Vance Joseph: Paxton Lynch will benefit from Case Keenum

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The Broncos signed quarterback Case Keenum to a two-year contract this month and the team has been scouting this year’s quarterback class with the draft approaching, neither of which seem to bode all that well for Paxton Lynch‘s future as a starter in Denver.

The team has said that they aren’t getting rid of Lynch and coach Vance Joseph said Tuesday that the 2016 first-round pick’s presence on the roster is a factor as they decide what to do with the fifth overall pick in this year’s draft. Joseph also said that he thinks Lynch will benefit from Keenum’s presence.

“He’s one play from being the starter again,” Joseph said, via “He has value, and it’s huge value. He’s working hard at it also. That’s the thing no one sees. He’s a hard worker. He’s working at it. Having an example of Case Keenum is going to help him. Case has been through hell and back as a quarterback … Case is gritty. That helps a young quarterback to say, ‘You know something, man? Forget the world. It’s about you grinding and getting better every day.’ If Paxton gets that from Case, he’s going to be better for it because Case is a gritty dude. That’s going to be good for Paxton to see and be around every day.”

Keenum’s rise with the Vikings last year is certainly a story that every backup quarterback would love to emulate, but the draft could leave a different quarterback in that position for the Broncos.

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  1. Lynch will benefit from standing on the sidelines and holding a clipboard. So far that seems to be the upper limit for him.

  2. Geesh…time to cut the chord and admit your mistake Elway! Paxton Lynch is a bust. If I have to see him crying on the field again…

  3. The more and more you hear, the more it sounds like the Broncos are really going to settle on Keenum being their starter for 2yrs, at least this year.. aka the more it sounds like they are not going to take a QB with their pick, which will be dumb. More and More its showing that Elway never built the Broncos. Manning did.

  4. You may want to text Siemian and see what Joseph told him this off-season, bet it was a similar dialogue.
    Elway is guaranteed to take a quarterback with the 5th pick overall, after all he still hasn’t gotten off all the egg from his face after moving up to take Lynch in 2017.

  5. Broncos aren’t taking a QB. They want Barkley…that is why Elway is non committal to CJ Anderson. If they draft Barkley CJ is released. Simple as that.

  6. This Bronco fan has learned that Elway is “flexible” He spoke highly of Bubby and then Tebow only to throw them both under the bus.

    Me thinks he could accomplish the same thing by choosing different words such as these. “Everybody is under constant evaluation on a cost/benefit basis. We will make changes when we think it’s in the best interest of the team.”

    Such a line is relevant here too.

  7. It makes no sense for the Broncos to go QB after signing Keenum. Why spend that money to win this year and then spend a top 5 pick on a player that won’t help you win this year? Barkley would make sense, but no way he gets past 4.

  8. Even when he was drafted, Lynch was touted as a project QB. That said, theres lots of chatter about how Lynch does not work hard enough, but THINKS he works hard enough.

    I think if Denver can get one of these QBs, do it this year. Let someone else figure out Lynch. And I think most Bronco fans agree with me.

  9. silverandblack052099 says:
    March 27, 2018 at 4:00 pm
    Does anyone even listen when Vance Joseph speaks?


    Honestly man, its tough isn’t it. I think his issue is he talks TOO much. like a one sentence answers turns into a paragraph. its so much coach talk that it comes across that he doesn’t know what hes talking about and trying to answer a question he doesn’t know the answer to.

  10. Paxton has played a total of 7 quarters of football, and that was when Trevor got hurt and he was forced to play. love all these experts that call him a bust.

  11. Elway is hoping Lynch is the next Jared Goff. Except Goff had McVay to help his turn around and Lynch has Vance Joseph.

  12. I was in Oaktown for the Paxton Lynch debacle. He showed nothing that day except that he moves slow, thinks slow and is inaccurate. The cherry on top – the mental toughness on full display as he sobbed on the bench when coach finally sent in a replacement. He may have only played 7 quarters, but his most recent ones in Oaktown were as pathetic of a display as I’ve ever seen. JaMarcus Russell would have been ashamed of poor Paxty that day.

  13. Keenum was respected for his incredible work ethic in MN and was well-liked by team-mates, including the other QBs. If nothing else, Lynch will witness a strong work ethic.

  14. Vance – keep up your incompetence. The Browns will be looking for experience after Baby Huey phones it in again.

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