Ryan Tannehill expected to be ready for OTAs


The Dolphins season derailed last year when they thought quarterback Ryan Tannehill was going to be OK, and then he wasn’t.

This year, they’ll have much more time to prepare.

During his session at the coaches breakfast this morning, Dolphins coach Adam Gase said Tannehill was going to be “ready to go” when OTAs begin, which creates a more positive atmosphere for the franchise.

We get our quarterback back,” Gase said, via Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald.

Tannehill tried to rehab a knee problem away last year, and then needed surgery in August, which led to a scramble to sign Jay Cutler and a lost season. But with Tannehill healthy again, they can enter the season without a giant question mark at the most important position.

Of course, that leads to the next level of questions, specifically whether they’re going to draft one to push Tannehill or be ready for the future.

Gase admitted his admiration for Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield, saying they were “close in personality probably.”

“Whatever it is he wants to win,” Gase said. “He always wants to do a little bit more, . . . I’ve enjoyed the amount of time I’ve spent with him.”

The Dolphins pick 11th overall, which may not be high enough in the order to get to Mayfield considering all the quarterback-needy teams at the top.

7 responses to “Ryan Tannehill expected to be ready for OTAs

  1. If I am the Dolphins I am getting a new QB. Tannehill is an injury prone mediocrity and it hurts me to say that about a fellow Ryan. But in this case it is unavoidable.

  2. Tannehill has had one knee injury – prolonged and reinjured because the Dolphins medical staff suggested
    that he – a mobile running QB – not have reconstructive surgery.

    999 out of 1000 times a player will have that reconstructive surgery.
    The poor medical advice did not strengthen the knee as it has many a WR, RB, OL, DE, DB, LB, etc,
    and Tannehill when down when a weakened knee buckled.

    Other than this knee which will have had 8-9 months to heal when OTAs start, he will be fine.

  3. Tannehill was anointed the starting quarterback job right out of college. He will have to win his job from a rookie after the Dolphins draft a quarterback in the first round. Tannehill will most likely start the season but will give way to the rookie first round draft selection after a few games….If you’re a Dolphin’s fan you know this has to happen!

  4. QBR 87.3 + 1065 yds Rushing vs QBR 86.5 + 1442 yds Rushing vs QBR 87.45 + 333 yds Rushing
    Tannehill, Luck and Bradys first 5 years Everyone is so bias the numbers are what they are.

  5. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill will be 30 years old before the start of next season. He has not played for two years due to major knee issues and procedures. How is it possible to enter the season without a GIANT question at quarterback. Ryan has never led the Dolphins into the playoffs. Ryan is a giant question and the Dolphins will draft a Quarterback in the first round. They will most likely work out a deal with the Colts to move up in the draft to insure getting Baker Mayfield or the QB of their choice. Owner Stephen Ross will be so happy to draft a real QB instead of a college wide receiver turned quarterback.

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