Which team(s) would want OBJ?

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Four years after league meetings during which it became obvious that the Eagles were done with receiver DeSean Jackson, it now seems that the Giants may be done with receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. With the coaches, General Managers, and/or owners of all 32 teams here in Orlando for multiple days of get-togethers, it would make sense for a team interested in Beckham to try to go get him.

Apart from the trade haul the Giants would want, the new team would have to be willing to give Beckham a contract that puts him at the top of the receiver market, possibly at an average of $20 million or more per year. So which team(s) would or should want Beckham?

It would have to be a contending team, one with a skilled, entrenched quarterback who also is capable of keeping Beckham under some semblance of control. The team would also have to be able and willing to make a major commitment financially to a receiver, meaning that it likely wouldn’t already have a high-priced receiver on the roster — or maybe it would include that player in the trade package.

Not many would fit this profile. Given that the Giants likely would prefer trading Beckham to a non-NFC team, the Chargers would be an intriguing option. Yes, Keenan Allen and/or Mike Williams likely would have to be shipped to the Giants in order to make the move sensible for the Chargers from a football standpoint. From a business standpoint, it would make a ton of sense, bringing one of the biggest stars in football to a team that’s currently fading behind the Rams in the nation’s second largest media market.

What other AFC teams would want him? We riffed during PFT Live about the possibility of a trade to the Steelers for running back Le'Veon Bell and receiver Martavis Bryant, but there’s no way the Steelers could afford to pay receiver Antonio Brown $17 million per year and Beckham $20 million per year.

The Patriots would be an intriguing fit, but the Patriots would likely have to be able to steal Beckham. Even then, his temperament may not fit well with the whole “Do Your Job” vibe, and it would be weird, to say the least, if he were making more than $5 million more per year than Tom Brady, if the Patriots would even come close to paying Beckham that kind of money.

In the NFC, the 49ers would be a fascinating option. They have the quarterback, the cap space, the cash, the absence of a star receiver, and the need to create some excitement — and to have a pass-catcher who would get open against the likes of Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters.

The Panthers also could be an intriguing possibility, but a trade and a major contract for Beckham likely would have to wait until after the ownership situation is resolved.

Not many other teams would provide a good fit for Beckham, either due to the team’s current quarterback situation, the current cap situation, the current roster situation, and other factors that would make the risk far outweigh the potential reward. So, to summarize, the Chargers, 49ers, and Panthers would seem to be the most likely potential destinations — if the Giants are inclined to trade him and if a trade partner would be willing to both compensate the Giants and significantly compensate Beckham.

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  1. Nobody is going to pay Beckham $20 mil per year. He’s missed a lot of time with injuries and may not pass a physical if it includes a urine test. It wouldn’t be part of the league’s drug testing protocol but physicals frequently include drug tests.

  2. I think it was over for the GIANTS with him when the kickers net slapped him upside the head !

  3. The Vikings would love to have Beckham and Pat Shurmur would love to reunite with Stefon Diggs or Adam Thielen. Perfect trading partners if Minnesota could add a high draft pick and one of those receivers.

  4. I know he has an attitude problem, but it would be a mistake to get rid of an All Pro receiver in the twilight of your Franchise QB’s career; especially when they’re spending money to improve their O-Line, and give Eli the protection he needs to throw the ball. I don’t agree with some of his antics either, I just feel like that’s a big mistake, and now that it’s understood he won’t play without an extension, the media will try to drive the narrative that this is even a serious possibility. The Giants will ask for a King’s Ransom if they go that route, and it’s hard to find a team who will mortgage their next two drafts on a locker room problem.

  5. I highly doubt a trade happens for several reasons:
    1. Who else wants OBJ drama?
    2. The G-men will ask for too much.
    3. OBJ wants too much money.
    4. The Giants deserve the headache that a drama queen receiver brings.
    Go Eagles! Defending Champions!

  6. The Giants won 2 Super Bowls over the best coach and GM in the NFL in the past 10 years.

    Odell wasn’t on those teams. He wasn’t a distraction on those teams.

    I hope he gets traded to the Browns.

    The Giants deserve better then this.

  7. Following your analysis, how about Indianapolis? Send TY Hilton and the 6th overall pick for Odell Beckham and a 3rd. Plenty of cap space to take on a new Odell contract. Pair him with Luck in the AFC. Giants get a semi-viable WR1 in return for a significantly lower investment. Then the Giants can draft Barkley and Nelson at 2 and 6.

    Colts have a more dynamic WR-QB combo with the return of Luck. Still get a starter at the top of the 3rd round.

  8. If the Packers are willing to give up their 1st, Cobb & their 1st for Beckham sounds like a great deal for GB and good enough for the Giants if they are really looking to move on…

  9. Cleveland Browns = Best Fit

    1) He’d be re-united with Jarvis Landry

    2) He’d be re-united with Coach Adam Henry

    3) The Browns have the money to pay him

    4) The Cleveland Browns are seriously building a contender

    5) If the Browns can handle Josh Gordon, they can deal with OBJ

    6) Best fans in the NFL

    OK, haters…laugh. But it’s all true.

  10. The Browns could afford him, but I don’t think they want him. The Rams could actually afford him, and they could use a #1 after Watkins’ departure. So could the 49ers, who also could use a WR1.

    There is no way the Chargers are paying any WR $20 million a year, and a trade makes little sense when they already have Keenan Allen on a bargain deal.

    Indy probably should try to trade for him, but they won’t because they’re cheap.

  11. I really hope nobody will give him the money he’s looking for. He doesnt deserve it. You pay a guy 20M$ per year and certainly a big % of that garenteed, I hope you would be able to trust that person as a player, as a teamate and as a franchise ambassador. OBJ is incredibly talented but that goes only so far.

