Adam Gase counting on “alpha dogs” to change team culture

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The Dolphins have parted ways with three significant members of last year’s squad by cutting defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh and center Mike Pouncey and trading wide receiver Jarvis Landry after using the franchise tag on him.

They’ve balanced the departures of those players and last year’s trade of running back Jay Ajayi by bringing in the likes of defensive end Robert Quinn, guard Josh Sitton, wide receiver Danny Amendola and running back Frank Gore. Head coach Adam Gase said Tuesday that he feels “like we’ve added more guys than we’ve lost” and that the changes will benefit the team’s locker room.

“I am not hoping [the culture will improve],” Gase said, via the Miami Herald. “I know it’s going to be different. You have some alpha dogs who are not going to accept a lot of the [expletive] that has gone on. … I think you guys will notice it kind of when we get going. I don’t know, there’s something about a lot of these guys that we brought in.”

Gase was credited with making positive changes to the Dolphins culture when he took the team to the playoffs in 2016. Last year saw the team go the opposite way and there aren’t likely to be too many more chances to hit the reset button before someone else gets a chance to press it.

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  1. Guys that coach really talented QB’s (Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, etc.) don’t make good head coaches – they’re job was too easy. Guys that turn mediocre QB’s into very good QB’s make good coaches (Shanahan, McVay). I haven’t seen anything more than a mediocre offense in Miami since he took over.

  2. Huh? The guys Miami got rid of were mostly alpha dogs. They were ME guys who demanded and got their way until shown the door. I think what you mean is you want leaders and team players. That’s different but often confused.

  3. Huh? what is this culture he talks about? Every guy he got rid of was a alpha dog, obvious he doesn’t want alpha dogs on the roster…I think the coaches communication skills are lacking…Fins have the same problem the last coach has, can’t coach alpha dogs….

  4. Last year Miami had more crazy things happen to them than any team I can remember. I bet Gase turns it around and they challenge for the division next season.

  5. Maybe they wouldn’t need alpha dogs to keep guys in line if Gase actually did his job. He’s becoming known for badmouthing guys after they leave but doing absolutely nothing to discipline them while they’re on his team. Ajayi was getting every single carry right up until they traded him but then word came out he was supposedly skipping all the meetings, etc. And Suh and Landry both started every single game Gase has been coach in Miami so if they were problems in the locker room it’s Gase’s fault for not dealing with them.

  6. Dola an alpha dog? Don’t get me wrong, like most Pats fans I don’t begrudge him for cashing in after years of taking less to stay here but his Rhode Island swimsuit model and notable Pats fan gf did. Olivia Culpo broke up with him for leaving. Think about that, player leaves NE for more money and his gf dumps him. Dola is a winner and a great team guy but an Alpha? Not so much.

  7. There is so much more to the make up of a team like the NFL that we know nothing about or hear anything about. My guess is that Pouncey, Suh and Landry were ME first players and were a locker room cancer. Now i understand they are top talent players, But if you are a cancer you must be removed.

  8. “You have some alpha dogs who are not going to accept a lot of the [expletive] that has gone on”

    uhhhh, hey Coach, isn’t that kind of YOUR job? Deflecting blame for the complete lack of accountability to your players……i think that right there tells us a lot about what’s wrong in Miami right now.

  9. Last year was a funny old year for the Dolphins and the whole region. It seemed to be one thing after another over the first half of the season. Gase done a pretty good job holding it together. He’s was only a second year head coach let’s not forget. I don’t know if he’s going to be any good for us, nobody does. The reality we all know is if don’t put together winning seasons you are generally removed and it doesn’t matter how much bad luck or unfortunate circumstances you have had to put up with.

  10. You change the culture by winning. Not the other way around.

    You can’t be a leader on a football team if you aren’t one of the best players. Miami isn’t bringing in leaders by getting rid of three of their best players.

    They should have handled the Landry situation last year but I think at the end they really had no choice. I like Pouncey but he was always hurt. The one that bothers me the most is Suh. They overpaid and should have never given him the contract they gave him but they did and now over the next two years they only saved $3.5 million by getting rid of one of the best defensive tackles in the league. It is the definition of mismanagement.

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