Steve Spurrier, Mike Singletary among possible coaches for new league

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The reality of a spring football league is that the quality of players won’t be the best.

So the organizers of the new Alliance of American Football are looking for star power among their coaches.

According to Alex Marvez of the Sporting News, the upstart league is looking for a few big names among the eight teams they hope to field in 2019.

The report mentions former Washington coach Steve Spurrier and former 49ers coach Mike Singletary among the possibilities.

Alliance co-founder Bill Polian has previously said he was hoping to find coaches with NFL experience, to make it a more viable developmental league.

Singletary has been out of the league three of the last four years (he worked for the Rams in 2016). Spurrier, whose stint it Washington was short and undistinguished, retired from the University of South Carolina three years ago.

Other possibilities mentioned include Rick Neuheisel, Jeff Fisher, Mike Martz, Rob Ryan, Pepper Johnson and Jim Fassel, as they hope to lend some legitimacy to the process.

20 responses to “Steve Spurrier, Mike Singletary among possible coaches for new league

  1. Mike Singletary is one of the best middle linebackers who ever played, and a pretty good defensive coach, but as a head coach he stunk. He fired Mike Martz the offensive coordinator so he can implement an offense that is always 2 yards and a cloud of dust on first and second downs. He changed starting quarterbacks and offensive coordinators during the disastrous 2010 season, and he missed the playoffs with a 6-10 record, even though Jim Harbaugh came in the next season and took pretty much the same team to the NFC championship game with a 13-3 record. The new league will flop if they have Singletary’s dull offense as the drawing card.

  2. Fisher is a good HC but he needs to remember that OC is important too. He’s won with good OCs. With Rams he had Rob Boras, who was in way over his head as an OC (now TE coach in Buffalo).

  3. Well let’s see, Jeff Fisher always seems good for seven or eight wins a year, so if the season in this new league is only eight games long, they may be on to something here.

  4. I have to imagine that Steve Spurrier would be a better head coach for at least 1/3 of the NFL head coaches currently coaching teams. Let’s take Mike Tomlin for example. Does anyone believe Suprrier would spend 200 seconds watching the Jumbotron rather than preparing his team for the possibility that the previous play was overturned?

  5. Spurrier quickly found out that he wasn’t suited for the 24/7/365 that NFL coaches have to endure. Thus he went back to the college ranks – where he was successful at the coaching/recruiting/playing golf lifestyle. Now there’s no way he’d return to pro ball…

  6. I hope Singletary gets another chance. It’s funny, as a coach and player he emphasized physicality (with an “F” as he said back in his Niners days) and toughness and that’s what he’s known for. But as a player he was smart enough with the X’s and O’s to be practically a 2nd defensive coordinator and was responsible for setting things up in Buddy’ Ryan’s defense on the field.

    But as a coach he heavily emphasized being tough and physical while failing to address the need for a more expansive offense and flexible defense. He used old school coaches and coordinators (Billy Davis wasn’t old but he ran a fairly old school defense). Being tough and physical is a great foundation for your football team. But it’s just a foundation…a starting point. A team has to build and expand beyond that basic foundation. Singletary once said about his offense and running the ball that “they weren’t out to fool anybody”…basically they know we’re coming and we dare them to stop us. Letting the defense know how you’re coming at them is stupid. When Harbaugh suceed Singletary, he came in with the same tough physical attitude. He also emphasized old school ball control by running and a tough physical defense. But his offense was just complex enough with a varied run game (that used heavy personnel groups, unbalanced formations and later zone reads) to keep defenses on their toes.

    I hope/believe that Singletary has learned some lessons since his time away from football. I think he’s smart enough to run a good football team if he simply accepts some more expansive and flexible philosophies.

  7. Are they still planning not to use kickers for kickoffs? Will there even be goalposts then if no FGs are XPs are attempted? I’ll wait for the XFL.

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