Dave Gettleman seeking generational player with second pick

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The Giants could draft a quarterback with the No. 2 overall choice, but Giants General Manager Dave Gettleman is keeping an open mind. In fact, he said drafting a player at another position would be easier.

“If I’m sitting on my big cheeks looking at the board and I’m saying ‘This guy has got it,'” Gettleman said, via Ralph Vacchiano of SNY. “You know, really? Is it hard?”

Giants coach Pat Shurmur admits an “urge” to find Eli Manning‘s heir apparent with the second choice. But Saquon Barkley, Quenton Nelson or Bradley Chubb could prove the generational player Gettleman seeks.

“Guys, this is the second pick in the draft,” Gettleman said. “We really have to picture this guy putting on a gold jacket. Because if we can’t picture that, really . . .”

Quarterback, running back, defensive end, offensive guard. The position doesn’t matter as much as how good the player turns out.

“It’s like when teams reach [and say], ‘We need a defensive tackle.’ Then they drop down and reach for a guy and maybe he’s a really good two-down player, a really good run player, and they’re hoping he’ll develop as a pass rusher,” Gettleman said. “No, you can’t do that. So that’s the conversation we’re having. When we set the board and have our conversations, is that guy worthy of being the second pick in the draft? Can we picture him maybe someday putting on a gold jacket?”

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  1. You draft Chubb at 2 and the backpage will remind us and him, now and forever that LT was drafted #2 (NO picked Rogers at #1).

    Rogers was actually a great RB but the shelf life was 7 years (NO was a bad team but he won a ring with the Redskins).

    So LT comparisons?

    Shelf life issues?

    A better Chris Snee (who will get to the top 50 or whatever HOF cutoff is for the Hall of Great.

    Tough choice. But all 3 have a shot at being great.

    The QB’s.

    They all have issues. Personally, if Darnold is so good at running right and throwing perfect strikes, one would assume, behind a real line he has the ability to at least throw from the pocket. Running left might take some time. Like a 2bman switching from SS and learning to throw that off balance, torque, left to right arc on balls up the middle.

    Giants will take Darnold if Cleveland passes. Cleveland knows this and can’t afford to be 2nd guessed AGAIN. So they will take the consensus pick. Even if he fails, people will understand, feel bad and forgive. If they go outside of the box and draft the RB 1 and the leftover QB at 4 and the Qb fails, they will never hear the end of it.

    The Giants should trade down to 5, unless you want Barkley (if Denver wants a QB) Chubb and Nelson will go to the Giants and Colts.

    The key is what Denver thinks the Jets will do. I would stand pat if I were Denver. The Jets will take Rosen or Mayfield. They know Gettleman will not take a short guy or an injured guy. That’s why they didn’t call the Giants to move up to 2. Gettleman will take either Darnold or Allen, if he goes QB. However it falls, a Qb will be there for Denver at 5. I think it’s quite possible Rosen and Allen will both be there.

    What would be funny is if the Giants, Cleveland(doesn’t trade 4) and Denver all passed on QB’s. Then the Colts would miss out on the top 3 players in the draft, which I believe they didn’t think possible. They assumed Chubb or Nelson would be there at 6. Then they would trade out, someone will come up to 6 for a QB. I think Buffalo has this whole scenario down and is waiting to deal with the Colts as Denver might not want another big body guy with accuracy issues or a trumped up version of what they already have (Keenum vs Mayfield).

    This is going to be the best draft since 2004.

    Mayfield (perfect for the fan base)
    Colts Don’t know- Buffalo might be smart enough to trade with TB at 7. Cost them pick 12 and 57. Arizona would be giving up too much to go from 15 to 7 but you never know.
    Allen: Buffalo (no fragile California QB in Buffalo)
    Rosen: Arizona (all fragile Qb team).

  2. The pick will be a QB. No way will a franchise pass on a potential franchise QB in such a deep QB draft class to draft a player at another position. The pick will be Rosen, Darnold or Mayfield. If the Giants truly feel Eli is their man, they would had traded down with the Jets or will trade down on draft night. They aren’t picking a guy at #2 that they could get at #5 or #6, it would be stupid to do so. As for Eli Manning, sorry but this roster is just not good enough for a quick turnaround and he’s a declining player. His QBR over the last 2 years has been 22nd and 27th in the NFL, putting blind faith in him is ridiculous. Picking Nelson, Barkley or Chubb at #2 and the Giants will be in the same spot next year or 2 years from now, looking for that franchise QB they should had picked in the 2018 draft.

  3. When the gmen draft Barkley, it will transform the skill positions on this team. When Shurmur brings an offense that actually takes into acct the skill set of the players on the team as opposed to running an offense that was designed for Aaron Rodgers, you will see improvement. Is Barkley a perfect solution. No. But he is the most complete rb we will have had since Tiki and he has speed Tiki could only dream about.

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