Report: Giants asked for two first-round picks for Odell Beckham

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Giants co-owner John Mara said on Tuesday that the Giants are not “shopping” wide receiver Odell Beckham, but said he can’t stop teams from calling about a trade and said there was no “100 percent guarantee” that Beckham will remain on the team.

Wednesday brings a report about what the Giants have told any teams that have inquired about acquiring the wide receiver. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Giants have asked for “at least” two first-round picks in return for Beckham in any trade.

That’s a high price tag for any player and would fit Giants General Manager Dave Gettleman’s comment that you don’t “quit on talent,” although Josh Norman and Steve Smith might dispute how strictly Gettleman sticks to that mantra.

The price tag is especially high for a player coming off a season-ending ankle injury who is heading into the final year of his contract. That doesn’t mean that one of the other 31 teams in the league won’t be willing to pay it, but it would seem to make a trade unlikely.

108 responses to “Report: Giants asked for two first-round picks for Odell Beckham

  1. Yeah….I’m sure the takers are lining up to make an offer….

    Maybe of they tossed in a few hundred Eli Manning “game worn” helmets they might get a bite

  2. We all know the talent is worth it. But man, I wouldn’t sleep at night after giving this guy 50 mil at least guaranteed.

  3. Gettleman is a liar, Eli is a turnover machine, and OBJ is a man child. The Mara family can keep them all.

  4. I could see the Boys giving a 1 and a 5…..can’t imagine most teams would be interested in the prima donna routine at a high cost.

  5. Ya ya, just give us two 1st rounders for this hothead receiver who is on his last year of his rookie contract and will demand way more when it’s up.

    That’s the ticket.

  6. joemammy says:
    March 28, 2018 at 12:45 pm


    No, you don’t think OBJ is worth two first-rounders or no, you wouldn’t give up OBJ for two first-rounders?

  7. Quite honestly he’s not really worth trading for. He is demanding way too much $$$ in a new contract for a team to also give draft picks as compensation. If a team could dump a big contract and swap some picks, than it might be ok.

  8. Keep your draft picks and if you want him sign him as a Free agent next year for far less what he thinks hes going to get on the open market.

  9. After that, you got to overpay him, hope he doesn’t get injured or completely embarrass the organization both on and off the field. Sign me up!

  10. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Giants have asked for “at least” two first-round picks in return for Beckham in any trade.


    In other words, the Giants were never remotely serious about trading him to begin with (assuming the report’s true).

  11. Asking a king’s ransome for a broken, headcase Diva. They should let the market determine what he’s worth and take the best offer. Asking for anything more is just stupidity, or pride, or both. Enjoy going 3-13 again, Giants.

  12. 2 first rounders and then an extension? Not happening. It would make sense if he was on a rookie contract and wasnt in a walk year. Pats paid a 1st rounder for 2 years of Cooks current deal. Odell is obviously a much better player but isnt worth an extra 1st given its only 1 season of control and hes coming off a bad injury. A first would be hard for a team that is a player away to pass up but 2 1st is insane because of the contract he will demand and how it will hurt your cap going forward.

  13. Give up two 1st rounders, to acquire the rights to a guy that is going to be virtually unsignable.

    As for Josh Norman…I’m starting to feel the Ross “We were on a break” by consistently having to say “Norman is a zone CB & is not worth top CB money”

  14. Not worth anything close to Jimmy G on the trade market. One third rounder would make sense for OBJ, as a shot in the dark. Two years ago, he could have gotten a first rounder, but with only one year left on a reasonable contract, for a guy that has been a psycho on and off the field, no way.

  15. Surrendering two first round picks is only part of the equation. Beckham is also going to be a big hit to a team’s salary cap numbers.

  16. Receiver asks for franchise-QB-level money; team management asks for franchise-QB-level price for a potential trade.

    All for a receiver who’s never helped his team to even one playoff victory and who’s coming off a serious injury.

    Lotta delusion on tap there in Giants-land. OBJ and Mara deserve one another.

  17. Two first round picks plus his crazy contract demands. That’s simply not a price you are going to get for player who is not a good chemistry/locker room guy. This is a franchise player. He’s a very good WR. They aren’t terribly hard to find.

  18. Yes….nobody is giving up “AT LEAST” two first rounders for him. Dont you think the Giants know this? Like the poster above said, the Giants are messing with people. They have no intention of trading him UNLESS some other team really is that dumb.

  19. “raideralex99 says:
    March 28, 2018 at 12:48 pm
    If he is such a problem why are the Giants asking so much for him?”
    That’s a great question. Asking price and selling price are two different things. They can ask whatever they want for Odell, but the silence on the trade market is deafening right now. I think that tells you more than the answer to your question.

  20. @exinsidetrader says:

    I wouldn’t give more than a 2nd round pick.
    What was the Giants’ record with him?
    0-3 last year in 2017. If you’re insinuating they can win without him, you’re probably correct as one player is not bigger than the team (unless he’s a franchise QB). If you’re insinuating they lost because of him, you’re dead wrong.

