Browns exploring possible uniform changes

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When it comes to iconic NFL uniforms, the current iteration worn by the Cleveland Browns doesn’t rank high on the list.

The Browns changed their uniform design for the start of the 2015 season. In a video announcing the changes, Todd Van Horne of Nike said the Browns “were really, really clear about what they wanted to do” with their redesigned uniforms.

Much like the continual changing of direction in the front office, the team now appears to want to change track once again with the team’s uniforms after just three seasons in their current garb.

According to Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal, co-owner Dee Haslam said at the league meetings that the team has begun to discuss uniform changes with the NFL.

“We’ve had some mechanical difficulties with our uniforms, which has been very frustrating for the equipment guys, so I can definitely see that from a mechanical standpoint, we have to fix that,” Haslam said. “From a design element, that’s really up in the air.

“They’ve not been very popular with our fans, and obviously we serve at the pleasure of our fans. … We definitely are going to look at it, and I think we were pretty new when that started the last time. We really didn’t understand the process. I think we’re much better equipped at it now to make better decisions.”

The Browns can’t change their uniforms again until 2020 as the league prohibits changes within five years of a previous redesign.

The team’s current uniforms aren’t particularly inspiring. Of course, it doesn’t help it that the team that has worn them has won just one game in the last two seasons either.

36 responses to “Browns exploring possible uniform changes

  1. You shouldn’t be allowed to change your uniform until you have worn it for 10 years. They changed it like 3 years ago. A uniform change won’t make them play any better.

  2. This is old news. They knew right when they unveiled them they made a mistake. Not only are they ugly, they don’t even functionally fit. Fans hate them & so do the players. Fail.

  3. Browns do something other than lose and the uniforms will be just fine. Haslam saying there have been malfunctions?? They should be forced to win a playoff game before they can submit any kind of future changes.

  4. I was amazed how the BROWNS and Nike took a rather boring but iconic uniform and nice logo free helmet ans made it WORSE 3 years ago. It was a hell’va An accomplishment. Go back to the 80s design.

  5. Think that team has to start from scratch. How about a new name? The only thing I know notable that’s brown is the obvious (turds) and a guy named ‘Charlie’ and you know what happens when he tries to kick a football. What a terrible name for anything.. Know not a lot notable in Ohio except the R&R HOF. Maybe rename the team the ‘Rockers’. Would really open up options for color(s) of the uniforms. Seems they have great fans & like to see them get out of the ‘dog house’..

  6. Each team is allowed to wear throwback jerseys two or three times per season. Start there by wearing the old ones.

  7. Pretty sure it’s your 1-31 record the last two years that’s not been very popular with the fans, not the uniforms. Clueless owner.

    Pretty sure it’s both….clueless fan.

  8. They never should have changed in the first place. These current uniforms are as poor as the product Cleveland has put on the field. The university sweatpants lettering is awful. The change to a slightly darker “burnt” orange I could live with, but the makeover was a diaster. They need to go back to their classic look. I hope they do like the 49ers did several years ago. Ditch the “modern” trash and bring back the classic look. Also still don’t like the Buccs alarm clock numbers. Back in 2009 or so they wore the old creamsicle uniforms and they looked good with the modern jersey cut.

  9. The current Browns uniform is THE worst in all of professional sports. They should have the mean looking dog on the helmet at least.

  10. Robert says:

    Worst name and colors in all of sports.

    That would be the Packers.

  11. Can I say on an unrelated note that every time Dee Haslam speaks publically I find myself hoping she starts running the show. She seems so much more together and coherent than her bumbling husband.

  12. Very few people in Cleveland wanted the uniforms changed at all which is why they never really changed before the Haslams. It was one of those things where the rest of the league thought something was cool but the actual fans of the franchise didn’t. It did serve it’s purpose though since the Joe Haden new look uniform (Brown version) was the top selling jersey in the country the year they changed them.

    At the end of the day if the team was better no one would care about the Uniforms. Look at the Cavs. You practically need a guide to know which team is the Cavs anymore since they get new uniforms once every 5 games but no one cares since they aren’t even a sports team they’re clothing and shoe models for people that have to look like Lebron.

  13. Let’s not pretend the Browns are the only team with horrible uniforms – Eagles, Broncos, Patriots, Seahawks, Bucs, Panthers, Ravens come to mind.

  14. Ugly unis, clueless owner, 1-31. When I want to watch a real Browns game I have to resort to You-Tube.

  15. I hope they do something similar to Denver, with one main color and then a secondary color down the side of the body. That’s a nice look.

    Whatever you do, Cleveland, don’t go for the Oregon/Nike/Colorrush BS.

  16. The Browns need to go back to their old uniforms. The current ones are the 2nd worst in the NFL after the Buccaneers arena league looking horror show. The Browns look like a college team. Get back to the classic look.

  17. I guess I’m the only one that kinda likes the newer Browns unis. Though I agree they should’ve never changed an iconic design.

    What do I know…I’m a Bucs fan and have to watch garish unis every weekend. The only time I like the Bucs’ look is when they wear their all-red “color rush” unis.

  18. Equipment malfunction! That explains why they only won one game in the last 2 years…the Jersey’s didn’t fit. Now lets redesign them so we can force Cleveland fans to shell out another $150 for a new jersey. On second thought…why not just pack up the team and move to New Jersey!

  19. redright88thefumblethedrive says:
    March 28, 2018 at 4:47 am
    The haslams are the worst owners in sports. I wish they could be forced to sell the team.

    Amen to that.

    The new uniforms aren’t bad except for the “Browns” on the legs – that is dumb. Otherwise they’re really not that different. Why not just change the leg stripe to a stripe, or go stripe-less. Other than that they’re very similar to the old uniforms. You can only do so much with orange, brown & white and a logo-less helmet.

  20. A generic name with generic uniforms.

    The Cleveland Dawgs. Also, adding a dog logo.

    Try royal blue with orange as opposed to dirt brown.

  21. Go back to the classic Jim Browns uniform.

    Just wear all white all the time unless playing at Dallas!

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