Sanchez could be Seahawks’ backup quarterback plan, though cries begin for Kaepernick

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It wasn’t long after the Seahawks cut Trevone Boykin on Tuesday that speculation began about the possibility of Colin Kaepernick becoming the team’s backup quarterback.

The Seahawks hosted Kaepernick last spring, the only free agent visit the former 49ers quarterback has had the past 14 months. Kaepernick, 30, did not play last season.

But it sounds more likely the Seahawks could sign Mark Sanchez. Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times reports the team has interest in the former first-round pick.

Sanchez, 31, spent last season with the Bears. He has spent time with five teams in the past five seasons, including the Broncos in the 2016 preseason.

Russell Wilson currently is the only quarterback on the Seahawks’ roster. Austin Davis, who was on the team’s roster last season, remains unsigned.

56 responses to “Sanchez could be Seahawks’ backup quarterback plan, though cries begin for Kaepernick

  1. Who’s crying for Kaepernick? Are we starting Kaepernick watch 2018 now? He’s done. He’s suing the people who could possibly employ him…not a great way to get hired by them.

  2. Sounds like more talk like a certain former Minnesota kicker that no one remembers. Gone and forgotten.

  3. It would seem that the Seahawks are validating Kaepernick’s collusion case. There is no way any GM in their right mind would sign Sanchez without being told to by ownership… All he has to do is tell the jury to watch a little tape on Sanchez and they’ll agree.

  4. Can we clarify that these cries from Kaepernick are coming from people who are not fans of the Seahawks? Please?

    Seahawks fans have as much enmity for CK as 49er fans had for Richard Sherman, the key difference being that Sherm is a good player. I support people expressing their beliefs, that doesn’t mean I want him bringing down my favorite team

  5. If you’re signing Sanchez, you’re basically saying you’re okay with your season ending if Wilson gets hurt. He’s not good. He’s really not good.

  6. Ugh hate this topic, but yeah I think Kaepernick is still good enough to be an NFL quarterback, and yeah he’d be good for Seattle and the kind of offense they use. He’s still just too big a distraction, and that’s all there is to it. The kneeling thing was too easily misinterpreted to be effective for what he was trying to protest. There were better ways of doing it and too many fans hate him for it.

    Plus he’s gonna first have to play for the vet minimum on a one year “prove it” deal before getting a good contract, and it doesn’t seem like that’s what he’s willing to settle for.

  7. I was listening to Colin Cowherd and he make a statement that hit the nail on the head. “I don’t want a 2nd string QB that makes headlines”. I prefer talent/distraction ratio but Colins is good also.

  8. I would take Kaep in a heartbeat for my backup. Never been a locker room problem and the only reason he isn’t in the league competing for a starting spot is because he offended some people sensibilities for reasons that weren’t even prevalent to his protest. He not only brought social in justice to light but proved conservatives are as thin skinned as liberals.

  9. I lost track of Sanchez, thought he was gone. He is gosh-awful. Can he really be better than Kaep?

  10. Kaepernick doesn’t want a backup quarterback gig for low money. He still thinks he deserves to be a highly-paid starting quarterback. Also, he has yet to say he just wants to play football. Only if both of those things change will he have a legitimate shot to get back into the league. Of course, that would go against his narrative so it’s not going to happen.

  11. I don’t care is Sanchez never took a knee. I care that he a worse QB that Kaepernick. I fought so people could keep their rights, not so that I would have to watch terrible football. It’s about time we stick to the game.

  12. Anicra says:
    March 28, 2018 at 7:56 pm
    Rather see Johnny Manziel w/ Seahawks, you could groom him and make him into a valuable picks later
    ___ ___ ___ ____

    Good God. Has it really come to this?

  13. So…I *think* the Seahawks org would take Kap as a backup and would have last year. I also think that last year he was not in any mood to take that kind of role or that kind of money. Maybe he would sign up for a $1-$2M role now.

    A bigger problem now is that you have Carroll and Schotty who have history with Sanchez and would likely lean on him for that kind of role simply because of that.

    I do think Kap can and should start in the NFL today as he played better than the bottom half of QB’s who started last year.

  14. “It would seem that the Seahawks are validating Kaepernick’s collusion case. There is no way any GM in their right mind would sign Sanchez without being told to by ownership… All he has to do is tell the jury to watch a little tape on Sanchez and they’ll agree.”