  21. OBJ is very talented, but a real head case pain in the butt. No team in their right mind is going to give 2 FIRST ROUNDERS and also eat his current contract in addition to whatever he will demand in his next contract, especially when any team can get him for no draft picks when his rookie contract is up next year. The line “STAY WITH ME ON PLANET EARTH HERE” from the movie “Draft Day” applies perfectly to Giants GM Dave Gettleman asking for 2 first rounders for OBJ!

  22. On the surface that seems like a lot, but in reality it’s not. What are the odds that the players you selected with your two firsts are better than Beckham? Like him or not, Beckham is a premier talent in this league.. something that’s never guaranteed with first round selections. If you’re a team with bad drafting history, I say why not.

  23. If he is traded, would his new team also have to acquire his girlfriend, the kicking net? That bit was beyond stupid.

  24. Their asking price pretty much confirms they will use the 5th year option, then at least one franchise tag… meanwhile…his lsu teammate who was drafted in the 2nd round and who isn’t half the player Beckham is… will either be signing a big contract extension this year, or will be a free agent eligible for that first big contract next year…by the time Beckham gets to free agency, Landry will more likely be on the verge of either his 2nd contract extension or 2nd free agent contract…the 5th year option for all first rounders plus the way teams are having no compunction about using multiple franchise tags has completely ruined the contract structures in the NFL…First round picks are getting screwed and it ain’t right for teams to basically get a 5th year option plus 2 franchise tags to screw players outta their true market value in such a fleeting career…

  25. If Giants don’t draft a QB and go into 2018 with ground ball Eli………what does that say for their desire to truly win? If you build the leagues best OLine, you could hire the country’s top wheel chair QB and probably have more success than washed up pouty faced Manning. How hard is it to defend a 0 mobility will never run QB who the moment a defender yells at him he hits his running back in the feet??

  26. IMO, he isn’t worth squat.

    If you don’t have a decent QB, an offensive line that can block, and other offensive weapons to take pressure off of OBJ, OBJ is useless. The wide receiver is a dependent position. If you don’t have other pieces on the offense to give the QB time to throw the ball, it doen’t matter how good the WR may be.

  27. exinsidetrader says:
    March 28, 2018 at 1:01 pm
    I wouldn’t give more than a 2nd round pick.

    What was the Giants’ record with him?

    What was Cleveland’s record with Joe Thomas? Your point?

  28. Look – let’s be clear. Everyone is available in a trade – for the right price. If Wayne Gretzky can be traded in his prime – then anyone can be traded.

    That being said, who said the Giants are looking to trade OBJ? Will they take 2 – first round picks for him? Absolutely. If someone offers something less than that, do they have to trade him? Nope.

    So – ball is in your court. You want him? Cough up a ridiculous offer. Otherwise, Giants will keep him.

    Much ado about nothing….

  29. No doubt that Beckham has major skills, but why would any owner want to destroy the locker room, the team, AND give up two first rounders? The guy is a diva and a drama queen, which is poison to any team.

  30. How cute, the GIants think OBJ is worth 2 firsts… Ha… most of us wouldn’t touch him for a 3rd round pick, even if you through in a 5th in return. Guy is a head case, on a one year deal. Aint no way any reasonable team takes offers that much.

  31. It’s strange how valuable draft picks are viewed, when 1st rounders have basically a 50/50 success rate.

    Because of that I would trade two for a known commodity in a heartbeat.

    If you draft someone with your 2018 pick, then follow it up with your 2019 1st rounder what is the realistic likelihood that either will turn out nearly as good as Beckham? One will probably be a bust and the other even if he is good will probably not be one of the top 2 or 3 at his position.

    It’s not likely at all.

    It’s not like Beckham is 36 and has a couple years left either.

  32. I don’t think Beckham has ever been the same since Josh Norman bullied and emasculated him. Now his defense seems to be self deprecating humour such as being Eli’s Dirty Dancing Baby. Also,I just think he loves being a celebrity more than being a football player.

  33. If your a playoff caliber team picking in the 20s over the next two years its not a bad risk to take for a guy you get for this year and can tag for 2 years.

    Is winning the super bowl worth 2 first round picks? One likely being #32 if you can win it.

    Beckham has #1 overall pick talent. The guys in the 20+ range you hope can be starters. Many dont even get to tht point.

    Regardless of his injury he will still be a 100 catch 1300 yard reciever that can win you football games.

  34. Let the Giants keep this head case because once they give him all that money he is going to screw their salary cap up so they won’t be able to put a good team on the field. And the Giants will be doing the rest of the NFC east a favor by keeping him.

  35. Everyone saying you wouldn’t give x-draft picks, you’re all full of it.Problem on Giants is no leadership. If he ends up going to the rams, you can bet anything Aaron Donald will take Odell by his curls and send him flying. Who ever he goes to will be outside of the division and have strong minded defenseive leaders that want to win.

