Browns could keep plans for No. 1 pick a secret until draft day

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The Browns could keep their plans for the No. 1 overall pick a secret until the draft April 26.

That could happen,” Browns coach Hue Jackson said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “Knowing John [Dorsey] that could happen. John’s outstanding that way. He plays it real close to the vest. I’ve been trying to pry his hands down all the time, but his hands are up here and I can’t get them down. We’re going to exhaust all [possibilities] because I think it’s important, too.

“This is a real important time in Cleveland football, let’s just be honest. We have to make the right decisions. I don’t think we need to make any knee-jerk reactions to anything. Let’s really dig into all of this and talk through it and make the right decision for us.”

The Jets’ move from No. 6 to No. 3 virtually guaranteed the Browns would select a quarterback with the No. 1 overall choice instead of running back Saquon Barkley. Jackson appeared to confirm that a quarterback was at the top of the team’s wish list with the first pick.

“Yes, absolutely. You said it,” Jackson said. “That’s why I say we get a chance to win the draft because we get the people that we want. We get to kind of dictate this thing on how we want it to go and there are four guys, but within the four guys, we’ve got to determine what is the best fit for us moving forward.”

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  1. Don’t draft a QB at all (in the first round) .. draft two of the best at the position and keep Typin Taylor for another couple years.

  2. Pick a QB with pick 1 AND pick 4. Make them compete. Trade away the loser next year. Do whatever it takes to get a franchise quarterback.

  3. Smart – they likely have a couple QBs even and hope someone gives them a fortune for the first pick.

  4. As they should. Back before the rookie wage scale, it made sense to announce your pick early and get started on a contract ASAP. But now? You’re just helping the teams below you.

  5. Homeless guy they ask must be on vacation.

    That is fresh. You just think of it?

  6. It doesn’t matter what the Browns do in the Draft, It will backfire spectacularly. They are an under-achievement nexus in the universe. It will always be that way.

  7. the perennial under new middle management now Green Bay Browns have only one logical choice here, and he’s from the University of Spoilt Children;

    even though Barkley will probably not last to number 4, a franchise quarterback is a MUST in the modern day National Passing League also known as the NFL (or New England Football League);

  8. Dorsey will keep secret until draft day for possible last minute trade[s]. Meanwhile here are the top 4 picks…Allen…Darnold…Mayfield…Barkley.

  9. jerruhjones says:
    March 27, 2018 at 4:10 pm
    Homeless guy they ask must be on vacation.

    That is fresh. You just think of it?
    You must not know the story…..

  10. Browns take Barkley 1, Giants take Darnold, Jets grab Allen or Rosen, Borwns grab Chubb at 4, take either Rudolph or Jackson in the second round.

  11. Al Davis would squeeze every second out of the #1 overall, why shouldn’t the Browns? The plan is to not have that pick again for a very long time, why rush through it? For the moment they are in a coveted position of being able to do whatever they want and assured they will get the player they are most confident in. Factor in they’re up another 3 picks later too – giving away #1 might encourage a team to move above them to get the guy Cleveland wants at #4.

  12. Of course they’ll keep it secret. They have another pick 3 slots later. If they didn’t have another pick until round 2 it wouldn’t really matter but they have to think that keeping teams guessing makes a lot of strategic sense. There’s a number of guys or trade scenarios they want at 4 and there’s an order they want them in. They can do a lot to manipulate what they want to happen at 4 and it doesn’t include telling everyone what you’re doing at 1.

  13. In this century… the only QB’s selected in the Top 5 that have won a Super Bowl for the teams that drafted them?
    Peyton Manning (once) and Eli Manning (twice)

    This team went 0-16 last season. They have a chance to draft two Opening Day 2018 starters by drafting Barkley at one and either Chubb or Fitzpatrick at four.

    When Allen drops, move up to #11 and snag him ahead of the Bills, because they WILL take him at #12 and I doubt the Dolphins would want to trade within their division.

    Barkley will NOT be there at #4. The Giants will take him the second that the Browns don’t. Barkley is a game changer for 2018, not 2020. For me, Allen has the most long term potential out of the QB’s in this draft, and I’m going to say it again… THIS TEAM NEEDS STARTERS AT ONE AND FOUR, NOT PROJECTS!!

  14. Oooooooooooooooooh – Browns and Secrets.

    That sounds so inviting. This franchise can’t tell a draft from a hurricane.

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