Howie Roseman: “High price tag” to move Nick Foles

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The Eagles have quarterback Nick Foles under contract for another year, and it looks like he’ll remain under contract with the Eagles for another year.

“We know what we have,” Eagles executive V.P. of football operations Howie Roseman told reporters on Monday, via Zach Berman of the Philadelphia Inquirer. “And that allows us the ability to feel very good about the most important position in sports. For us to get rid of something like that, that’s going to be a high price tag.”

At this point, there’s no team in position to offer a high price for Foles, since all teams either have an entrenched starter or the combination of a bridge quarterback and a plan to draft a youngster. With Foles slated to become a free agent next year, any team interested in Foles can simply wait.

The Eagles also can wait, primarily for a team to experience another Teddy Bridgewater-style injury, creating an immediate, pressing need for help — and, in turn, the kind of windfall the Eagles enjoyed when trading Sam Bradford two Septembers ago.

The guy who may not be thrilled with how this has played out is Foles, who apparently won’t be parlaying his Super Bowl LII MVP performance into a new contract. While some still think the Eagles will give Foles a bump in his 2018 salary, he won’t be getting the kind of increase that he would have gotten if the Eagles had moved him to a team that would have installed him as the starter.

Whether starting opportunities exist for Foles in 2019 remains to be seen. Much of it may depend on whether and to what extent Foles gets a chance to remind everyone during the 2018 season of what he was able to do for the Eagles late in the 2017 campaign.

25 responses to “Howie Roseman: “High price tag” to move Nick Foles

  1. The Eagles will need him when Wentz isn’t ready to start the season. Great backup but not a starter. He made a nice run on a stacked team nobody wants him.

  2. Bottom line for Foles is that if any team REALLY wanted him they would make it happen. Most people around the NFL think his superbowl performance was a fluke (I don’t). For the record, I think Foles is a very good QB, but needs a coach that will play to his strengths. He does NOT choke. He isn’t an elite player, but man I would take him over many of the QBs today from Cousins, Bortles, Bradford, Keenum, ect… Seriously… None of those guys could have put up the performances we have seen from Foles in playoffs. Foles plays much like Brady (No I am not saying he is on Brady’s level), but he gets rid of the ball fast, has great poise, has similar size, he has a great deep ball, very smart, ect… Foles is NOT motivated by the money, his parents are very wealthy, he has made good money so far. Foles also knows he is loved in Philly and realizes if you go to a team like the Browns you could end up in another Jeff Fisher situation. The bottom line is Howie Roseman is right with how he is handling this situation. I would rather have Foles as the backup, then anything less then a first. That insurance is worth more then a second round pick. NFL teams overvalue these picks IMO. If you won’t pay for a QB, you deserve what you get. Really think Denver is going anywhere with Keenum? Really think Arizona can do anything with Bradford? I don’t.

  3. The bridge starters are all rejects and the teams are playing musical chairs. There are a couple of quality prospects at the top of the draft and then slim pickings. A quality team could have had the next Curt Warner and they get cold feet over giving up a #1 pic that is a crap shoot at best. And you wonder why more then half the teams in the NFL never win!

  4. The best-laid plans of mice and men.
    They will come calling, oh they will come calling.
    bringing gifts from far away . . .those best laid plans?

    the price goes higher,with each passing day.

  5. Foles is happy as a clam. No controversy or bad blood here. Man is more then just dollars and cents. Hopefully Philly can sign him to an extension.

  6. My bet is Sam Bradford goes down first and the Eagles get a first and fourth rounder to send Foles to Arizona.

    Mark it!

  7. There’s no reason for any team to pay a king’s ransom for Foles when he’s going to be available next year as a free agent.

    It’s also worth remembering something else: until the NFC championship and the Super Bowl, Foles looked either poor or average filling in for Wentz. Foles, much like Case Keenum, had an up-and-down journeyman career prior to last season. The Eagles are expecting a team to pay a first round pick (and them some) based entirely on his performance in those two games, and that’s just not smart, which is why it isn’t going to happen.

  8. This is too funny…

    How people… experts even… can see with their own eyes… how the Eagles didn’t miss a beat once Carlson Wince got hurt… and libbies love science and try to hijack science to benefit their agenda all the time… yet when evidence suggests the team benefited Wince more than the other way around… science and evidence gets tossed out the window!!! I know they traded up to get Wince…and it appeared that Wince was the MVP…but the fact is Foles won the Superbowl–when he wasn’t supposed to–and based on the fact Foles won every game he started and finished…the Iggles would be foolish to make a change! Common sense…like father time is also undefeated!

