Report: Police find surveillance video in Trevone Boykin’s home

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Former Seahawks quarterback Trevone Boykin insisted in a statement Tuesday his girlfriend’s allegations of domestic violence were “false.” But detectives in Mansfield, Texas, found surveillance video in Boykin’s home that showed “what appeared to be an assault that occurred inside the residence,” a police news release said, via WFAA.

Police arrested Boykin at his home Wednesday on a charge of aggravated assault with serious bodily injury, a second-degree felony punishable by two to 20 years, per WFAA.

Shabrika Bailey told WFAA this week that Boykin’s alleged assault left her with a broken jaw swollen and wired shut.

The Seahawks cut Boykin on Tuesday, and he went unclaimed on waivers.

37 responses to “Report: Police find surveillance video in Trevone Boykin’s home

  1. Sad when a person beats a person unconscious. I get being frustrated to the point where you want to do something out of anger, but civility wins and you don’t. Then you take a breather and feel better. Hate this for the girl and hate it for the dummy that can’t control himself. (Probably could have but chose not to.) Sad. Can’t wait till us men start being men instead of Neanderthals. Stop feeling like it’s ok to hurt someone.

  2. Sadly, he seems to be following this pattern all the way back to him getting kicked off his college bowl team for…wait for it…A drunken assault.

  3. I have eye witnesses stating I never touched that woman and all allegations are lies… Wait.. who said the police can take camera footage from my home security system???

  4. He comes out and says the woman cost him his job and he is totally innocent and the incriminating evidence is HIS OWN VIDEO TAPE ! Talk about a complete stooge

  5. Just a very sad story all the way around. No one wins.
    Hope his girlfriend is able to heal
    Hope he gets the help he needs
    They are both young — maybe they can/will both come back from this and find their own way
    Just so sad and wrong

  6. Northwest one year wonder-then melt down. Please return them to the AFC West and Peteie to the Pac 12 where they belong. Signed Kam the crusher and Michael the mutilator hahahahaha!

  7. If you didn’t learn anything from Ray Rice, and his permanent loss to play in the NFL, then you don’t value the privilege of playing in the NFL.

  8. Ground ball double Asauult 2 charges. You go on her word, based on her injuries. The video just means no trial and bad positioning for a plea.

    The video does make it impossible for her to back out as it can be continued as the State of Texas versus. Not saying she would but many do.

    Way to ruin your life and probably cause permanent trauma to a girl.

    See you in 5, with good behavior.

  9. FlashPatterson says:
    March 28, 2018 at 8:58 pm
    New level of stupid if this is true. Those are his cameras. Why wouldnt he delete that video?

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    Some guesses here…

    1. when Boykin was arrested, the house became a crime scene. Police probably searched the house for weapons/drugs, evidence of the beating, etc. Probably noticed the cameras as part of the initial investigation. Likely that the cameras/computer etc. were collected as evidence.

    2. Article does not say whether the cameras stored the video on a chip, sent it to a laptop, or were connected to the internet. Pretty easy to recover ‘deleted’ files from chips or disc, and next to impossible to delete something from the web.

    3. For him to beat the girl, then have the ‘presence of mind’ to hide the cameras or delete the files seems at odds with a person who consistently makes bad life choices.

    4. Even if he had the time and smarts to attempt to destroy the video evidence before police arrived, it would end any hope of a crime-of-passion defense. Juries tend to frown on that whole cover-your-tracks thing when evaluating premeditated vs. involuntary acts. Kind of hard to explain how you walked past a bloody victim – in your home – to get rid of surveillance video.

    Perhaps some of the 71 geniuses that up-voted your post can comment on why destroying crime evidence is a good idea.

  10. For those of you that don’t get it, that’s a good thing.

    The jails are filled with people who let emotions overrule common sense. The line is crossed because the wires are crossed.

    Don’t try and make sense out of it, you can’t.

  11. Boykin has quite the rap sheet,and in the end,he will be done in by his own surveillance video. Sounds about right… I hope the girl will be okay.

  12. I went to the Dallas TV stations story yesterday and saw her video interview. Her face was swollen, her lip looked puffy and split, and her jaw was wired. No way to fake that. According to her, she has covered for his previous assaults because he was worried about the impact on his career. She evidently grew tired of being his punching bag and covering for him. The guy is a real piece of work.

  13. This dude is an utter moron… He just threw away millions of dollars he could of made over his career all to be a little coward punk hitting a woman, his women, breaking her jaw. I hope he goes to prison for a few years, No man should ever put his hands on a woman like that.

  14. He was claimed off waivers, just not by an NFL team. The Texas legal system put in a claim and it looks like it might be a lock to last about 5-10 year’s.

  15. detectives in Mansfield, Texas, found surveillance video in Boykin’s home that showed “what appeared to be an assault that occurred inside the residence,” a police news release said, via WFAA.


    Wonder why the police did not just say they found video of the accused assaulting the alleged victim. The police statement is as clear as mud.

  16. Let’s have a rousing round of applause for abject stupidity.

    @Flash, Probably going to hard drive and it seems like too many people don’t realize that files don’t actually go away when you delete them, it just marks the area as unused and ready to be overwritten.

  17. Trevone must operate in the same manner as Michael Bennett – innocent until the video is released.

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