Are Jets targeting Baker Mayfield?


There’s plenty of chatter making the rounds at the league meetings about plenty of topics. Here’s one specific nugget to keep in mind: Some believe the Jets made the trade from No. 6 to No. 3 with a specific plan in mind to land quarterback Baker Mayfield.

It would be a fascinating development, if it happens. The Jets haven’t had a true franchise quarterback since Joe Namath, and Mayfield would instantly bring a Namath-style vibe to New York, if he’s the pick.

The move also would explain the decision to move to No. 3. Few expect Mayfield to be one of the first two picks in the draft. But there’s a good chance Mayfield would have been gone by No. 6, especially if a team drafting lower than No. 6 had opted to trade up and cut the line in front of New York.

Coach Todd Bowles made clear on Tuesday that he’s interested in Mayfield, lack of height notwithstanding.

“You see the player and you see the play,” Bowles said, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “And you know the guy can play football. He’s a competitor.”

But what height and hand size and other tangible measurements?

“They’re important to a degree,” Bowles said. “Winning is more important. You just have to weigh the pluses and the minuses on that. Quarterback measurables are important. Defensive back measurables are important. There’s a height requirement there as well. There’s a height requirement for linebackers and defensive linemen.”

Bowles added that, for all positions other than slot receiver, slot corner, or punt returner, the player “damn well . . . better be above 5-8.” Mayfield is, which means he still could be a Jet.

Some think he will be, unless he’s the first or second overall pick in the draft.

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  1. If the Jets are smart they are targeting Baker Mayfield. He is the biggest winner of the bunch. Isn’t injury prone or hated by his teammates like Rosen. Doesn’t struggle with accuracy like Allen. And isn’t a turnover machine like Darnold. But, are the Jets smart? Or will they do the dumb thing and pass on Mayfield because of his height?

  2. As a Jets fan, I’m hoping for Mayfield. I know that people argue size, and character issues, but Drew Brees has proven size doesn’t matter, and the kid is young; maturity doesn’t come to everyone at the same age. I just think looking at his statistics against OU’s opponents for 2017 and they’re too great not to take a chance on him versus the other QBs.

  3. Just solidifies how Brandon Beane for the Bills completely botched their draft plan. They traded all of those players for a QB and got screwed over by the Jets LOL.

  4. .
    A Guide to the 2018 NFL Draft:

    Between now and the draft believe nothing you read or hear, even if it’s true.

  5. I hope none of these QB’s get thrown to the wolves their first season. They all (Darnold, Mayfield, Jackson, Rosen, Allen) will all be starters if you don’t let them take a beating.

    Cleveland may not be a bad landing spot for one of these guys. Taylor is going to start. Whether that lasts a half season or a full season one of these kids will be better off because of it.

  6. The Jets will need a hell or a lot more out of Mayfield than a “Namath-style vibe’ if they take him at #3. They need on field production not marketable players. Remember when they brought back Darell Revis to be the ‘face of the organization’. How’d that work out?

  7. Or it’s an obvious smoke screen and they indeed want one of the other QB’s and can’t trade up any higher so are trying to plant the seed they want Baker w the prayer being someone trades up to #2 to take Baker in front of them. The Giants share the stadium and NYC w the Jets they are not trading w the to help the Jets secure their franchise QB and instantly become way more relevant in the city while the Giants aren’t looking as it seeks to be taking a QB I see them trading back to any teak but the Jets and there will be one less QB for the Jets to take so they let it leak they like Baker. Why else but on purpose would this story leak w the draft so far away still because it was clearly on Popeyes this is the season of lies and misdirects.

  8. Need more than a Namath vibe? Really? I disagree. Broadway Joe was, and still is, one of the coolest baddest dudes to ever play this game. And if he didn’t hurt his knee in college who knows what he would have been.

    But Mayfield running of the field waving his finger in the air like Namath? Yea, I’ll take that.

    And I agree they want him and I hope they take him. Slightly short dude who’s been doubted his entire life and always succeeds?

    I’d take him, ease him in this year and hope Bridgewater gets healthy enough to be a solid backup awhile.

  9. Their move up was to force Cleveland to take a QB at #1 so they could sneak in and take Barkley. Jets need a RB as much as they need a QB…so either of those falling to them is fine.

  10. Regardless of where they’re taken, a rookie QB’s success or failure doesn’t hinge entirely on themselves. The team that drafts them has to be patient and not put them on the field before they’re ready. First rounders are not guaranteed anything because the whole NFL media machine puts so much pressure on these guys starting months before they’re even drafted.

    Teams screw this up more often than a QB is a “bust”. It’s such a twisted system. First rounders are deemed to be starters simply because of where they were chosen in the draft and teams are much more likely to throw a first rounder into an often-impossible sink-or-swim situation with incredibly unrealistic expectations – but if they don’t perform up to those unrealistic expectations it’s all the player’s fault. And that’s BS.

  11. Problem is we don’t know if Maccagnan can evaluate quarterbacks. Used a 2nd rounder on Hack. Really?

  12. LOL, Jets trying to set smoke screen that they like them, they will pass on him and he will turn into MVP and the QB they select will be bagging groceries in 3 years

  13. Agent: Hey, Baker, what are you going to wear at your pro day?

    Baker: I’m not sure yet. Hey, have you seen karate kid? That’s awesome!

  14. Bowles added that, for all positions other than slot receiver, slot corner, or punt returner, the player “damn well . . . better be above 5-8.”

    Darren Sproles is trying to figure out how he’s going to make it in the NFL.

    Danny Woodhead heard this and decided to retire because he learned he wasn’t tall enough.

  15. People place waaaaay too much emphasis on their college record or winning the Heisman. Most of these QBs were surrounded by NFL talent, had the best program and facilities, and especially the best coaching. The Heisman rarely goes to the best college football player. It goes to the guy with the most stats on great teams. It’s easy to put up great stats when you have all day long to throw to wide open receivers with a dominant defense to fall back on. Take a look at the list of Heisman winners since 1990 and see how many of them were above average NFL QBs, let alone elite. There’s maybe one or two in Carson Palmer or Cam Newton. Neither are considered elite.

  16. The Jets are not smart enough to make the Giants blink. But if the Jets really want Mayfield (which I’ve always thought was obvious) I will laugh like hell when the Giants pick him at 2 and force the Jets to give up a lot.

    Worst comes to worst, I can live with Mayfield learning under Eli. But Gettleman is a ‘size’ guy and I will lose my mind if he drafts Allen.

    Someone please tell me what QB all of a sudden became more accurate at the next level?

    Ben and Rivers did it in college, thus skyrocketing up the boards. Eli was consistent and still has about the same completion percentage. Anyone?

  17. No way. Not going to happen ever. Macagnan is uber-paranoid about this selection, especially after botching Hackenburg and missing with Petty. He WILL NOT pick an undersized QB. It’s one of the Joshs for the Jets.

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