Dave Gettleman on Odell Beckham: You don’t quit on talent

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Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham has been the subject of conjecture this week that has ranged from plans to hold out if he doesn’t get a new contract to the Giants being open to the idea of trading him and a few other things in between.

Giants General Manager Dave Gettleman wouldn’t specifically respond to any reports regarding Beckham at the league meetings in Orlando. Gettleman did quote former boss Ernie Accorsi when Kimberly Jones of NFL Media asked him if Beckham will be on the team this season by saying “you don’t quit on talent.”

Gettleman went on to leave some room for things to move in that direction.

“He’s on our team. You know?” Gettleman said. “I don’t know if I’m going to drop dead of a heart attack in two seconds. You know, I hope not. Although I’m worth more alive than dead now for my wife. But no, all kidding aside, he’s on the team, Kim. What do you want me to tell you? … He’s on the team right now.”

Gettleman has cleared out some players since taking over as the General Manager late last season, but the Giants have stopped well short of the total rebuild that some may have thought was coming after a 3-13 season. Trading Beckham wouldn’t fit into that approach, but it doesn’t appear anyone is going to definitively take the possibility off the table.

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  1. You can’t make another OBJ, cutting him or trading him would be moronic. His teammates love him, yes, he’s made his share of youthful mistakes, but he’s under the biggest microscope in the NFL.

  2. Negotiating tactics going on from both camps. Id say the chances of OBJ getting traded are maybe 10%. Ownership/management knows that a lot of Giants fans would explode if OBJ were traded just as he’s hitting his prime….and OBJ knows that he loves playing in NY. They are both trying to gain an advantage in contract talks.

  3. If the Giants are able to swindle the 4th Pick from the Browns and whatever else, They’d be in a great position to grab both Barkley and Nelson.

  4. Unless that talent is a 1st-round cancer, both in and out of the locker room. Someone who creates issues on and off the field, and commands the highest salary while coming off a massive injury and has yet to proven he can remain healthy. Then you quit on said talent. Giants need to fleece the Cowboys for a high draft pick once they release Dez.

  5. If the Giants could get the Rams first rounder and Cooper Kupp that seems like a win. Get rid of the headaches and contract demands. Pick up a very productive player with 3 more years of cheap control while also upgrading a position of need with the 23rd pick.

  6. After hearing that Gettleman clown talk to the reporters the Giants should quit on him. What a joke.

    That’s who they chose to be the voice of the organization?

  7. It really depends. How much talent? What position? What kind of problems are we talking about? It’s not all black and white. Would Gettleman sign the very talented Aldon Smith? Probably not. Richie Incognito? Maybe. Then there are different philosophies. Bill Belichick would gamble on certain guys. The old 49ers’ dynasty of the 80’s would get rid of guys like Terrell Owens and Charles Haley once they wore out their welcome. Both Belichick and the 49ers each won 5 super bowls, so there is more than one way to do things.

  8. Yeah but like Sonny says in THE BRONX TALE ,,,nothing worse than wasted talent !

  9. I agree! That kicker’s practice net which quarreled with OBJ showed that it could both take a punch and bounce back to deliver a devastating and embarrassing blow to OBJ. That Kicker’s net has talent!

  10. Beckham needs to lay low for awhile and stay out of the spotlight. Yes, he is a gifted receiver, but is he worth all of the distractions and aggravation that he brings with him? He has the maturity of a 10 year-old. Do the Giants want another season of his whining and his on and off-field antics? Can he even stay healthy? Those are some serious questions that need to be answered about the guy going forward. They certainly haven’t accomplished much WITH him on the team.

  11. Well then….throw 100 million at it instead. One guy running around waiting for the ball to be thrown to him is not worth that money. Remake your whole team with just a couple of moves this offseason. Trade down from #2 and sell off mop top. Giants have a golden opportunity but I’m sure just like this extended love for Eli, they will screw it up.

  12. Tee-hee-hee… says HE (Gettleman) who got rid of “Smitty” (Steve Smith) and DeAngelo (Williams) haha

  13. Just a reality check on a few of these comments- no way would Rams give up a first round pick and a decent young player. Second round pick is best case scenario.

    And T.O. was a prima donna, but not a violent, psychotic prima donna.

  14. He may have 2x as many fits and tantrums as T.O., but he’ll never have half the stats of Terrell Owens.

  15. This is the reason the players are doing anything they want. They know GMs aren’t going to do squat about it. So in reality the tail really is wagging the dog

  16. That won’t trade him cuz no one will offer what they want after that ridiculously moronic video. Did i mention how stupid that video was? I mean, wow bro.

