Report: Rams have interest in trading for Odell Beckham

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The Rams have interest in Odell Beckham and have already talked to the Giants about the possibility of a trade for the receiver, Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News reports.

Leonard reports that the Giants are seeking a first-round pick plus. The plus is negotiable, suggesting the Giants would take less than two first-rounders.

Los Angeles makes sense as a landing spot for Beckham since he calls it home in the offseason, and the Rams lost Sammy Watkins to the Chiefs in free agency, leaving a spot for a No. 1 receiver. Beckham would give the Rams a name to sell when they open their new $2.6 billion stadium in 2020.

Both General Manager Les Snead and coach Sean McVay declined comment to Leonard, which, since Beckham remains under contract to another team, they are required to do under NFL rules.

The Rams already are listed among the top Super Bowl contenders. Now, imagine if they can land both Beckham and Ndamukong Suh.

75 responses to “Report: Rams have interest in trading for Odell Beckham

  1. Another “Dream Team” with high hopes, only to come crashing down from selfishness and egos. Please trade for him .. I need more humor in my life.

    Not impressed or worried. Go Cowboys!

  2. Problem is if you don’t win and win NOW, .. that’s your “window”. Suh and OBWeirdo are not signing cap friendly deals.

    Build from the draft like the Cowboys. That’s the answer.

  3. the Rams do realize they eventually have to pay Donald, Gurley and Goff right? they aren’t playing Madden

  4. I remember when the Redskins got all the big name free agents and they were considered Super Bowl contenders……then went 8-8……

    Winning the off-season doesn’t mean you win the regular and/or post seasons. Especially when you don’t have leaders, all you have is “me” people like Beckham and Suh are……

  5. Beckham is probably the most talented wide receiver in the NFL, but he’s also injury prone and he’s a headcase and can’t stay out of some sort of controversy. The Rams (or any team) trade for him at their own risk.

  6. They can’t offer more than the Vikings.

    Which side says no to Stefon Diggs + the 30th overall pick for Odell Beckham?

    Pat Shurmur would love to reuinite with Diggs and the Vikings would have the best receiver tandem in the league with Odell Beckham and Adam Thielen.

  7. Rams aren’t trying to build a “dream team”. They are trying to capture the LA market and win a Super Bowl BEFORE they have to start doling out big contracts. This makes sense. They are in win now mode and have been drafting well as of late too.

  8. The Jaguars have proved that you can buy a really good team if you have the cap space. The Rams were watching, and taking notes.

  9. As a Rams fan I want the team to quit screwing around and sign Donald now! He is the most dominant defensive player in the game and might go down as one of the best DT’s in history. OBJ, Marcus Peters, and Talib would implode that great locker room McVay has built. Not worth it.

  10. Doesnt make a lot of sense…

    you wont pay arguably the best DT in the league, but are entertaining paying Suh and Beckham?

  11. Soooooo, Talib, Peters and Beckham plus maybe Suh in LA. What could go wrong?

    Seriously, this is not about putting a consistent winner on the field. This is about building up hope in the fans to sell those SLS in the new stadium. Once that is done they will let players walk and not care about the fans. This is Stanley’s way!!!

  12. Add Beckham and Suh to the same locker room. Heck, add in Ryan Leaf and Johnny Manziel as well. Maybe Pacman Jones. What could go wrong?

  13. Rams Don’t Need him ! best young up and coming TEAM in the NFC..i’m a AFC guy..So No Homer !!!and the 9er’s !! Only Real Teams in LA Area..Vegas Raiders Don’t have a Qb..So there just the raiders..

  14. Suh isn’t getting the money he thought. The rumor is that it’s no more than $9 million. Odell is only making $9 million this year, and I don’t think they’d give him an extension over Donald.

  15. You have the best defender in the league dangling on the last year of his contract while screwing with all these other deals. The latter 2 expected to be cap crushers as is. These moves almost reek of desperation. Not to mention Peters and Talib aren’t known for their great demeanor. Rams could end up blowing it all up trying to get over the top in year 2. It usually doesn’t work out to well.

  16. pfffffffffffffffffffffffft says:
    March 26, 2018 at 4:55 pm
    OBJ running wild in LA?

    What could possibly go wrong?


    Because OBJ running wild in NY has been a peach…….

  17. Sounds like they’re not too serious about signing Donald to a long term contract, or Suh to a temporary deal. If they want a headcase like OBJ, I say do it. I’d love to see the Rams cripple their salary cap even quicker, before Goff, Gurley, and Donald get signed long term. Do it, Rams.

  18. I’m not trying to hate but this spending and trading by the Rams seems really premature. Although Goff had a great year and I think he’s a very good QB, I still don’t think he’s ready to take the Rams all the way just yet.

  19. He’s not that great and acts like a spoiled child when he gets shut down. Not worth the salary he would command. I’d take a solid, dependable player over a petulant, overgrown teenager who sometimes makes plays. The Giants should wash their hands of this head case and trade him to whoever is foolish enough to take the deal.

