Robert Kraft said he’s met with Brady and Belichick

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The story of tension between the Patriots ownership, coach, and quarterback bubbled under the surface of the Super Bowl.

The result made it even harder to ignore.

But Patriots owner Robert Kraft said that he’s met with both coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady since the season ended, and downplayed any issues the team may or may not have.

“We have meetings all the time,” he said from a walkway outside the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando.

That may be true, but the ESPN story that pointed to the friction between him and his demanding coach and MVP quarterback is still hard to ignore, after their loss to the Eagles in the final game of the season. Kraft said that game, and the way it ended colors

“The residual of this loss was hard on everyone,” he said. “But I see that as a high-class problem. . . .

“The fact that we lost and we lost the way we did, I still haven’t gotten over it.”

Kraft also said that Belichick and Brady have met, though Belichick told reporters last night that he’s waiting to hear Brady’s thoughts on the future rather than trying to read tea leaves from his “Tom vs. Time” documentary.

But on most matters, Kraft deferred to Belichick’s judgment when it comes to personnel matters. He talked around cornerback Malcolm Butler not playing a snap of defense in the Super Bowl, and downplayed the pressure to find another quarterback of the future after Jimmy Garoppolo was traded.

“I have faith in Bill as a coach,” he said. “He’s done pretty well for us.”

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  1. I thought the CBA dictated that until the offseason program begins, players and coaches are not allowed to talk football, hold meetings, look at a playbook, watch film or do any other football-related activity?

  2. High class problems are the only kind this legendary franchise has. The rest of you bottom feeders wish you had it so lucky.

  3. That Pats team the last few years reminds me of the Bills from their superbowl runs. The best in the AFC but beatable and outmatched by a few NFC teams. The fact they keep getting so far and actually win some Super Bowls is a testament to the their HC and QB.

  4. Steak,

    As someone who knows the CBA so well I’m shocked that you left out the fact that ownership can talk to players and GMs can too (not the subject to this article). They especially can during the off-season while determining what their roster will look like during the season… Or the entire point to off-season….

    …but of course you knew that, knowing the CBA so well..

  5. People keep citing the ESPN report. The ESPN report contained a number of proven falsehoods, and nothing true that was reported for the first time in that report. So the basis for citing it is some belief that ESPN cares at least as much about the accuracy of its reporting as it does about attracting eyeballs. Given what we know about ESPN, this is a ludicrous belief. If there is actual tension between Brady, Belichick and Kraft, somebody will produce a credible story about it that cites actual sources. Until then lets stop acting as if there is some evidence to support that contention. There isn’t.

  6. “high class problem”……I love it. I’ma have to start using that during my mediocre off-season!

  7. You think there wouldn’t be so much drama after 5 rings but Belichick does seem like the paranoid type or one who likes to instill paranoia in those around him. Brady is feeling unappreciated despite the rings and the fact that due to his super model wife’s copious income he is able to work for less money than most elite QBs. He also has an odd cult like diet regime and a personal Svengali running his TB12 empire. Belichick doesn’t want his players going to that Svengali. And, thus the seething teenaged school girl drama that is unfolding before our very eyes…

  8. jxt2521 says:
    March 26, 2018 at 2:00 pm
    That Pats team the last few years reminds me of the Bills from their Superbowl runs. The best in the AFC but beatable and outmatched by a few NFC teams.

    That’s odd to me. They are 2-1 against the NFC in the SB the past several years and were in this year’s SB until the last minute or so. If I recall, Da Bills were winless in their run. But I agree with your HC and QB analysis.

    If I told you 3 days before the game that your QB was gonna throw for 505 yards, 3 TD’s and no interceptions and your Punter would never punt once and your offense would have 631 total yards and your team would score 33 points against that Eagles Defense of 2017 in the big game Sunday, you would have probably been convinced NE all the way.

    Just to even get there consistently is monumental the way the league is composed.

  9. There is some kind of mess going on in Foxboro. If there was no mess, then Gronk and Brady wouldn’t be using social media like they are, practically calling out the Patriots for the way they do business. Nobody has ever seen this happen before.

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