Owners agree to implement local matching funds to social justice platform

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NFL owners unanimously agreed to implement a local matching funds component to the social justice platform, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

The league agreed last fall to contribute $89 million over seven years to projects focused on criminal justice reform, law enforcement/community relations and education. Owners hoped their commitment would convince players to end their anthem protests.

Owners discussed the NFL’s national anthem game-day policy, according to Schefter, but came to no decision and took no vote Monday. It remains an ongoing issue and likely returns to the agenda at owners’ May meeting.

The NFL also expects to have more conversations with players about the issue.

27 responses to “Owners agree to implement local matching funds to social justice platform

  1. Yes! More money for crisis pregancy centers. Yeah…didn’t think so, either. Good news for Castro sympathizers, though.

  2. Not that I cut off all football from last year but I only watched a few games. The fans who pay for tickets, jerseys, etc. are the ones who are paying for it so think about that next time you buy NFL merchandise.

  3. Shut it down ~ The game that is ~ And without pay until everyone understands bad behavior days are over with ~ let them miss a few paychecks ~ Yeah I know it won’t happen but it sure would be nice to see them finally have something to cry about ~

  4. Out of touch, tone deaf and clueless. Thd best thing the owners could do for the NFL is fire Goodell and move the league office outside of the north-eastern media bubble and into middle America. They have no concept of who their fans are.

  5. I watched less NFL than I ever have in my lifetime. Maybe watched 1/3 of the games this season. Quickly became a fan of the NCAA. I can already see the league is loading up to ruin the rest of what I watched.

    Owners and Players will see less and less viewership and revenue.

    College Football 2018!!!!! Getcha some.

  6. The NFL, rich as Croesus and intent on staying that way, wants to spend a bit in the neighborhoods to help a bit, and as good PR (if nothing else). And you yahoos can’t even stand that.
    A number of people that post on this site are just flat out mean.

  7. Perhaps we should stop pointing the finger at police officers and start looking at the real problem… which is an inner-city culture that breeds lawlessness, lacks a strong value system and glorifies violence.

    Nah, lets just keep blaming the cops. It’s easier that way.

  8. A classic shakedown, straight out of the Jesse Jackson book of tricks. Does he receive a percentage of the haul as some sort of commission?

    Now I’m REALLY glad we didn’t renew our season tickets this year. Not willing to give one penny of my money towards this farce. Next step might be to boycott all NFL sponsors.

  9. The NFL owners just used a low-level war tactic called ‘occupying the moral high ground”. When you break it down, there is no downside to this move. The league gets good press and each owner gets another tax write off for seven years. When the media or players say the league doesn’t care, the NFL owners can just point to the fact that they’ve given more money than any player or media member. And finally, the players can’t turn it down. Otherwise, people will begin to question what the protest was really about.

  10. Problem is the culture who is breaking the law and then crying that they are the victim. Until this culture changes (it won’t), nothing will improve. I feel bad for the cops and the rest of us who raise our kids, work, follow rules, etc.

  11. So the owners want the money to be used for things that obstruct justice. Since Ray Lewis obstructed justice, maybe they can use some of the money for that.

  12. Good for the owners. Maybe a better system is to match funds for any cause up to a certain dollar amount. Not sure why people are complaining about an employer and employees working things out.people are rooting for the owners to crush the players –why? Is that the way it is at your job? Your boss tell you to shut up and get back to work? If you answered yes, then you need more education and marketable skills.

  13. So let me get this straight, posters on here complain the players get paid too much, complain that the owners make too much money, and now complain when they donate the money. I am starting to think you all just like to complain.

  14. MATCHING FUNDS from the municipalities that employ the very cops committing the atrocious acts of violence against the people the players want to protect? That sounds crazy. Most of the cities will commit nothing to those efforts. If they cared they wouldn’t hire bigoted cops and would at least charge them after killing innocent people.

    This has to be a joke. If the NFL cared, they’d do the right thing gwith Kaepernick and watch closely what is happening to Michael Bennett, who complained in Vegas and suddenly is arrested & indicted in Houston. What a chilling example of silencing dissent.

  15. What is wrong with y’all? Seriously. Do y’all think about what you are saying, or are just good wallowing in your hatred and hypocrisy? Why do y’all hate people of color, equality, and poor people so much?

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