

  10. tedbundysson says:
    March 26, 2018 at 9:01 pm

    He says no guarantees were given but that after talking he had clarity. Will serve him right if the Pats essentially promised that he would get the job but then they change their mind when a better deal presents itself.

    I don’t blame McDaniels for having some uncertainty, even though to the world he has seemed like the logical successor for a few years now. After you have a strong personality at the helm of the ship and make a change, it makes sense to bring in someone from outside to “clean house.” Kraft himself has said so much when he’s discussed Parcells leaving and the thought of hiring Belichick at that point– he felt he was qualified, but figured it was best for a breath of fresh air with Pete Carroll.

    While McDaniels might not have anything in writing, maybe he just wanted to know he wasn’t going to be disqualified from the job because he’d been a longtime part of the previous staff.

    PS- “tedbundysson,” no offense, but I prefer Al Bundy.

  11. Such BS. Guy had been talked about for a head coaching position all season. He had all the time in the world to have those conversations with Kraft and Belichick BEFORE accepting the HC position in Indianapolis. What he did to the Colts and even more so to the coaches who agreed to go with him is reprehensible.

  12. Seems like “clarity” should have happened the previous year when he was in the running for head coach jobs. For it to have been at the last minute means “clarity” is really a promise to step into HC position when Bill leaves. That might likely be after or even during this coming season since Josh could have come back and competed for the vacancy in two-three years, regardless.

  13. He’ll do a great job as the Pats head coach as the Colts seek to replace the guy that replaced Frank Reich. Oh, how wonderful when the heads explode for another 20 years of Patriots dominance!!!!

  14. I’m pretty sure at least some of the brave keyboard warriors here have done the same or worse in their careers.

    Give the guy a break already – it would have been better if he got that feedback from Kraft and Belichick earlier, but in the end the choice must have been really easy. Would you have chosen Irsay and Luck over Kraft and Belichick?

    Me neither.

  15. So Colts fans, before you get to righteous about Josh’s choice, consider how the city of Baltimore felt when thier whole team vanished on the night to be found in Indy, without so much as a gift basket. You brought deflate gate into our lives and the karma continues to flow. Maybe you didn’t get the coach that you coveted, but we will send you one of those nice participation banners.

  16. If he thinks the best decision is for him to stay in Cheatriotville that’s fine. But he should have decided that before he verbally agreed to be head coach of the Colts.

    Typical of Cheatriot nation.

  17. Boston vs Indiana – yeah, really tough call there

    Patriots vs Colts – yeah, really tough call there

    Kraft vs. Irsay – yeah, really tough call there


  18. It just goes to show exactly how shady the Patriots are as an organization… Anyone that is part of them …. Their word isnt worth crap

  19. I think you haters are not on his list of people he needs to either impress or acknowledge when making a decision about his future.He did what he felt was best for him,just like all of you do.Hypocrites.

  20. But yet Colts fans whine about Jim Irsay weaseling them on season tickets. 2 + 2 = 4. We know you don’t believe in science, but math as well?

  21. Pats never have clarity on anything. The rules, Psi, how to stop a backup QB..

  22. He has a right to change his mind like anyone else. The Pats could have been more upfront about what they had in mind. They knew he was being considered for other jobs. Who among you would turn down the opportunity to stay there and take over that job?

  23. Regardless of if you love him or hate him, dude has some serious stones. First to tell the Colts he accepts, then to tell the Patriots only to change his mind, and finally to call the Cots back. Then there’s the media and peanut gallery bashing that ensued afterwards. Not to mention, there are probably some assistant coaches and their families that have a few choice opinions on the matter.

    There is plenty of blame to the Colts for announcing the hire, and the NFL for the way the rules shake all these things out.

    The assistants are the real victims in this whole deal.

  24. He was probably advised of Bellichicks retirement plans and might have been offered the chance to take over as head coach of the Patriots when Bill leaves.

  25. What’s better, the OC of the #2 team in the NFL or the HC of the #29 team in the NFL?

  26. In my opinion, he is giving an even worse impression with that comment. So he received no guarantees, but got a contract extension. And for that he reneges on a verbal commitment to run the show? Geez, he sounds like he lacks a ton of confidence in his own HC abilities. He may eventually go on to have a successful career, but no chance I’d have any interest in him as a HC for the foreseeable future.

  27. If he was unsure about taking the Colts job, fine.

    But you don’t have the Colts hire coaches on your behalf and then leave them in limbo (and possibly working for someone who doesn’t like/want them). Coaches who gave up steady jobs they had and moved their family across the country to work for/with McDaniels. That’s just not right.

    Good thing for them Chris Ballard is a man of his word and honored their contracts, and he hired another honorable man in Frank Reich who will give them a legitimate opportunity to prove themselves (instead of looking for the first opportunity to get rid of them).

    I think it actually worked out well for the Colts though. I think Frank Reich will make a great head coach. Good luck in Indy Frank! As a Bills fan I’ll be rooting for you (except when it hurts the Bills…).

  28. Tedbundysson: I think you need to read better before you say anything. He never said they didn’t guarantee anything. That statement was per McBride NOT McDaniel. I hope that he becomes the next great patriots coach.I can understand why people don’t want him to be because well they are going to keep winning as usual.

