Report: Colts turned down two trade offers for Jacoby Brissett

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The Colts received two trade offers for Jacoby Brissett, Stephen Holder of the Indianapolis Star reports. Indianapolis turned down both.

Brissett is under contract for $735,076 in 2018 and $890,114 in 2019, and though Colts owner Jim Irsay expressed optimism at Andrew Luck‘s rehab, the team’s starting quarterback has not played in more than a year. Thus, Brissett comes with a modest price tag and with value to the franchise considering his 17 starts.

The Colts acquired Brissett from the Patriots before the start of the season, and he went 4-11 with 13 touchdowns and seven interceptions.

24 responses to “Report: Colts turned down two trade offers for Jacoby Brissett

  1. I am a Pats fan and I wish we had him back now. We went from one of the best QB scenarios to probalby the worse.
    I have a feeling Vikings will be saying the same next year.

  2. Got to have some insurance in case Luck somehow isn’t ready to play in 2018, solid backup who can handle himself.

  3. Smart. Luck needs to start really producing because his time is running out. Not saying Brissett is the guy to replace him, but, Luck isn’t getting any younger and he is incredibly beat up for a 28 year old. Let’s just say he’s not the type of guy that’s going to play until he’s nearly 40.

  4. Did a great job considering the situation. Didn’t turn the ball over too much. Always gave the team a chance.

    Great value. They should keep him as Luck insurance.

  5. I guarantee one of them was from the Vikings before they traded for Trevor Siemian. Bill Parcells begged Mike Zimmer to draft him. He would have been a perfect backup in Minnesota but I understand why the Colts wanted to keep him with Andrew Luck still rehabbing.

  6. Wonder how he ranks vs the 4qbs coming out in the draft this year? probably top 1/2. dont be surprised he’s dealt if luck is really healthy and the draft package includes at least a 1 or a couple 2s

  7. Brissett, if he never starts another game, has a huge future at the Clipboard Jesus job. I believe he deserves to start. But when Stanton and Gabbert continue to make millions, neither have shown the promise Brissett shows.

    At a minimum, as a very competent back-up. Josh Johnson is still getting opps.

  8. PS: New England got fleeced by trading both back-ups. I never saw the need trade Bissett, knowing JG had one foot out the door. I can only think they didn’t like his ceiling.

    The JG trade is just flat out odd. Watch JG’s college tapes then his pro tapes. Not night and day but the quicker and more authoritative release is obvious. Like he listened, learned and mastered it. Should have kept Brissett and gotten more for JG, earlier in the year. Would have evened out trade wise and NE would have a way better QB option.

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