Titans extended G.M. Jon Robinson’s contract

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The Titans changed directions on coaches at the last minute, but they’re keeping the new one in line with the General Manager.

Titans owner Amy Adams Strunk told PaulKuharsky.com that she extended G.M. Jon Robinson’s contract earlier this offseaso, stretching him through the 2022 season.

Robinson’s initial deal ran through the 2019 draft, but upon hiring coach Mike Vrabel and signing him to a five-year deal she put Vrabel’s partner on the same timetable.

“I’ve put them on schedule,” she said with a laugh.

That has become a common tactic among clubs making coaching changes, lining up the top decision-makers to create some unity of message.

Robinson was hired in 2016, and the Titans have gone 18-14 since, making the playoffs last year for the first time since 2008.

7 responses to “Titans extended G.M. Jon Robinson’s contract

  1. Robinson better be careful. He’s teetering into cap hell. Malcom Butler’s contract is a huge overpay and some of the other moves have been questtionable in terms of salary allocaton.

    Waiting to pay Mariota also may hurt. I would draft a QB to give yourself some leverage in case Mariota’s price gets way out of whack before the new CBA hits ,too.

    You have to figure the union has some leverage going into this new CBA with such a decline in ratings.

    So, the contracts needs to be wise. We shall see. So far, Dimitrioff, Licht in TB and Robinson in Tenn, have not learned much from BB in terms of understanding the market and when to pay and when not to.

    Quinn has been doing a better job in Detroit so far in this area.

  2. Blaine “Gabby” Gabbert = Josh Rosen; Josh Allen; Sam Darnold

    Should NEVER have been/be drafted in Round 1.

  3. @tylawspick6 They’re fine. Take a look at Over The Cap. With some cuts, they could easily have $100 million in cap space next offseason. They have $43 million available now. They’re sitting pretty. They need to get younger at LB, upgrade their interior OL, maybe a DE, and most of all, some WR’s, but the roster is in pretty decent shape.

  4. No we do not need WRs. I like our group. Corey Davis I still think will blossom into a true #1. And Matthews as a #2 is very solid.

    And this is EXACTLY the time you over pay for FAs. Mariota is still cheap.

    You want to draft a QB as leverage against our young franchise QB? Hahaha. Yeah let’s just go ahead & poison that relationship. Good idea.

  5. Well-deserved for Robinson, and also savvy on ownership’s behalf to synchronize the HC/GM prospective tenures with one another, at least contractually. Sends a great message across the board.

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