John Lynch: 49ers fans didn’t like Richard Sherman, will love him now

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There was a time, not long ago, when Richard Sherman might have been the most-hated player among 49ers fans. But that time is now over.

San Francisco General Manager John Lynch said on PFT Live that while 49ers fans may have hated Sherman when he was the star cornerback on the rival Seahawks, he fully expects San Francisco to embrace Sherman now that he’s on their side.

“There’s a lot of Niners fans that didn’t know what to think because they’ve really not liked Richard Sherman,” he said. “My message to them is, I think you’ll love him now.”

Lynch is right about that: As Jerry Seinfeld said, You’re actually rooting for the clothes, when you get right down to it. You are standing and cheering and yelling for your clothes to beat the clothes from another city. San Francisco fans booed Sherman because he was wearing Seattle’s clothes. They won’t boo him anymore.

41 responses to “John Lynch: 49ers fans didn’t like Richard Sherman, will love him now

  1. It’s terrible seeing John Lynch turn into a cheerleader but that’s what he is.

    Sherman in his prime was a Zone CB who couldn’t flip sides or play the slot.

    Now, he can’t even run.

  2. You’ll love his big mouth and intelligent opinions. You’ll also love when he berates the offense/QB. He’s just a big loveable guy.

  3. Nice thought – but wholly inaccurate. Certain individual’s antics/actions rise above this “rooting for the home team” mindset. If it were as simple as all that, Kaepernick would be on a roster – but since so many dislike him as an individual – they don’t want anything to do with him. Sherman (for different reasons) is in the same boat.

  4. I don’t think the Niners are getting the opposing player they used to hate, they are getting an old cb with multiple Achilles surgeries…and they will hate him because he isn’t good anymore.

  5. As a Browns fan, This is almost the equivalent of Joe Haden going to the Steelers. Only difference is that Haden was liked by the Steelers and the 49ers hated Sherman

  6. Yea not gonna love him crying on the sideline, having to be consoled when he throws a temper tantrum and bad mouthing decisions by the offensive play caller. Especially if the skills are diminished

  7. kamthechancellor says:
    March 28, 2018 at 8:17 am
    Of course they will. Because fans are stupid. And Niner fans are the stupidest.
    Your team is imploding. Its perfectly okay to be bitter at superior teams and fanbases. You guys are known for jumping ship, so you should have no problem catching on with a new team. As Richard Sherman, our new 49er would say: “you mad, bro?”

  8. For the most part this is true..Most players can he hated on s rival then loved when they join their team. Now Sherman’s antics especially his rant vs the “sorry WR Crabtree” would be unforgivable on a team like Philly. A loyal and passionate fanbase. Micheal Irvin, Emmitt Smith ect would never be a fan favorite if they left Dallas for Philly.
    Plus, Sherman is so overrated it isn’t funny. In the zone 3 defence he was great. But it was more scheme then skill. His mouth and arrogance would be unforgivable in Philly, Green Bay, NY, Minn..Fans that love their team and hate those who talk against them.

  9. If he were still in his prime most would come around. But San Fran gets the worst of both worlds: Same mouth but now with declining skills.

  10. kamthechancellor says:
    March 28, 2018 at 8:17 am
    Of course they will. Because fans are stupid. And Niner fans are the stupidest.
    Someone sounds bitter that their division rivals are rising above them while his team is floundering.

    Happy 2yr dynasty, chump.

  11. Let’s see how much they love his multiple DPI calls, diminished ability to cover one part of the field, cavernous loudmouth and locker room tumors. They did fleece him on the contract though.
    But did you know he went to Stanford?

  12. Yeah, they’ll love watching a washed-up, opinionated, loud-mouth CB spend more time running his mouth than making plays. And when he’s on the sideline he’ll be criticizing the offense to anyone and everyone just like he has his entire career. I wonder how long it takes for Lynch to realize he made a mistake by signing this tool.

  13. Not gonna lie, im still having a hard time jumping on board. we act like we got a 23 year old Champ Bailey. In reality we got a 30 year old with no or one Achilles.

  14. Man, I hated Sherman when he was a Hawk.. Hated him.. Funny, as soon as he stepped up to the podium for his press conference I immediately fell in love with his intelligence, glibness, honesty, confidence, standards….

    I apologize for being so prejudice and judging a book by it’s cover… Until further notice…

  15. It was the rant against Crabtree and the Harbaugh bashing. Harbaugh was like a Bay Area Icon.

    After watching the NFL championship replay you can see why Sherman lashed out against Crabtree in the post game interview. Sherman goes up to Crab and sincerely extends his hand to him as a sign of respect and acknowledgement of a classic hard fought clash of NFC titans, and Crabtree pushes his helmet away from him. That was cold.

  16. Of course they will. Because fans are stupid. And Niner fans are the stupidest.
    Wow, what a bright thing to say. You know many niner fans? Jeez, some people literally will spew nonsense without knowing what they are saying.
    I’m a niner fan–all my life. I hate this move. He’s an enemy. Always has been. Just because he plays in SF doesn’t mean I’m happy. I think we sold ourselves to the devil. Sherman and Bennett are the ONLY two players in the NFL I was praying the niners did not pick up. Thank God we did not get both.

  17. I still hate him for his arrogance and being the loudest mouth in the league. I’ll cheer for him to do well and shut down the opposing receivers and for his leadership; however, I still don’t like the guy.

  18. 9er fans will love him if he helps them win games. fact is, he has been a great player throughout his career. Some stiffs in here are acting like he hasn’t been a HOF caliber player up to this point in his career. Laughable.

  19. All you haters need to get over yourselves…Sherman’s extremely determined to show the ‘Hawks they screwed up, big-time. A highly motivated Sherman can do tremendous things for the Niners against other teams and for our young secondary. Lynch had a deal to bring Talib to SF, but AT vetoed the trade. Sherman became available and he & Shanahan jumped on the opportunity. For the record, he had one surgery on his right achilles…the other was to clean out scar tissue on the left achilles. He’ll be back…and ready to go, you can count on that. So, pls people, get off the hate bandwagon and embrace the fact Sherman’s a Niner and can do great things for OUR team.

  20. Oh Clara, atleast you found someone to actually want to sign with ya and not voluntarily retire at the thought of playing in your sweat box. Never mind his reason was only to try and stick it to the Seahawks.

  21. This Seattle fan is rooting for him too. This dust up occurred because Carroll allowed OC Bevell to give away a 2nd SB win. No team recovers from that. Nor should they. Richard Sherman was right to be upset, and nor was he the only team member upset. Sherman was simply more vocal about it to Carroll. Fact is, Carroll should have fired OC Bevell, but he kept him for another 3 years. And Carroll too is to blame, for he approved the call that chose to throw to the 5th receiver on the depth chart, with 1 yard remaining for a back to back SB win. Facts.

  22. Someone sounds bitter that their division rivals are rising above them while his team is floundering.


    No, see….you actually have to rise above them to rise above them. 6-10 last year is not rising above anyone. The Seahawks “fell apart” and were 9-7.

    Let’s see what happens next year…maybe you will rise, maybe you won’t.

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