  12. No other team wants him. He spends too much time on social media and is basically a criminal since he was filmed holding what possibly might have been drugs. He should be locked up in prison. The Giants should just cut him.

  13. Let’s get this straight: The Eagles got rid of Jackson because Chip was a putz. The Giants are getting rid of OBJ because OBJ is a putz.

  14. No team would want this guy. He’s not a winner or team player. Giants would be best to let him sit, let his contract expire, so he can go to FA and be black balled by all other teams. That would be hilarious.

  15. Let him do commercials and have the media tell everyone how great he is. Terrible influence.

  16. The Giants would have to package their #2 pick to get any team to trade for Beckham. He is a locker room cancer and one of the most hated players in the league.

  17. Would love to see how he reacts to being shipped to the Factory of Sadness but even Cleveland isn’t stupid enough to pay him 20 mil per…are they?

  18. huskylawyer says:
    March 26, 2018 at 2:35 pm
    “Addition by subtraction” is the biggest myth in sports. Good luck with that Giants.

    I disagree. The Vikings cut Alex Boone and their offensive line became 75% better.

  19. No way the Browns are gonna 1) want to give up what the NYG are asking for a trade and 2) have two super-expensive WRs. OBJ is a great receiver, but no thanks. He’s not the droid we’re looking for.

  20. Any GM insane enough to pay this head case 20 mil a year should be immediately fired. Beckham will be happy for about 2 months before he starts reverting.

  21. “I think it was over for the GIANTS with him when the kickers net slapped him upside the head !”

    I know right? Funniest play of the whole season last year.

  22. Browns can do it but flipping #1 pick with Giants for #2 and adding another draft pick in the second round. Giants can then use the number 1 pick to trade back with Buffalo to 12, 22 and a player to be named to get to the 3000 points for 1st draft pick. This give the Giants 2 first rounders, 2 second rounders, a solid player from Buffalo to get rid of a headache.

  23. There is no way Sean McDermott brings an attitude like OBJ’s to Buffalo. Not only does a player like that cause headaches for the coaching staff, but It drives a wedge between the players. OBJ is a ME type player and guys like Kyle Williams & Richie Incognito wouldn’t put up with it. Besides, The one player Buffalo has that would be close in trade value is LeSean McCoy, who is too valuable for their run-first offense. OBJ is a product of a high powered passing offense with a gun slinging QB in Manning. He would need to go to a team like Atlanta, Green Bay, Detroit, New England or L.A. to keep the stat line he produces… otherwise he’d look average.

  24. There is a reason a reason why the Giants could shop OBJ and it’s the same reason the Vikings traded both Randy Moss and Percy Harvin. All 3 players are head cases. NFL teams are not in the business of trading away elite receivers just for the hell of it.

  25. Oakland/Carr, Rams/Goff or Philly/Wentz… if OBJ wants to earn a bus ticket to Canton (over the next 10 years) to become a member of The Three Kings: Rice-Moss-OchoUno (T.O.).

    If OBJ is just after “mo’ money” then any team dumb-enuff to pay him (remember Albert Haynesworth and the Redskins lol), then Please Be Our Guest!

  26. Line him up opposite of #cantguardmike and watch them go off with Brees slinging the ball all over the field. Kamara, Ingram, Thomas, Beckham, and Ted Ginn Jr…… WOW ! Come back to Louisiana OBJ

  27. Only foolish ones. He’s been in steady decline since his rookie season. Then, of course, all the off-field stupidity and self-centered aggrandizement like when he blew off the mini-camps, etc.

    He’s just a TO-like head-case without the work-ethic TO had.

  28. Beckham is not a locker room cancer. No teammate, coach, or personel have ever said anything bad about him in the locker room.

    He is however a media distraction and a child.

    As a giants fan ive been sick of him from the start. Hes not going to win a super bowl for any team let alone the giants

    If the giants can somehow get 2 1st round picks or a 1st and a starter they need to take it and move on.

    They won a super bowl with mario manningham and hakeem nicks… what good is a 20mil a season reciever?

  29. As a Panther fan I knew that when DG became GM that he might want to deal OBJ and I agree if you can get some “hog-mollies” for him. OBJ is a great talent but is he worth that much money just to catch a ball, especially since he seems stuck on himself. Move on NY, and hopefully the Panthers will “pass”. And by the way, I thought Dave was a great GM for the Panthers.

  30. I’m with the people saying Browns, and not as an insult. They realistically could do it, reunite him with Landry, ignite their fanbase with star power and finally climb out of the basement.

  31. endtimesparty says:
    March 26, 2018 at 7:59 pm
    He’s not going anywhere.
    – – –

    Agreed! He’s coming off a major injury, wants $20M+ and the draft compensation a team would have to send.

    Don’t get me wrong; he’s a great player. But no team is going to pay what he is worth to the Giants. This is all part of the public negotiation. He isn’t going anywhere.

  32. Twenty million a year for the fourth or maybe fifth best wide receiver in the NFL. That’s a “great” investment.

  33. Please leave Green Bay out of the discussion. Wouldn’t have the guy for league minimum. This guy thinks he’s an all time great. He’s not even Tory Holt, Donald Driver, Issac Bruce, Chris Carter, Wes welker(sp)…. etc. I would take any of those guys and many more at the same point in their careers. Oh, he’ll be dead a** broke in 10 years.

  34. bkinacti0n says:
    March 26, 2018 at 3:07 pm
    No other team wants him. He spends too much time on social media and is basically a criminal since he was filmed holding what possibly might have been drugs. He should be locked up in prison. The Giants should just cut him.

    So your team can sign him.


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