  29. The guy has been with the Pats since 2001 with exception of 2009-2011. If he didn’t know what he wanted after having a HC position and then 6 more years as OC and could be turned by a single conversation, that tells you everything you need to know about him. And it’s an amazing lack of self awareness that he offered that as if it legitimized hos behavior. All it did was highlight his selfishness and lack of integrity.

  30. Dirt bag move imho
    He hung the colts out to dry and in a manner that can’t be respected.
    The time frame that the colts had and to keep them hanging while the other teams were actively hunting the remaining coaches….
    Everyone makes mistakes ….in his line of work his mistake was huge.

  31. Cue up the “McDaniels is satan” crowd……

    He’ll have no trouble getting another head coaching job if he so desires.

  32. liquidzoo says:
    March 26, 2018 at 9:01 pm
    He’s a weasel and should never be given another head coaching opportunity.

    Im sure his choice was also colored by the info that came out about Luck the week before the SB. There is no way he just ignored that as nit meaningful. Who we see quarterbacking the Colts in week 1 will define whether he chose correctly and who the weasel was. If its not Luck then the team was not being straight with him (nor the iIndy ticket buyers) and no one can be blamed for pulling back from prospective employer that doesnt seem to be leveling with you. But if it is Luck then that would suggest the Colts were being straight with him all along.

  33. If you gave your word that you were taking that job, and had them hire a staff on your word, you should have lived up to your job.

    You probably should have thought about your future prior to saying “I accept your offer, hire these guys and have them uproot their families in the next few weeks before I join them”

    I understand you may not have been 100%, but then you should have made that clear to the Colts, and the assistant coaches they brought on board for you.

    I don’t fault Kraft or BB for trying to keep him…I fault McDaniels for not being a man of his word. Far too few of those these days.

  34. McDaniels makes inarguably valid points about his situation in NE. By contrast, you have an erratic owner in Indy – and nobody really knows whether Andrew Luck can return to form. Those are primary factors for any head coach to consider.

  35. liquidzoo says:
    March 26, 2018 at 9:01 pm
    He’s a weasel and should never be given another head coaching opportunity.


    So is Odell a “weasel” because he is planning to hold out even though there is still one year left on the contract that he signed?

    Are the Packers “weasels” because they cut Jordy Nelson?

    McDaniels had signed nothing. If the Colts were too naive to think they had an agreement without a signed contract then….well….they are the Colts

  36. Probably should have waited on the decision either way. Don’t blame him for changing his mind. How he handled it? That’s another story.

  37. It doesn’t matter. Nobody is ever going to offer him a job ever again except for the Patriots. Wait until after BB retires and McDaniels gets fired again for incompetence a few years later. Maybe he can go back to coaching in high school.

  38. Commish should have stepped in. Suspended Billicheat for tampering and fined the Pats, stripping them of all of their draft picks. The Pats played the Colts and the Colts were made to be the laughingstock of the NFL.

  39. Commish should have stepped in. Suspended Billicheat for tampering and fined the Pats, stripping them of all of their draft picks

    Tampering with what? McDaniels never signed a contract. Let’s get a little realistic here. Even if the Pats were stripped of all their draft picks they would wipe the floor with the Colts. JM probably knows this as well, and picked the winner over the participator.

  40. To everyone criticizing McDaniels, what about the fact the Colts announced he was one of their most important employees before ever having his name on the contract. Deals agreed to in principal often see one side or the other back out before the deal is finalized.

    It was unethical of Irsay just like many of his other moves, to do so.

  41. ngarren13 says:
    March 27, 2018 at 8:52 am

    Commish should have stepped in. Suspended Billicheat for tampering and fined the Pats, stripping them of all of their draft picks.

    You left out the part about the blindfold & cigarette. If your heart isn’t in it enough to go the whole nine yards why bother

  42. Exhibit A: Why no team should be able to recruit any assistants of other teams until after the Superbowl.

    PS… McD was a weasel in Denver and is still a weasel. Indy should be asking themselves why they are surprised that a weasel acted like a weasel and why they were trying to hire a weasel in the first place.

  43. blessedunliketherest says:
    March 27, 2018 at 9:33 am
    Commish should have stepped in. Suspended Billicheat for tampering and fined the Pats, stripping them of all of their draft picks


    Tampering? Tampering with what? A Patriots’ employee with no written contract for any other team?

    You people have lost your minds…

  44. People change their minds and stay with their current employers every day, even after they’ve accepted an offer from a new company. I fail to understand why this is a huge deal. It’s not like a second new company stole him away, which would be dirtier.

  45. The only part of this that really REALLY sucks is the guys who left other jobs to be on his staff. Those guys got hosed.

    This whole thing was pretty stupid and if BB & Kraft wanted to keep him they should’ve had that conversation long before he accepted the Colts’ offer. BUT…I see no reason to crucify the guy. People are allowed to change their minds. We all make mistakes – unfortunately this one was in full public view and involved a lot of other people.

    He did what he felt he had to do, and if staying with the Pats is what he really wanted then it would’ve been a mistake to go to the Colts. I’m sure they don’t want a head coach harboring regrets about where he left.

    The whole thing was awkward but some of you are really crazy overboard with your sanctimonious faux outrage. Get over it and stop pretending that we’re all not a-holes from time to time.

  46. Best move he ever made. Colts a train wreck and one of the slimiest organizations in sports.

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