  9. Everyone is assuming that at least one team would really want Foles to be an expensive starting QB. He has a history now that has proven he isn’t all that good, and a handful of games (with AWESOME blocking by his line) with big stats doesn’t change that in the eyes of NFL teams. He’s another AJ McCarron, and we saw that McCarron was signed for cheap to be a placeholder starter. Foles should be thrilled, because his terrific TEAM helped him put up on paper stats that have made people think he is better than he is, and of course helped him be the QB on the field at the end of a championship season.

  10. Not an Eagles fan, but I have a morbid fascination with watching the Eagles GM Howie Roseman fleece other teams in trades.
    He robs them blind. Gosh it’s fun to watch.

  11. Stop it! If Nikki Six went to Howie and asked for a trade, Howie would have taken the second round pick that was offered and traded him. Foles knows he’ll be a FA next year and have his choice of teams to play for. If he chooses to. For now Foles is happy and it looks like he will start multiple games this year for the defending Super Bowl Champs…Skol ! LOL

  12. Howie, you did it once with Bradford, it won’t happen again for Foles who is nothing more than a career back-up at best and only benefited from John DeFilippo. I hope Wentz isn’t ready just to prove it.

    “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”

  13. I hope they don’t trade him. Super Bowl windows are small. If the Eagles repeat and Foles is part of it, no one will care that they didn’t trade him for a draft pick this offseason. If you traded Foles now, all of the pressure is on Wentz to potentially rush back for week 1. No thanks. How did rushing back from a later season knee injury work out for RGIII? Not saying they are the same, Wentz is clearly better, but why risk it when you have a Super Bowl MVP who can start the season?

    Wentz is on a rookie deal, and Foles is cheap. Between the two of them, their total cap hit is under $20m, less than many teams are paying just for their starter.

  14. SB MVP riding the bench? What kind of bizarro world has the NFL become? The Eagles will get two 1st’s for him about week four. When a starter goes down on a contender.

  15. I still say my Buffalo Bills trade for him before the draft and that the price isn’t as high as people think. Yes, the Eagles have him under contract this year but then he is gone. If they are confident the Carson Wentz is going to be healthy this year then they simply have an $8 million Super Bowl MVP backup rental for one season. If the Bills offer, say a 1st and a 3rd – I bet the Eagles bite. Plus, that is much cheaper in draft stock than moving up to #3 pick with the Giants…

  16. Start of the 2017 season: Eagles will be lucky to win 5. Middle of season: They haven’t played anyone. Start of playoffs: One and done. Now: QBs aren’t that good just had a stacked team. You guys are awesome! If Nick Foles leaves, it is going to cost a lot. If he stays, its great to have a back up better than 80% of the leagues starters, who has ice water in his veins, and is a top notch playoff performer.

  17. Foles is getting screwed.
    SB MVP honors should have put a lot more $ in his pocket.
    Surprised another team did not at least buy him for the year.
    Give him middle of the road starter money and see if he plays well enough to earn a bigger deal next year.
    Eagles sitting on him for peanuts is a shame…

  18. Howie Roseman is a very intelligent man but this is a no brainer. You don’t give away your Super Bowl MVP while your starter is rehabbing his ACL. Unless another team blows you away with an offer you can’t refuse!

  19. Looks like they a pulling a “Romo”. Won’t trade, but instead they will keep him around until they know Wentz is out of the woods and can play at a high level again after injury. This all means that Foles won’t get the payday he deserves because the team is being cautious. They should at least give him a new contract for winning the sb.

  20. The Eagles are the team to beat and Mike Zimmer is going to spend the entire offseason building his defense and scheming to beat Nick Foles in Week 1. Foles did a great job in the playoffs but he’s still the same guy we saw for the rest of his career. The Eagles could get off to a slow start until Wentz gets back.

  21. You do realize even with his awful year with Rams he still has a winning record as a starter (22-17) and playoffs (3-1) while the vikings savior (26-30) playoffs (0-1) against teams with a winning record (4-19). I’ll take the regular Nick Foles and be quite happy.

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