Browns say they out-bid other teams for Tyrod Taylor

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When the Browns sent the first pick in the third-round of the NFL draft to the Bills for quarterback Tyrod Taylor, some people thought Cleveland overpaid. The Browns say they paid what they had to, because other teams wanted Taylor.

Browns coach Hue Jackson says that people around the NFL see Taylor as a starting quarterback, and if the Browns hadn’t given up a third-round pick for him, some other team would have.

“Maybe people don’t think Tyrod has performed as well as he has because he’s not talked about as an upper-echelon guy in the league, but the guy has performed really solidly over the last several years,” Jackson said. “He’s made some tremendous plays. He’s led teams to the playoffs and winning seasons. He’s stayed healthy. He hasn’t turned the ball over, and those are things coaches look for. I’m just happy we got him. I know for a fact other teams wanted him, too. I think we’re fortunate to have this guy as our starter.”

Jackson has already declared Taylor the starter for the 2018 season. It’s unclear which other teams wanted Taylor that badly, but Jackson believes that the Browns aren’t the only ones who viewed Taylor as a player who can step in and start in Week One.

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  1. And in Hue Jackson’s mind there is no competition so why bother drafting a QB? Like he has done a great job with Kessler and Kiser. Guys a joke, you get what you got Clowns.

  2. I highly doubt teams were bidding on this guys services, I think the Browns are lying to try and make a bad move look better. Hue Jackson brags Taylor doesnt turn the ball over, thats because he NEVER takes any chances never throwing WR”s open or throwing up 50/50 balls to his receivers, he only makes the throw if the WR is wide freaking open. Taylor is a below average starter, theirs a reason a QB starved team like the Bills dont even want him and would rather draft a guy to develop and that reason is that Taylor sucks, he just isnt that good. Tyrod Taylor is a very high level QB2 and a very low level starter.

  3. Yes, I am sure the bidding war was HUUUUUGE for a QB that has never ranked better than 24th in the league.

  4. Every time i read a press release involving Hue Jackson i wonder how he is a head coach in this league.

  5. Other teams wanted Taylor too? That’s funny. This is the team that traded up in the first round to get Johnny Manziel because other teams wanted him too. I hope this new GM is renting.

  6. I don’t think they overpaid for him. They got a legitimate starting QB who will win them games. That’s what they need. They have burned a lot of early draft picks in QB’s and that hasn’t work out yet. Great move at a fair price.
    Browns should go 8-8 this year and for that franchise, this would be an amazing season for the organization.

  7. 51 td – 18 int

    62.4 completion percentage

    No real wide receivers and an offensive line that gave up 7th most sacks.

  8. Hue Jackson did good things with Andy Dalton in Cincy.

    Effectively, in the NFL, you and your team are only as good as your quarterback, and your quarterback is only as good as the offensive pieces around him.

    The Cleveland Browns have a monumental shift coming, given their Nos. 1 and 4 draft picks. Aside from pure need(s), the NFL Draft is about drafting the “Best Available” players. The Top 3 “best available” are (1) Heisman winner Baker Mayfield, (2) Saquon Barkley and (3) a dude nicknamed Chubb(y) Bradley.

  9. He has good games, but he has far more bad ones. He has ONE career 300 yard game and that one went into overtime. As the wear and tear mounts his running ability continues to decline as well. He’s a low end starter at best, but he’s better suited as a high end backup.

  10. I like Taylor and think he can succeed with a good coach and team around him. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have that now.

  11. I don’t think Hue declaring Taylor the starter for 2018 means either that there is no competition or that they shouldn’t draft a rookie. Taylor is underrated, and he is a veteran. Of course he should go into camp as the starter and he should be expected to carry 2018, until as PFT likes to say, he doesn’t. Don’t think for a second that they won’t pull a trigger if he fails to produce. But the number of rookies who excel in year one is far lower than those that don’t. It’s a smart play.

  12. Stu Bidaciou says:
    March 29, 2018 at 5:25 am
    And in Hue Jackson’s mind there is no competition so why bother drafting a QB? Like he has done a great job with Kessler and Kiser. Guys a joke, you get what you got Clowns.

    The Browns have gone through something like 30 QB’s in the last 20 years and that is Jacksons fault?

  13. Stu Bidaciou says:

    And in Hue Jackson’s mind there is no competition so why bother drafting a QB? Like he has done a great job with Kessler and Kiser. Guys a joke, you get what you got Clowns

    My, my….such anger!