  36. OBJ is worth a single 1st Round draft pick, but not worth two since we have no idea what his production will be worth, post-injury.

    Suffice it to say, OBJ’s first 3 years with lil’ bro Manning/Big Blue were stellar — on par with HoF’er OchoUno (T.O.) who produced double-digit TDs during two 3-year cycles: first with the 49’ers, and then with Dallas.

  37. 6allsohard6more says:
    March 28, 2018 at 2:24 pm
    2 First Rd picks + 20 mill a year + injures + anger issues + party issues + Suspension prone = no thanks……………………………

    He’s never been suspended

  38. Seriously? Two first rounders for the 4th best WR in the league. I thought Sunday was April Fools’ Day.

  39. He is very talented, but I wouldn’t trade 2 first round picks for a WR. I would trade a 1st round and maybe a mid to late round for Odell, but even then, I’m not sure. Antonio Brown was a mid to late round draft pick and he has been the best or a top 3 receiver for a while now.

  40. Rams will do it for sure. Kroenke is creating the legend of Goons.
    Suh, OBJ, Peters, Talib……all head cases.

  41. There really needs to be a laughing emoji on here. Two first rounders is absurd. The only time a team should give up two first rounders is when it’s a HOF caliber QB.

  42. There’s a month to go till the draft, anyone thinking the Giants aren’t going to be flexible if some team gives them something similar to two ones they’re fooling themselves. And I think we’ve officially passed the point where they can say ‘no we absolutely will not trade him’. It’d be bad business to just shut possibilities down. To keep him long term they’re going to eventually have to pay him QB like money, that is what the real sticking point is with him, not his off the field stuff. That really hasn’t been that bad at so far. So the Giants and or some other team are going to have to decide if he’s worth that much cap space to them.

  43. The only teams that could truly unleash OBJ’s talent on a weekly basis are the Pats, Saints, and Packers due to their elite QBs and heavy passing attacks.That being said, none of those teams are dumb enough to give up 2 1sts for an oft-injured headcase who wants a record contract. The Giants are stuck with him.

  44. I wouldn’t trade a 3rd round pick for Beckham. He’s going to mess up and get suspended for a whole year at some point. He’s one of those guys who will just never get it.

  45. So Mara is saying he’d rather keep a cancerous OBJ for one more season before he leaves in Free Agency?

    Given Eli’s age and the rest of the Giants roster, NY is essentially in rebuild mode.

    You would think they would at least try to get something (anything!) insead of the nothingburger they will get when OBJ walks out the door next year.

    If Mara’s calling the personnel shots in NY, it’stinks to be Gettleman.

  46. Were I a GM, I wouldn’t let that guy anywhere near my locker room. Period. If there were a stronger term than “cancer” for a player with a bad attitude it would apply to him.

  47. If any GM gives the king ransom for OBJ, they should be fired or they need to visit my Psychiatrist..!!

  48. rho1953 says:
    March 28, 2018 at 6:08 pm
    Were I a GM, I wouldn’t let that guy anywhere near my locker room. Period. If there were a stronger term than “cancer” for a player with a bad attitude it would apply to him.

    He is no where near a cancer. He’s a pain in the butt because I’m sorry to tell u most super talented people are high strung. Antonio Brown is a pain in the butt too but he got paid. That’s all Odell wants. What he’s worth and the stats say he’s worth it.

  49. Just based on pure talent…hes worth it.

    BUT…with the gruesome injury/drama/attitude/salary demands (if its truly in the neighborhood of $20m a year) there is NO WAY a team should give that up for him

  50. Bears gave up 2 1st rounds for Cutler –
    How did that work?

    Jones gave up how many picks for Roy Williams- How did that work out?

  51. Beckham is asking for long term extension coming off an injury? I can’t imagine his agent is actually saying that to him. He would be leaving a lot of money on the table if he comes back next year better than ever. Oh and 2 first round picks if you want to trade for him and hope you can sign him long term.

  52. If the Giants trade him (a future HOF receiver), they deserve what’s coming to them. That would be a horrible move.

    Nobody enjoys his antics, I don’t. But these players are facts of football, and people like this are facts of life. If the team can’t keep it under control, then that’s on them.

    The next team will, and who knows what jersey he’ll display in Canton.

  53. “First round picks are getting screwed and it ain’t right for teams to basically get a 5th year option plus 2 franchise tags to screw players outta their true market value in such a fleeting career…”

    I always take the side of labor. That said- what’s a 5th year option plus two franchise tags pay out? Probably around 40 mil? That not getting screwed in years 5-8 as far as the $$. Where ithe player is getting screwed in that scenario is carrying the year-to-year injury risk and in lack of control of their career. So, i gree with that part of your thinkin’ 100%.

    I’m guessing the franchise tag issue will be revisited in the next CBA. Ifs weird.

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