Jerry Jones expects to meet with Dez Bryant soon

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The meeting is coming.

Jerry Jones expects to meet with Dez Bryant in the next week, the Cowboys owner confirmed Tuesday at the NFL owners meetings. The Cowboys are expected to ask the receiver to reduce his salary number from $12.5 million for 2018 as well as his cap number of $16.5 million.

“We need to talk,” Jones said, via multiple tweets. “I certainly have not had a thought about talking with him that did not anticipate him being with us.”

Jones promised the meeting would be “straight forward, candid.” He did not promise Bryant would continue wearing a Cowboys uniform.

The Cowboys want to keep Bryant, but likely not at his current salary considering his drought of 100-yard games and 1,000-yard seasons. They signed Allen Hurns and Deonte Thompson in free agency and still could draft a receiver.

“I think that these two guys that we signed and what we might look at in the draft, at any level of the draft, plus what we might get worked out with Dez, gives us a good looking receiver outlook,” Jones said.

35 responses to “Jerry Jones expects to meet with Dez Bryant soon

  1. Jerrah: “Dez, you can remain a Cowboy if you agree to a massive pay cut. Or we can release you and you can try your luck with free agency”

    Dez: “but almost every team has signed their guys. Not much of a market left for me.”

    Jerrah: “I may be dumb. But I’m smarter than you”

  2. Jerry Jones can’t get out of his own way. The best thing he ever did for the Cowboys was to hire Jimmy Johnson and Jimmy Johnson won “3” Super Bowls for him (Yes the one under Barry Switzer belongs to Jimmy Johnson). The worst thing Jerry Jones did was to fire Jimmy Jonson-since then the Cowboys at best are stale and until Jerry Jones gets out of the way that’s all they’ll ever be. Jerry Jones-proof the filthy rich can indeed be the biggest idiots!!!!

  3. Okay the moment of truth. Give him a chance to win money back via incentives, but I have a feeling Dak doesn’t want to play with Dez anymore. We are going to find out soon.

  4. You can have all the best receivers on your team, but you still need someone that can throw the ball. With dez or not, the passing game will struggle.

  5. Soon-to-be 30 year-old Bryant is now at or beyond his ceiling.

    Any young gun receiver coming into this year’s Draft will be 40-60% faster than “old” Bryant.

    Here’s one to salivate over, Mister Jerry Jones:
    Equanimeous Tristan Imhotep J. St. Brown, age 21 (WR/Notre Dame)

  6. Two losers talk in a room. One way over-credited, the other way over-paid.

    Like a winning football team is going to walk out of that meeting.

  7. Jason Garrett is headed to Alabama for the pro days. Every time that he goes to prodays it is a big deal. See Zeke see Smith. Thaw must already have a trade partner or two lined up to move up and get You Know Who. The cowboys did a good job at adding depth to this online and wr spot. Best part is that they are all young and not old and past their prime while being over paid like Most teams did. We going back to ground and pound with this top 10 defense. I love all the Dakota hate from trolls that have no football IQ and are posting hate because they are scared to death knowing we have a top tier quarterback not just our say but the pros as well! Dak was ranked top 15 at years end Fact! Not bad for a guy getting clobbered all season.

  8. It is bs that Jerry approaches this subject so late in free agency. It’s like if the Seahawks had kept Sherman on the hook up til now eliminating a lot of options with other teams if he asked for a release upon a meeting over salary reduction. Jerah just can’t do anything nicely. Romo basically forced to retire with the way Jones pigeon holed him in.

  9. nfcleast says:
    March 27, 2018 at 8:04 pm
    @calicowboyz above – 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 at Dakota being a top tier QB. He’s not even top tier NFC East

    Bro seems you and the other hater trolls know more then the professionals? Did you see any Cowboys games this year? Do you know what went on with him getting clobbered for the past seven games? Did you see him get sacked 6 times in just one game? Do you know that his stats are NOT that far off from his ROY THUS while getting Beat To All HELP!
    Bro that football lesson was free that I just gave you. HATE ON!
    Dakota will have his foot work back, poor cat got happy feet and the coaches didnt help him much in play calling or adjusting.
    Dakota is ONE year removed from ROY. Garrett is ONE year removed from Coach Of The Year. But yeah we are going no where. LOLOLOLO RME!

  10. How funny would it be if Dallas way over pays the Giants(only way they trade him inside division) for another headcase receiver. You couldn’t make up the self destruction J Jones is responsible for and the reason the Cowboys haven’t won anything in a generation.

  11. Something tells me a TO style meeting might be coming for Bryant if he doesn’t take a pay cut.

  12. Dez will no longer be a Cowboy. I been saying this for a month now. You dont go after Sammy Watkins if you havent already planned to cut bait. We added two receivers in FA and going to draft another one. We are going back to ground and pound and just need the threat of wr core (like all super bowl winners prior. Dont Need Elite (not that Dez is anylonger)
    Betcha breakfast at IHOP that we land Earl Thomas. Hence Dez bank roll goes to that stud coming home.

  13. Jerrah gave the keys to the car to an overhyped, overrated one year wonder and he’s gonna pay for it for years to come. Cowboys goin nowhere with prescott

  14. Loudmouth owner? Check. Head coach with lousy playoff results? Check. Over rated qb? Check? Gorilla rb that plays part time? Check. Over rated, overpaid 3rd string wr? Check.

    Cowboys 4th in NFC East? Check

    Keep talkin Jerry, keep on talking. Foles won more playoff games in a month that Americas Team has won in 25yrs.

  15. Crabtree and Dez going to make a nice pair in Baltimore. Steelers better draft CB, CB, S, CB, S and pray.

  16. The NFL is a production based business and Bryant has not produced. The biggest thing about Dez is his mouth which he does not know how to keep shut.

  17. dtroxallday says:
    March 27, 2018 at 7:43 pm
    Jerry Jones-proof the filthy rich can indeed be the biggest idiots!!!!
    See: Donald Trump
    What’s he’s doing for your country is off the hook.

    You don’t have to like him, but you can’t deny what he’s done.

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