Giants expecting Odell Beckham to participate in offseason work

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Giants receiver Odell Beckham is making noises about a contract holdout, but the team doesn’t think that’s going to happen.

That’s according to Giants head coach Pat Shurmur, who said this morning at the league meeting that his understanding is that Beckham will participate in offseason workouts, which begin next month.

If the Giants decide to play hardball with Beckham, he’d surely report to work eventually: He can’t become a free agent without finishing the final year of his contract.

But just how long would Beckham be willing to hold out in order to get a new contract? Would he extend it all the way into the start of the regular season?

The Giants apparently don’t think he’s going to do that, or even going to hold out of voluntary offseason work. Shurmur is expecting Beckham to get to work just as soon as everyone else on the Giants roster.

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  1. If he doesn’t show up, he’ll get traded. Yes, he’s an extreme difference maker but there is a new sheriff in town, building for the future.

    Giants aren’t winning the SB this year and all the dreaming in the world by 20 or so teams know the reality of their teams.

    Hate to trade such a difference maker but HOF players can come from any round and UDFA. Takes some luck but it’s better than having an uber talented player upsetting the bigger picture and the bigger picture is a team not a player that fractures said team with his own set of rules.

  2. OBJ has 2 way to get paid:

    option 1 – stop acting like a fool and play well. Look at AJ Green and Julio Jones. They produced, didn’t act like idiots, and got paid.

    option 2 – keep acting like a fool and hope to get traded. You hope the new team will pay you.

    The problem with option 2 is teams may not be willing to pay you like a top player because they fear you will do something dumb and get suspended, or be a locker room cancer,

    In my opinion, option 1 is the better approach.

  3. Giants “Hoping” Odell Beckham to participate in offseason work.

    My best guess is Odell will be with Le Veon Bell drinking some Brews on a beach somewhere while trianing camp is going on.

  4. Giants “Hoping” Odell Beckham to participate in offseason work.

    My best guess is Odell will be with Le Veon Bell drinking some Brews on a beach somewhere while training camp is going on.

  5. It’s fun to watch guys screw up their situation. All he has to do is behave sort of normally … and he can’t.

  6. Why not hold out? Truly, why not??

    Whenever he signs his next deal (100 mil x 5 years with 24 guaranteed (or some variation of this) we will hear that no one ever expects the Giants to see that through. We also know that the Giants or any team, would cut him as soon as it is better for the team to do so.

    So strike when the iron is hot if you are the player. Your leverage fades quickly and the “contract” you will sign is an illusion.

  7. He said he wouldn’t show up without a new contract. So my less than educated guess is, no he won’t.

  8. His actions will only make NY tag him rather than give a long term deal. They’ll do the same as they did with JPP. Once he’s beyond his prime (5th, 6th year), they’ll ditch him and already got the most value out of him. Not much juice left to squeeze in them remaining years.

  9. This is likely to be held up as an example of a situation that reveals some structural unfairness to players, but it’s not.

    If OBJ hadn’t been such a huge headache to the team both on and off the field, he’d be the happy owner of a big new contract right now, almost certainly the largest receiver contract in history.

    I feel sympathy for some players, but OBJ can write his own ticket but he’s a diva instead. He’s earned his present challenge, mild as it is.

  10. If he was not such a self-centered cancer, he would have been paid by now.

    Pay him and he’ll just just keep demanding more.
    He’ll Never be happy or a “Team player.”
    He is also made of glass.
    Good chance he gets himself suspended.
    Dump him, he is not worth it.

  11. There is zero pressure to pay him now. He does not have leverage because he’s under contract. That’s why Shurmur said what he did. The team had the 5th year option and they exercised it. End of story. This we have to trade him now business is a bunch of nonsense.

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