  20. Considering it would strip the Rams of valuable draft picks, they had better not be interested. McVay is breath of fresh air to the NFL, he’s turned Goff into a legitimate Franchise QB a year after he was labeled a bust. Continue to work your magic on guys you draft, don’t flush the future by dropping in more turds. OBJ is a great player, but not worth the price. Paying him is one thing, but don’t give away the ranch in doin so.

  21. They won’t sign Bekham and Suh. Bekham could be interesting in that offense. Not sure he is going to be worth the big contract.

  22. i’m getting the vibes that the Rams are getting overconfident in how they manage players. They think theyre the patriots that they can keep them from acting up, but it’s going to blow up in their face having all these crazy personalities

  23. As pointed out above … Have you seen the Ram’s seat license cost? Holy Smokes, The Rams better win NOW, because, ain’t nobody going to pay that much for a losers seat license.

    Between the Rams & Chargers seat License, naming rights … etc, Sam is paying very little for that stadium. Heck, he may be making money.

  24. Seems like the Rams think they have more cap space then the other teams in the league.
    A quick check on Sportrac confirms they do indeed have the most available cap space for the 2019 and 2020 seasons.

  25. scott880 says:
    March 26, 2018 at 4:58 pm

    the Rams do realize they eventually have to pay Donald, Gurley and Goff right? they aren’t playing Madden

    dont forget Peters.

  26. With OBJ and Suh, you will see a quick demise. You can’t win championships by just getting all these players that on paper look real good. Just ask the Eagles from 2011.

  27. Why not…Seahawks could just give Wilson 2 games off next year if Suh and OBJ end up in LA. I don’t want to watch Russell get body slammed and broke in 2 against Donald and Suh.

  28. All these people fretting about Aaron Donald should keep up with the news. The Rams and Donald’s Reps met at the combine and came up with a mutually agreeable timeline for getting a deal done. They also discussed parameters of the deal and were reported to be on the same page. None of these other moves are done with the intent of stiffing Donald.

    I do appreciate the underlying fear in the posts of all the non-Ram fans on this thread though.

  29. Interesting. The Rams are signing a bunch a good players who all have issues. If they signed Richie Incognito, he’d be their most well behaved player.

  30. Talib & Peters get burned deep on long patterns, run right at Donald & Suh. If OBJ doesn’t get the ball early he disappeares. Same with Gurley. They are all also hot heads that can’t control their emotions, or they could gel and kick butt. At least the Rams are going for it & that’s fun for the fans.

  31. Trying to win while QB is on a rookie deal. Nothing new here, I applaud the signing. It sends a strong message to the fanbase sure but also to the team that they need to be all in. Minnesota also in all in mode with a QB signing 10 million above what the QB who lost in the NFC championship game would have gotten- now that’s some pressure. NFC certainly has a number of teams that look strong- these two, Falcons, Saints, Packers but I still think Eagles are the team to beat. #highlybiased

  32. The Rams are trying to create buzz about their team. Great. Nothing bad about that. Beckham is not worth the draft picks. Go draft a receiver or two. Hell, where did Cooper Kupp come from? 3rd round and cheap.

  33. Rams trying to sell those PSL’s in thier new stadium. By the time this stadium is built, the Rams will be forgotten losers…

  34. I’ve seen every play OBJ has played. He is beyond a difference maker. One great catch and one bad drop does not define him. I wish he practiced with both hands more often as their are times he tends to only use 1 and that’s a rep/instinct issue.

    But he’s a serious game changer. Julio and AJ are great. Future HOFr’s but only Antonio Brown is in OBJ’s league. I also give props to Hopkins as he has never had a QB. Best 5.

    But OBJ and Brown just change games because not only do they get other people open, they never get shut down, regardless of being doubled or game planned (unless immaturity rears it’s ugly head).

    The Giants would be stupid to trade him. I think it’s a make or break maturity year with him, so you might as well ride it out. They suck when he’s not on the field. It’s like pulling off the whole Bears 85D, in mid game. He really does mean that much.

  35. Thought about this a bit. The Rams seem to be going all-in and it makes sense. The Chargers and they are fighting to build fan bases. The one that contends the best is going to get the early adopters. And if they win it, they’re in the catbird seat.

  36. In today’s sports environment, like it or not, the Rams are doing it the right way. If they go and win one, just one title now, it will set a foundation of good will that ensures the team’s fan base for at least the next 5-10 seasons. This means they will open up the new venue with sellouts and season ticket holders locked in, which provides the revenue to market and improve the team. Make no mistake, the Rams are not interested in signing OBJ to a long term deal. If they trade for and then re-up him, the devil will be in the details. The guys they are building around are pretty much already on the team. When Goff gets paid, they better have already won a title because as we know, when a team pays their QB these days, the strip down of the roster begins within a season or two.

  37. Hope they have a good plan to get rid of all the cancer in the locker room. Taking every teams trash and hoping to turn into gold is a big risk. Not saying it’s not worth the reward because they’re all very good players that can still play (Peters,Talib,Suh) but there’s a good reason why their previous teams cut them, aside from contracts.. their acts wear thin on everyone and some of them are getting a reputation of it now. Just caution Rams! Caution!
    If nothing else they’ll definitely see a spike in penalties next yr. opposing teams will gameplan for trying to get those unsportsmanlike penalties all game out of the knuckle heads.

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