“Little organized opposition” to new catch rule

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The NFL apparently won’t be allowing perfect to be the enemy of better.

The Competition Committee has proposed a revised catch rule. While still a bit flawed, with a subjective component that could when combined with the 2017 ambiguities and inconsistencies of replay review overtake the rule, it appears that the rule is going to change.

Peter King of SI.com, who had access to Sunday’s meeting of the Competition Committee, reports that there is “little organized opposition” to the changes to the catch rule.

It would only take nine votes to kill it, but if there’s little organized opposition, it’s unlikely that nine owners will come together and take a stand — especially without a viable alternative. The status quo won’t cut it, so any effort to get a perfect rule will be yielding to a simply better rule.

Until, of course, using that better rule results in various unintended consequences, requiring the rule to yet again be sliced and diced until it’s even less recognizable than a slice of cake from the marriage of King Edward VIII to Wallis Simpson, circa 1937.

9 responses to ““Little organized opposition” to new catch rule

  1. I wonder how the wording of the finished new rule will muck it up even worse? We all know it is coming.

  2. Wait til the ground causes a couple of fumbles, the refs have issues when the rules are black and white, now there is gonna be a grey area for them to get more confused with.

  3. Amazing the Pats hatred power the league has when something occurs during an NFL season.

    The creepy reactions have only been going on for over a decade now with Goodell ready to cheat when he is told.

    I can tell you this: If the Clement non TD in the SB happened with a NE RB in the back of the end zone it would have been ruled incomplete, correctly so.

    I bet my life on it.

    Cheating by Goodell is cheating. Period.

  4. They are a long way from this rule being right. A various unintended consequence would be a player laying out to catch a ball on the sideline, toe drag to get his second foot down while falling down. 2 feet or another body part down? Check, Control? Check. Perform a football move? NO CHECK. Incomplete.
    A player catches the ball while on his knee, in the middle of the field, on a hook pattern, and tackled immediately. 2 feet or other body part down? Check, Control? Check. Perform a football move? NO CHECK, he was downed instantly, so there is no third step, or reach for the line to gain, or opportunity to perform such act. Incomplete.
    With this new rule change, depending on the catch, you can lose control of the ball and it is complete, but you don’t lose control and it is incomplete. How does this fix things?
    You may say that I am reading into it to much. But how did we get to this point? Because someone in New York read into the rule to much.

  5. Roger Goodell’s “process” will strike again. Decide the outcome, and then determine how the desired ruling should be determined. Picture Goodell getting a call on his cell phone while the replay booth is reviewing a catch. This is what will be called the “integrity of the game”.

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