Rams encouraged about chances in Ndamukong Suh sweepstakes

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Each of the teams involved in the pursuit of defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh saw their chances improve yesterday, with the news that the Jets were out.

And at least one team is looking at that as a very good development for their chances.

That can’t be anything but good news for us,” Rams coach Sean McVay said, via Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times.

The Rams were one of the early bidders, and have hosted Suh on a visit along with the Titans and Saints. There have reportedly been some degree of conversations with the Seahawks, but Suh canceled a planned trip to the Raiders.

“Time will tell, right?,” Rams General Manager Les Snead said. “I’m sure in all these situations there’s multiple teams usually involved and you never really know when the other teams pull out or not. So we’ll wait and see.”

The Rams might present the most intriguing of the offers, as they have an already good defense with tackles Aaron Donald and Michael Brockers, and bolstered it this offseason by acquiring cornerbacks Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib.

“We came away impressed with just the human being,” McVay said. “He’s got a good perspective.

“We’re hopeful that a lot of the things he said he’s looking for is kind of what our organization can provide. And hopefully we’ll figure out soon if he’s going to be a Ram or not.”

Unless Suh adds more teams to the mix, the Rams have to like their odds, at least in terms of the potential their defense presents with the addition of another disruptive presence up front.

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    “We came away impressed with just the human being,” McVay said. “He’s got a good perspective.”

    As Arizona GM Steve Keim said,”If Hannibal Lector ran a 4.2 /40, we’d say he had an eating disorder.”

  2. Well as a Lions fan, I know that none of the fans, on any of these teams, or GMs or Coaches for that matter, want Suh on their team, it was well documented from his time as a Lion. There are thousands, if not millions, of threads of people denouncing Suh and how they would never, ever, for any reason want him on their team.

  3. Since the Rams just had their rival in the bidding war pull out they are in a goid position to keep it at a managable price. Whatever Suh did to cheese off the Jets (I think something got said behind the scenes that they didnt like and made them question what they would be getting) they really hurt himby pulling back their offer. Not just his losing the big iffer but more so the bearing that will have on other offers. In this case the Rams now know they are in the drivers seat and can negotiate accordingly.

  4. The Rams are an up-and-coming team that has finally shed the stigma (stink) of the Jeff Fisher experiment… Why would they want to throw all that away and bring in an overpriced cancer into their locker room? While he might be an incremental improvement over the already stout defense – it will not overcome the overall decline caused by such a disruption.

  5. “We came away impressed with just the human being,” McVay said.

    If this is true, Score minus 1 for McVay’s character judgement skills

  6. well could be interesting for the rams…The only way it makes any sense for them is if its a one year deal, but why would Suh do that? Have to then wonder what about the following season….do they tag Joyner again? Todd Gurley? Aaron Donald? Marcus Peters? Roger Saffold? Plus that is the season you are suppose to extend Goffs contract, so they do not become UFA, but if the Rams get him this year, they would be beastly barring any injuries…I guess all in for one year.

  7. The guy runs up 500 – 2000 dollar bills at restaurants with his girl and/or teammates and doesn’t tip. That’ll tell you all you need to know about the Suh the “human being.” Eye roll.

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