Titans signing quarterback Blaine Gabbert

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The Titans found a replacement Matt Cassel, who may or may not be as good as Matt Cassel.

Via Jim Wyatt of the team’s official website, the Titans have agreed to terms with Blaine Gabbert to serve as Marcus Mariota‘s backup.

Gabbert visited the Titans last week, and they apparently liked what they saw, or couldn’t figure out a better way to fill the spot.

Gabbert started five games for the Cardinals last year, filling in for the injured Carson Palmer and Drew Stanton.

The former first-round pick of the Jaguars has 45 NFL starts, and has won 11 of them.



11 responses to “Titans signing quarterback Blaine Gabbert

  1. Gabbert is a smart man. He knows he is due for at least 8 starts with Fragile Marcus at the helm.

  2. Every time this guy get a job Colin Kaepernick collusion case get stronger. They both played for a horrible 49er team and he was atrocious when he played ,but yet he continues to be signed.

  3. Even the press has to laugh at these nobodies who have never accomplished a darn thing getting chance after chance… while a more than capable QB with an impressive resume sits unemployed.

  4. or couldn’t figure out a better way to fill the spot.
    I can think of a better way to fill this spot. Of course, it would hurt the feelings of all our redneck fans. Of course, I would be ok with that.

  5. You can tell who pays attention to games by the comments. Sure from 2011 through 2014 Gabbert sucked his first 4 seasons.

    When he moved to San Fracisco as a backup in 2015 he finally started playing better. In one game in 2015 at Chicago he ran 44 yards to tie the game then in OT he threw a 70 yard pass to win the game. Also that year Seattle had one of the best defenses in the league and Gabbert completed 22 of 34,65% comp rate, 265 yards, 1TD & 0INT along with a 98.2 passer rating against them.

    In 2017 with Arizona he threw for 241 yards with 2 touchdowns to beat his former team,Jacksonville who had the best defense in the NFL. In 2017 he beat Jax and Tenn both playoff bound. At Houston he completed 22 of 34, 65% comp rate, 255 yards, 3TD and a a good 92.4 passer rating.

    Gabbert has progressed at this time to one of the best backup QB’s in the NFL and Tennessee was able to sign him to a deal to backup Mariota. Gabbert is a big improvement over Cassell.

  6. Good situation for Blaine. Young team with a new coaching staff. His numbers weren’t too different from Mariota last season if you extrapolate them out. Gabbert is bigger, stronger, and more durable than Mariota, and put up comparable numbers in the Combine events adjusted for the size difference.It’s reminiscent of the S.F. situation, when Blaine went there, Kaepernick was the three year established starter with the big fat contract that made him seem unassailable. Gabs ran him down by middle of the next season, and had double the winning percentage during starts he split with Squid during 2015/16. 9ers averaged 6 more points per game scored with Gabbert as their QB over that period.

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