  17. Commissioner Cools says:
    March 27, 2018 at 3:11 pm
    Terrell Owens 2.0


    The Giants wish OBJ was as productive as Terrell Owens. Even with a broken foot, Owens played his butt off in the SB and was the best player on the Eagles that day.

  18. He missed a ton of last season, he may fail resting, and worries more about hanging out with celebs the wrek before a playoff game. Who knows in a fit a rage he may break a hand punching a wall. Cares too much aboit his td celebrations

    I dont know how much talent is left, but its not worth the headache.

  19. Jerry Jones didn’t quit on a woman beater, a drunk driver who killed a team mate and another woman beater
    Robert kraft stuck by a serial killer till he was caught
    The niners stuck by aldon smith
    The cowboys and bengals stuck by pac man jones
    I could go on and on and on and people want the giants to get rid of a guy for being a punk ? Heck 90% of the league are punks

  20. What exactly have the G-men won with this clown? I mean, yes he’s a very talented WR, but is he worth the amount of money he’s apparently looking for? No one outside of a franchise QB is worth that kind of money, and no, Kirk Cousins isn’t a franchise QB…

  21. This one is a lot like the crazy/hot scale.

    At some point, it just doesn’t matter how gorgeous one may be… there’s no fixing crazy.

  22. The Giants wish OBJ was as productive as Terrell Owens.

    He’s missed a seasons worth of games in 4 years.

    He averages 1100 yards/season, regardless.

    That’s impressive.

  23. I don’t know. I do think there is a line that can be crossed where the talent is outweighed by things like bad behavior, injuries, excessive contract demands. The line is way down the road, but there is a line.

  24. Translation: “We’re waiting for the Ravens to offer up their draft and CJ Mosely”.

  25. The trouble starts when he doesn’t report without the huge guaranteed deal, which you can’t give him. Then he gets tough to trade. Season starts, still hasn’t reported, trade value plummets. Deal him now, let him be someone else’s enormous headache.

  26. You would’ve thought OBJ had been arrested for murder by the comments on this thread. Instead, he’s set multiple receiving records and played at a high-level since entering the league. I think people on this post just hate athletes who have confidence in their abilities.

  27. There is no one is willing to give wat the Giants may be asking because no one wants his type of head ache and at top dollar to boot.
    If the Giants fleece someone out of a 1st round pick and a player they better take it and run.
    Even if they get a first round pickthey should take it. It’s not like Odell is controllable contract wise for a few seasons, he wants to get paid now. So a bloated contract for an injury prone prima donna and a 1st round pick??
    I think the Giants are stuck with “Look at me” OBJ.

  28. You don’t need an “elite” WR to win a super bowl. They aren’t worth the contracts they demand. How many has OBJ or Antonio Brown won? Or Julio Jones, or Calvin Johnson? When they start demanding too much money you let them walk. Trust me, you will be fine without him. NFL is not a star driven league, although they market the stars. Good teams win. Players like OBJ sometimes prohibit the team from becoming all it could be.

  29. Kansas City Chiefs would beg to differ. Gave up on Marcus Peters. Made a calculation that problems associated with the talent outweighed the talent. Time will tell whether they were right in that assessment.

  30. jimjets says:
    March 27, 2018 at 3:12 pm

    After hearing that Gettleman clown talk to the reporters the Giants should quit on him. What a joke.

    That’s who they chose to be the voice of the organization?


    To JIM JET

    There is a reason the Jets where green.They are green with envy of their co-owners of MetLife.Please with all the ridiculous characters that have impersonated GM’s and Head coaches inFloral Park Mr.Jim should learn,”children should be seen and not heard”

  31. “the Giants have stopped well short of the total rebuild that some may have thought was coming after a 3-13 season”.

    Alper, that rebuild was 2 years ago when the Giants committed to over $200 million in FA contracts. Vernon, Jenkins, and Harrison were supposed to be the saviors. Then the Giants committed $115 million + last yeast in new contracts, including the
    $62 million for Pierre-Paul who isn’t even on the team as of today.

    So, the Giants committ roughly 1/3 of a BILLION in new defensive player contracts in 2 years, eat $15 million in dead cap space, and average 7 wins over those two years?

    Well done, Mr Mara. Very well done. And now you get to deal with Diva Odell as your consolation prize.

  32. “Robert kraft stuck by a serial killer till he was caught”…Get a life, Bucky-boy. No one, not even you, knew Hernandez was a “serial killer” until he was caught. But, correct me if I’m wrong, wasn’t there a question about Hernandez’s guilt in those killings, or at least one of them? So long ago and so far away…

  33. If you want to move a knucklehead off the roster, you don’t badmouth the knucklehead.

    But you get rid of knuckleheads as soon as you can.

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