Report: Giants still want to keep Beckham, and extend him

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Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. remains the topic of all the coffee talk at the owners meetings. That does not necessarily mean that a deal is inevitable, much less imminent.

Even though co-owner John Mara mentioned that no one is “untouchable” and even though Mara said he was tired of talking about Beckham’s behavior and even though the General Manager of the Giants was having coffee with his Browns counterpart, things are the same as they were at the beginning of the week, and they may stay that way.

According to Newsday, a Giants source said that despite all the chatter about a possible deal for the wide receiver, it remains unlikely.

I’d be very surprised,” the source said of the likelihood of a trade, adding that the Giants’ preference is to extend Beckham’s contract.

Giants co-owner Steve Tisch said Monday that the negotiations on a new deal had begun, and were “at the earliest, most premature stages.”

And because they are at a stage between the beginning and the end, such wild swings of reports are to be expected. As soon as Mara started voicing frustrations yesterday, the reports that Beckham was considering holding out until he got a new deal was #asexpected. So any word to the contrary now is the next step in the dance.

A dance which will likely continue for some time, since the Giants have a degree of leverage contractually. Beckham’s entering the final year of his rookie deal, and they can always use the franchise tag for the two years after that if they want to squat on his rights.

11 responses to “Report: Giants still want to keep Beckham, and extend him

  1. Fake news. The guy is addicted to drugs and disappears in the playoffs. No team will trade for this idiot. The Giants will cut him as soon as he can pass a physical.

  2. Told you there’d be no trade. The G-men couldn’t even be tough for a day. They collapsed. Probably left Beckham a million voice mails by now….”Oh, Odell, we’d never quit you baby…”

  3. This sounds like it could be posturing for a trade. They should trade him, then trade down in the first round and load up on draft picks. If they traded Beckham and traded down in the first with Buffalo they could end up with 3 first round picks and additional picks later in the draft too.

  4. Smoke screen to drive up his value. For how talented he is, you’d have to be an idiot to give up more than a 3rd for him. Between the money he wants and the headaches he causes he just isn’t worth it.

  5. Of course they want to keep him, and extend him … Until someone will give them at least a third round pick to rid them of his team hurting distractions. Some players are more of a headache than they are worth. OBJ is hurting his own value. HURTING HIS OWN VALUE!

  6. The Browns should trade the 4th overall pick for Eli & Odell. The Giants could re-tool with the 2nd, and 4th overall picks. The Browns would at least win two games this coming season. What team would turn down doubling their past 2 year win total with just one trade?

  7. They have no choice but to keep him. No team with half a brain will give them anything worthwhile AND pay what he wants. He’s a pain in the ass and he plays a position where it has been proven that good is good enough. As great as his talent is, WR’s aren’t the difference between winning championships and losing them. Just look at the Pats, Seahawks, and Eagles. They all won recent super bowls WITHOUT paying big money for so-called elite WR’s That money is much better spent on the rest of the team.

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