Eagles expect Darren Sproles back in 2018

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Darren Sproles is a soon-to-be 35-year-old running back coming off a torn ACL and without a contract. That might make it seem like he’s reached the end of his career.

But Eagles coach Doug Pederson says Sproles is likely to be back in Philadelphia this season.

“We’ve reached out to him during the free agency period, and talked to him,” Pederson said. “He’s expressed that he wants to be back here. He knows we want him back here. Heck yeah. He’s a big part of our team. [He’s a] punt returner, he’s a tremendous back, third down guy. So we’ll see what falls out. He wants to still play, and I want him to play, and I want him to be an Eagle.”

Pederson said there’s no rush because Sproles always gets himself into shape on his own time.

“He’s one of those guys, you’ve seen what he’s done in the last couple of offseasons,” Pederson said. “He hasn’t been here. He spends time with his family. He comes in from time to time, and I’m not concerned about Darren Sproles going forward. I just know the way he works, the way he trains, the way he gets himself prepared, if and when he decides to sign and come back, come on. We’re ready for him.”

Sproles is currently the active leader among all NFL players with 19,155 career all-purpose yards. With a good season in 2018, he could become just the fifth player in NFL history to top 20,000.

23 responses to “Eagles expect Darren Sproles back in 2018

  1. If a guy is only the 5th in the history of the NFL to surpass 20,000 yards, that gets my Hall of Fame vote. WOW. That would be quite the accomplishment. GO SPROLES!! But I would like to see Clement develop – On Wisconsin!

  2. Pass, there’s no way at 35 and after an ACL tear he’ll be the same. Draft someone instead.

  3. Top 10 NFL History all-purpose:

    1 Jerry Rice+ 23,546
    2 Brian Mitchell 23,330
    3 Walter Payton+ 21,803
    4 Emmitt Smith+ 21,564
    5 Tim Brown+ 19,682
    6 Marshall Faulk+ 19,190
    7 Steve Smith 19,180
    8 Darren Sproles 19,155
    9 LaDainian Tomlinson+ 18,456
    10 Barry Sanders+ 18,308

    That’s some pretty damn good company. He was still effective before he got hurt. You bring him back, that kind of personality – respected, liked, hard worker.

  4. Phillyphever, the eagles are in ‘win now’ mode, that gets a lot harder after you have to pay the QB, a rookie will not be ready to step in and give you as much as Sproles can in 1 year. He gives them elements they don’t have elsewhere in a homerun threat as a returner and a back that can line up as a receiver which gives them an option to have 2 rb sets. They probably should draft someone as well, to be fair, but if he wants to come back and looks good, I trust Doug & Howie to make the right call

  5. Sweet – and so the legend of mighty mouse continues. Go birds!

  6. A-plus Dude.
    Great in San Diego.
    Great in New Orleans.
    Great in Philly.
    Tough to name a player who ever got more from his talent than Sproles.

  7. Packers fan here, so not just another gushing homie. Glad to hear this, I’ve always liked Mr. Sproles. Always hoped my beloved Pack would sign him. Awesome player.

  8. I am not a Philly fan (though I did root for them all last year) but I am a huge Sproles fan. Yes, 35 and an ACL is a red flag, but that is a generalization not a fact. If anyone can do it I hope he can. Class guy and wow – where did those stats come from? Never knew.

    You go Sproles. Football fans everywhere are rooting for you. I know I am.

  9. Eagles fan here. Love Sproles and want him back but Im gonna go against the grain here and not be so happy if he returns.

    Corey Clement earned a big role past year. Period. Dont see how Sproles doesnt take away some of Clements touches.

  10. I for one will root for him. Just because they hope he’s back or expecting it doesn’t mean he’ll make the final roster. He’s always been what football should be about.

  11. Just watch the video of him running from a few months back. He looked 100%, and that was like 4 months after the injury. I’m not kidding. He’ll be back if they agree on $.

  12. He is a Hall of Famer. Which is why i always say the eagles won the superbowl last season after losing TWO hof’ers AND their starting QB

  13. Those two playoff games vs. the Peyton Manning Colts were epic and dominated by Sproles. Very entertaining to watch. It’s nice that a player from the San Diego Chargers wasted dynasty finally has a ring.

  14. nfcleast says:
    “March 27, 2018 at 2:39 pm
    Eagles fan here. Love Sproles and want him back but Im gonna go against the grain here and not be so happy if he returns.

    Corey Clement earned a big role past year. Period. Dont see how Sproles doesnt take away some of Clements touches.”

    Sproles won’t take Clement’s touches. Corey will be the number 2 back behind Ajayi and get more of Blount’s carries. Sproles will play special teams and be the third back similar to what Clement did last year.

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