    Doesn’t matter if one owner is telling his own teams GM not to to sign Kaepernick. Collusion is only if the league and owners collectively are trying to keep him out. Nice try though….I guess

  15. What is people’s problem? He was not disrespecting the flag, he was trying to call attention to all the people of color who keep getting killed by cops. His message got lost and misconstrued. So that means we should never let him work again? If you are trying to tell me the Sanchez’ of the world are a better choice as a back up QB, to quote Emma: I call BS. And you’re wrong, Kaep would take a back up job. Tomorrow. He’s already stated he’d pull that lawsuit if an NFL team proves him wrong.

  16. Kaep led the 9er’s to the SB. He tore up the league, and was unstoppable. It’s not Kaep’s fault that Balke could not get along with head coach Harbaugh and basically tore up the team after firing Harbaugh. Kaep did his part, and with the right fit, like any QB, Kaep could likely still play. The last year he played he was still recovering from an injury. Fans have a false expectation that injured players should play at their best no matter their injuries.

  17. yes, the cries by the media are deafening.

    Jon Gruden 2 quotes from yesterday:

    “On tape, Kap does not look good”

    “lets remember, he was beaten out by Blaine Gabbert…that tells you something”

  18. I don’t think Sanchez is a great option, but don’t forget that he was his most successful when he played for Pete Carroll. Pete also has faced Colin several times in the NFC West. He has a pretty good idea of what these guys can and cannot do. And Pete Carroll lets his players express themselves openly, almost to a fault, so if he doesn’t want CK you have to believe it is a decision made purely on the grounds of talent/ability.

  19. I expect both QBs to be looked at again. My guess; Sanchez would accept backup role and Kap would cause locker room distraction. That’s the difference. Sanchez gets offered the backup slot.

  20. Mark Sanchez is unrivaled at his ability to turn over the ball.
    While he may not throw more picks than everyone, he’s fantastic at fumbling. Put those two together and you have a winning combination.
    Throw in his inaccuracy and terrible placement (throwing behind receivers) you have a disaster.

    I’d love to watch him on MNF or TNF.

  21. Sanchize, Kap and Manzel all are horrible
    Kap didn’t lose his starting job on the 49ers for protesting, he lost it because after the Michigan Man left, he lost confidence and his skillset-
    Now are the protests helping his case not at all – but if he was slinging it and running it like Cam- he’d have a job

  22. I can’t wait for Kap to play again on a decent team again (not like his last 49ers team) and destroy them by playing actual football. The goofy narrative about his playing ability is ridiculous.

  23. Hope he signs with Seattle. So when he faces the Rams and that scary front seven. He will get his pig socks knocked off him.

  24. The buttfumble is and always has been more a tribute to Vince Wilfork’s skillset than a bust on Sanchez. It’s just a lot funnier to blame Sanchez. Either way, if I’m a Seahacks fan I don’t want either one of them.

  25. Player A Career Playoff Stats: 4-2 Record, 94.3 QBR, 1155yrds passing, 9TDs, 3INTs.
    Player B Career Playoff Stats: 4-2 Record, 87.3 QBR, 1374yrds passing, 7TDs, 5INTs.

    Player A: Mark Sanchez
    Player B: Colin Kaepernick

  26. Guys like Kaepernick and Eric Reid that kneel during the National Anthem are BAD for business. That is a FACT. The ratings are down and that is one of the reasons. It is a FACT.

  27. Pete and Butt Fumble have a history, and I suspect Sanchez would have the best chance for success as a back-up QB in Seattle with his old coach. The learning curve for Sanchize should be much shorter than Kap or another QB who hasn’t played for Pete before.

  28. Why do we have to assume that a different backup QB is needed when Austin Davis is just not signed?? Honestly Kap, Sanchez, or even Manzel are a bad option… I would rather dust off Jeff George than any of these guys.

  29. Give it a rest. Kap isn’t wanted in the league…not by the teams, not by the fans and not by approximately half of the players. Why the players? Because they know that Kap’s display of “protest” was a ploy to take attention away from the fact that he’s a horrible QB and help him to get another gig. His mistake was the same as all leftists make…he thought everyone agreed with what he was claiming to kneel for. A lot of players see him as the sham he is and the fans know that the reason he claims to kneel for is a myth. The guy screwed himself by perpetuating a racist myth and being completely superficial and attention seeking…from his ridiculous afro to his “pig” socks. The guy is complete astroturf and he simply sucks as a QB.

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