Panthers bidder Alan Kestenbaum on site today

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While NFL owners are wrapping up their meeting in Orlando today, one of the guys trying to join their club is in Charlotte.

Via Kelsey Riggs of WCNC, Canadian steel magnate Alan Kestenbaum is touring the Panthers facilities at Bank of America Stadium today, the first bidder for the team to do an in-person site visit.

The interest in the team has clearly ramped up in recent days, and it’s likely that Jerry Richardson’s choice will be known in the next few weeks.

A new owner has to be approved by 24 of 32 owners, but they’re vetting candidates as we speak.

Steelers minority owner David Tepper doesn’t need to be investigated since they already know him, but they’re also looking into other candidates, including South Carolina financier Ben Navarro and Philadelphia e-commerce billionaire Michael Rubin.

While the league has an obvious interest in the process, Richardson’s going to choose the bid he prefers, giving him a measure of control over the process and allowing his personal feelings about the team he founded to come into play.

10 responses to “Panthers bidder Alan Kestenbaum on site today

  1. Who’s going to give us a scorching hot take on why this guy would be a terrible owner and lead to the downfall of the league?

  2. So if he buys them, would he move them to Toronto? Goodell would love that, as would joetoronto.

  3. I am in Toronto and I do not want an NFL team. Toronto is lifeless for Football and tailgating would suck. Please .. spare me the CFL comparisons/love.

  4. Panthers are a good solid team with no need of a new home so hopefully the NFL will see that the new owner is committed to the area.

  5. After the Panthers sale… up the Chargers. Why? Because Spanos has been setting it up for sale. How? Moving to LA where he’s mistakenly been told he can get more money for it. He’s ‘renting’ everything. Spanos has rented StubHub. He’s rented the ‘practice’ field in Costa Mesa. He’s renting his ‘headquarters’ in Costa Mesa. Finally, he’ll be renting Kroenke Stadium when it’s ready for occupancy in 2020 or 2021.
    This ‘relocation’ however, has not gone well. LA is a quierky market and history has shown not to support 2 NFL teams. This fact, coupled with continued fan support for the Raiders obviously draw more fans support away from the Chargers than the Rams. The Rams are now locking up the LA market in terms of fan base. Why? They have the ‘home stadium.’ They reached the playoffs last year. They’re gaining momentum with a young new winning coach and ‘visible’player selection;e.g. Ndamukom Suh. The Chargers have a mountain to climb in LA.

  6. pantherpro says:

    Please no more white racist owners. You better bring in Steph Curry as a partner. Break the mold Panthers you wont win without change!

    This is not about race, it’s about who bids the most, who can pass the NFL vetting, who can get at least 24 votes from the owners.

    According to the internet Steph Curry is worth ~60 million, let’s say his financial advisor allows him to invest 50% of his wealth (highly unlikely) that would get him a 1.2% ownership if the team goes for 2.5 billion…If I’m putting up 30% 750,000,000, I have to get the remaining 70% out of 23 investors, I’ll need close to 80 million per investor.

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