Browns trade Cody Kessler to Jaguars

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Blake Bortles has a new backup.

Cody Kessler has been traded from the Browns to the Jaguars, the teams announced.

The trade is for a 2019 conditional seventh-round pick, which basically means the Browns were about to cut Kessler and were glad to get anything for him at all.

As a rookie in 2016, Kessler started eight games and showed some promise. But in 2017 he was passed over for DeShone Kizer, and even when Kizer was benched the Browns went to Kevin Hogan instead of Kessler. Now Kessler gets a fresh start.

Now Kessler and Bortles are the only two quarterbacks under contract in Jacksonville.

43 responses to “Browns trade Cody Kessler to Jaguars

  1. Showed promise as a rookie, albeit with an 0-8 record. Hue tried to gift wrap a starting job for him and he totally regressed. Had a deer in the headlight look EVERY SNAP LAST YEAR! What happened Kodi?

  2. Hopefully the Jags are drafting a QB in a few weeks and Kessler is being given a shot/camp arm.

  3. I think jimmypx is right. He is being given a shot, or maybe just a camp arm (Jax didn’t give anything up at all). But he showed little promise to me over his time in CLE and I don’t believe he has what it takes to be a significant contributor in the NFL. Seems like a good kid but not what the Browns need when they’re trying to put together a real roster. Hope he does well in Jax.

  4. This is a solid deal. Conditional pick, so if he doesn’t pan out, the Jags lose nothing. He showed a bit of promise and might be able to improve with a different team. The Browns were an absolute dumpster fire in 2016, and didn’t get any better last year. His top receiver in Cleveland was a converted QB who’s only had one 1000 yard season as a receiver (2016, and two of his three 100+ yard games came with Kessler at the helm). Kessler out-performed Josh McCown and RG3, and was just a rookie at the time. As a backup who might be given a chance to develop, he might turn into a solid player who can start in a pinch if needed, especially on a team that loves to run the ball and has a good defense like the Jags do.

  5. Real reason: Browns don’t want him buzzing in Darnold’s ear about how he’s been screwed in Cleveland. They want Darnold or Allen to be mentored by Drew Stanton.

  6. More evidence for collusion. The Jags would much rather give up a 7th round pick for a backup who did not play last season for a winless team than to sign Kap for nothing even though Kap took his team to a SB and 2 NFC champion games in 2 straight seasons.

  7. Pretty meaningless but a great deal for both Kessler and the Jags. If he makes the team and plays for whatever reason- injury, etc- all he’ll be asked to do is hand the ball off to Fournette and throw short passes.

    The Jags have a solid OL with the addition of Andrew Norwell and their first pick is likely to be an OL too. They are going old school- run, run, run. Good spot for Kessler.

  8. Kessler is underated. Hue made him throw downfield when he should have had a game plan like the patriots. Kid is accurate and doesn’t turn the ball over when the game plan calls for the ball to get out quickly. I really hope he succeeds.

  9. OBP says:
    March 28, 2018 at 4:29 pm

    Why trade for someone who would’ve just been cut anyways?

    By trading next to nothing you ensure getting the player rather than competing for him. In Kessler’s case you also get him cheap with no commitment.

  10. Conditional 7th rounder next year- if he makes the team, the Browns get the pick; if he’s cut, they get nothing. What’s not to like?

  11. But wait, this guy is better than Carson Wentz remember? The Browns fleeced the Eagles and got all those picks right? The should change their name to the muddogs and hope their waterboy can show them how captain insano shows no mercy.

  12. Even Kessler could have helped the Packers more last year than Puntley did….At least Kessler and Kizer can at least save their careers and be 15 year backups like Fitzpatrick and McCown.

  13. dolphins4 says:
    March 28, 2018 at 2:47 pm
    One in a long line of bad quarterbacks from USC.

    Former #1 overall pick & All-Pro/Pro-Bowl USC QB Carson Palmer was a very good NFL QB. When Palmer retired he now ranks top 10-12 all-time in several passing categories, very good NFL QB who lasted 15-16 years in the NFL. Other than though they are all NFL busts, but you gotta give respect where respect is due as Palmer is the only good QB to come out of USC otherwise they would all be NFL busts. Leinart and Sanchez were absolutely HORRIBLE, especially Leinart who definitely did not belong in the NFL. I really like QB Sam Darnold as a prospect though coming from USC scares me a bit though Darnold isnt the typical USC QB, Darnold comes from a Blue Collar middle-class background , dads a Plumber. Maybe like Palmer young Sam Darnold will work out.

  14. Played well as a Rookie. Helped lead them to their only win in the last 2 years and almost won the game vs TEN this year. Could be a good backup, phased out for Kizer due to his size. Shouldve rolled with him and not Kizer. Both on the outs anyways.

  15. Having watched Kessler as a Browns fan, I thought the kid deserved better. I don’t know if he has starter talent, but he’s smart, accurate in the intermediate routes, and can read defenses pretty well for someone with not much experience. Don’t know why he regressed last year, but playing for Hue and the Browns couldn’t have been a worse situation for a young starting QB. Look what they did to Kizer. Hope both kids have better success.

    Hopefully Hue will be neutered enough this year that he won’t do too much damage to the young QB they do draft. I have no doubt that Dorsey will be keeping a very close eye on how Hue manages things and I have no doubt Dorsey will step in immediately if he doesn’t like what he sees.

    Unless Hue coaches the Browns to the playoffs next year, he’s dead man walking.

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