    Obviously, you are not a Browns fan, so why do you care? TT is not a rookie. He’s been there…done that. And, now, he’s going to do that for Cleveland. John Dorsey has been putting together a team to compete with the league. Hue will have a chance to work with a group of achievers. If he can’t lead this team, I am betting Dorsey will find someone who can.

    In the meantime, find another team to troll.

  14. So they outbided other teams got Tyrod Taylor….. Bet they didn’t have to try very hard.

  15. Taylor is a good guy, good leader, hard worker, great in the locker room, does a great job of protecting the ball and is very athletic, which enables him to make plays with his feet. He has shown some flashes, but has some flaws in his game that he can’t seem to overcome. He has some accuracy issues, can’t seem to see open receivers down field and continues to check down on 3rd down and completes a 2 yd pass when an 8 yard completion is needed to get a 1st down. Maybe Hue Jackson can work on the flaws and get Tyrod to live up to his potential.
    Best of luck to both.

  16. Taylor was:

    1-23 when the Bills couldn’t hold opponents under 23 points.
    1-16 when the Bills couldn’t run for 100+ yards.

    Enjoy, Cleveland!

  17. I love Huey’s comment that Tyrod will start in ’18 cause he’s gonna bring us wins. dude – that is YOUR JOB. I love every move dorsey has made. I just feel that there is a shoe in the soup in Hue

  18. Jon R says:
    March 29, 2018 at 8:31 am
    Taylor was:
    1-23 when the Bills couldn’t hold opponents under 23 points.
    1-16 when the Bills couldn’t run for 100+ yards.
    Enjoy, Cleveland!

    So he would have at least had a 6-10 record in Cleveland (how many times the Browns held the opposing team to under 23 points). I say at least because that doesn’t include games where the opposing teams points were due to Deshone Kizer turnovers which by looking at Taylors stats in Buffalo would not have been an issue. If you add those games the Browns now also beat the Colts and sweep the Steelers turning a 0-16 team to an 8-8 team. Pretty sure Browns fans are ok with that.

    A lot of QB’s worse than Taylor got a lot of money in free agency so not sure why some people are awestruck by this.

  19. Tyrod is a great guy to have in your locker room however it’s about what you do on the field. Stats do NOT tell the whole story. You have to literally look at every drive and situation in a game to see how the QB operates the offense with the other 10 guys around him. I have watched him in game after game not make the throws, audibles, (which he rarely did), reads and decisions on the field that had the Bills as one of the worst passing teams in the league each year he started. This is a QB who had the best running game in football for a year and his performance as QB was less than mediocre against the better teams in the league. You can blame the lack of wide receivers all you like, receivers do NOT make quarterbacks, quarterbacks MAKE receivers. I don’t care how talented a receiver is, the competent, good and great QB’s get the ball to whoever is out there. Tyrod Taylor NEVER consistently did that. NEVER. Routine reads and throws were a chore for him and the eye test consistently said: ‘He’s not good enough’. Happy hunting in Cleveland but this Bills fan is happy that he moved on.

  20. Yes Hugh, but your also the same man that said ”trust me on this one” with Cody Kessler and also had to throw yourself in a Lake for having a worse season than 1-16. So I cringe every time I hear you speak highly of a quarterback.

  21. Lets say a team decided that they were going to draft Mayfield at QB and sit him for a year.
    Lets say said team just hired a new offensive coordinator.
    The offensive scheme will be tailored to Tyrods strengths which are similar to Mayfields.
    Sound like a smooth transition to me.
    By the way, This is Hues’ call.

  22. Why would you admit to outbidding for Taylor; he was marginal at best in college – and I don’t see him being even that good in the pros. Just because he wears a QB halloween costume on every Sunday does not make him a professional level QB.

  23. Taylor was:

    1-23 when the Bills couldn’t hold opponents under 23 points.
    1-16 when the Bills couldn’t run for 100+ yards.

    Enjoy, Cleveland!

    Yeah, well…Myles Garret and Bradley Chubb could be pillars of a great young defense and I’m pretty sure Carlos Hyde and Saquon Barkley could help with last part.

    Sure, the Bills gave him some stout defense and a Pro Bowl RB to have his back…

    But what about what was in front of him?

    Did Buffalo provide protection or effective receivers??? Naaaaaaaahhh

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