Todd Bowles: We didn’t trade up with one player in mind

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The Jets traded the No. 6 pick in this year’s draft and three second round picks over the next two years to the Colts for the third overall selection in April in a move that most people believe they made to increase their chances of landing the quarterback they like most in this year’s class.

Coach Todd Bowles said Tuesday that is not the case, however. Bowles said, via Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, that the team has not honed in on one player at this point and that there are “6-7 they believe they’ll have a chance at” as a result of their current spot in the order. Bowles added that the plan is to zero in on the player they want in the weeks to come.

The Jets can’t be certain of having any one player available with two teams sitting in front of them, so they need to have more than one plan in hand. General Manager Mike Maccagnan said on Monday that “it’s not as if we’re totally locked in” to the No. 3 spot, which could conceivably mean a move in either direction before a pick is actually made. If moving down is a consideration, keeping as many players in the mix for their pick makes sense.

Still, they spent quite a bit of draft capital to move up three spots if there were at least six players they would consider drafting at their new spot. That probably makes this a good time to end with a remember that draft season is not a time when teams willingly reveal their true intentions.

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  1. So you traded from #6 to #3 because you had 6-7 players you like? Say that again out loud, Todd.

  2. Kind of obvious, Sherlock. Unless it’s a smokescreen because the only obvious player that will be there is Mayfield. Giants won’t take him and would more than likely pass on Rosen.

    So you either satisfied with Rosen or Mayfield. Problem is the Giants will probably trade out, so you better be satisfied with Rosen or Mayfield.

  3. If only the Washington Redskins had this mindset in 2012 when they squandered five years of a draft to get a gimmick who couldn’t be coached and who didn’t think he needed to improve. And yes, he cost us five years of draft impact – in order to recover from the direct squandering of picks for him, we had to adjust our draft in the other years to compensate for what we could have had.

  4. You must have someone in mind…someone that you think will not be there at the 6th overall pick, or why trade up?

  5. Even when the team has the first pick in the draft they won’t say they have one player in mind…so no big deal when you sit at 3 and say you have several in mind…this is typical coach speech before the draft…find me a team willing to tell the other 30 teams what player they want in this draft….

  6. It’s funny that there are people who don’t think this is a smokescreen. Because Todd Bowles is going to say “Yeah we moved up to draft Josh Rosen/Allen”

  7. This is an attempt to save face when some other team trades up to the #2 spot to take a QB, leaving the Jets with sloppy 3rd’s, or worse yet, they get the same person they could have gotten with the 6th pick, which is the 3rd QB in the draft.

  8. They must have watched that Kevin Costner movie a bit too 3 picks, getting their guy and 3 picks back…only in the movies

  9. I don’t want to spoil their party but there is a 100% chance they will get one of their top 6 or 7 names. It really shouldn’t be “you believe” you’ll get them. Under what scenario would you not get one of those names?

    But now I’m intrigued and will definitely be watching to see how they screw this up.

  10. This has got the feel of a major trainwreck in slow motion. First of all the timing of the trade is strange, why so early. Not locked into your position? After seeing what the Jets gave up to move a couple spots, I don’t see the phone lighting up for takers. As far as having 6 or 7 on their list, under what scenario would one of those not be available at 6. Three 2ndround picks, are historically 3 starting players. No team can afford to lose that for a player they would have got anyway

  11. Is their roster so great that they HAD to move from 6 to 3? I doubt it. Many top players will be available at #6, QB or otherwise.

  12. Long time Jets fan. Sometimes I just don’t get this organization.
    I really believe Todd Bowles and Mike Maccagnan should be fired. Not just for Bowles’ bonehead comment but for a lot of things.
    Hired Chan Gailey because that was the guy he wanted. Age 63 and no (QB coach) for him to groom. After his 2nd season Gailey retires/fired as Jets changed direction and he’s replaced by John Morton, a first time NFL OC, who was fired after 1 year.
    Jets/Maccagnan signed veterans to win now – Revis, Marshall, Cromartie, Forte… and then after 2 years tore it down to rebuild. You don’t let Maccagnan and Bowles come in and do their thing for 2 years and then let them tear it down and start over. Also, so many coaching changes and the guys are getting fired not leaving for better jobs.
    Maccagnan has no history of drafting a good QB (Petty & Hackenberg). As Director of scouting for the Texans, they never drafted a good QB until he was gone (DeShaun Watson).
    The Jets have no leadership from top down. The top 2 football minds are Maccagnan and Bowles and neither have had success at this level. They both lack direction and are more suited to #2 guys.
    Now to trade up from 6 to 3 and say it’s not for a specific player and they like 6-7 guys at that spot. That’s it. They need players. There isn’t a person on the board that will turn this team around. They could have stayed at 6 and got their 6th or 7th choice and still had draft picks to build the team.
    Just terrible moves by this organization.
    In as much as Eric Mangini was not popular he won with Brian Schottenheimer as his OC. They had a plan and it worked on the field. Mangini was fired off a 9-7 season. If Chad Pennington didn’t get hurt in 2007, Mangini probably would have had 3 better than .500 seasons. Rex Ryan came in and won his first 2 years with primarily the same team Mangini left.
    I’d rather see the Jets bring in a guy like Mike Shanahan to lay a successful foundation down. It should have been done 4 years ago. It’s always first year HCs and first year GMs and start over.

  13. Mac did not have the luxury of picking the best available player at #6. He absolutely has to put this ongoing QB instability problem to bed in order to keep his job. He could not be guaranteed a top 3 QB if he’s not positioned in the top 3 slots. So now he gets the third or possibly the second QB taken off the board, guaranteed.

  14. This is the guy who drafted Christian Hackenberg. His college coach, Bill O’Brien chose to overpay Brock Osweiler rather than draft Hackenberg. The Texans picked at 21 & 50 and the Jets nabbed him at 51.

    Why sign Bridgewater and trade up to get a QB? Stay with McCown and draft a QB or go with McCown, Bridgwater and take the best guy at 6 and keep your draft picks.

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