Jed York will make final call on Reuben Foster’s future

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49ers CEO Jed York left the discussions between the organization and Reuben Foster to General Manager John Lynch and coach Kyle Shanahan. But when it comes time to make a decision on the linebacker’s future, York will make the call.

We’d love Reuben to be on this team,” York said, via Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports Bay Area. “And we’d love him to participate for us, but if he’s not doing things off the field that allow us to be able to rely on him – or he’s doing something that we’re not comfortable with off the field and it’s proven that’s what’s going on — I think the guys have said then you’re just going to have to move on.”

The Santa Clara County District Attorney’s office has not made a decision about criminal charges against Foster, Maiocco reports. Foster was arrested last month for alleged domestic violence, threats and possession of an assault weapon.

“Any time there’s an issue like that, we’ll have a discussion,” York said. “Right now, there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done with Reuben. And we’ll handle that as it comes. You don’t want to say it’s easier outside of the season, but it is easier outside of the season because you don’t need to make a decision today.

“We have to wait until that [a decision from the Santa Clara County DA’s office] happens, but that will obviously be something that we get together and discuss whatever comes down when those issues come up and figure out where we move from there.”

York said he would make the decision on Foster.

“Ultimately, you can say everything is my call,” York said. “So, if it comes down to it, if there was something I’m not comfortable with but football [side] was, I would ultimately make that decision.”

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  1. Things are more complicated than that. There is also the league office. They may suspend him even if he is not charged. Therefore they may need to prepare for the worst, regardless of what the local police may decide.

  2. kamthechancellor says:
    March 28, 2018 at 6:46 pm



    He actually was a Defensive Player for the Month in November and didn’t even play a full season due to injuries but you know, keep being wrong.

  3. Strange and dishonest how these teams pretend that the organization is trying to do right thing. Just say Ruben will be part of team as long as Rubens exceeds cost.

  4. Well, when they took him they knew it was a high risk/high reward type choice. They knew where his talent level was ranked, they knew why he had slipped so far despite that talent level. It was a fair gamble where they took him because of how great the reward would be if it had worked out. But with all gambles there is also the posdibility of losing too. I wont criticize because they took that chance with their eyes wide open. But they still lost.

  5. Not going to call the 9ers or their fanbase classless just because he is rostered.
    I know that is a popular angle for some to say about rival franchises.
    It is just a shame that this guy put himself in a position to fail.
    Future looks bright for 9ers and would be even brighter I suppose if they wouldn’t have pulled the trigger on this guy in draft.

  6. Jed did put up with alot and a lot of flak for the way he handled both Aldon Smith and Ray MCDonald.
    Wins were more important to him than PR in those situations ,we’ll see how he handles this

  7. I am a very serious and dedicated niners fan. And throughout all of theyears of the york ownership, i have been very skeptical and angry with Jed Yorks handling of things. Acting like al davis or jerry jones and thinking his silver spoon ass knows more about football than actual football guys. Ever since he hired the Lynch and Shannahan crew, he has really taken a back seat to what they are doing and allowing them to make football decisions the way any smart owner should. Yes jerry jones and al davis had their times but so did jed. I think he has honestly changed his way of thinking and bit his toungue during interviews because he realizes he did in fact grow up around football and inherited a team from his rich family but he has never sat in meeting rooms, analyzed college players, been responsible for his actions, or been tackled by a 350 pound man. He realizes this now and it is obvious. So fellow niners fans, if you can forgive Richard Sherman so fast, then why cant you forgive your naive family member in Jed York. Thats not so faithful. Get over it. I have. Think about it. Thx

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