Chargers met with Lamar Jackson after pro day


The Chargers have a perfectly good starting quarterback, but he is 36.

So it never hurts taking a look at potential and eventual replacements.

According to Jonathan Jones of, the Chargers met with Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson after his pro day workout today.

Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt was on hand to watch Jackson throw (but not run), and it’s interesting to consider how they could impact the pace of quarterbacks being drafted next month. The Chargers pick 17th overall.

The only other quarterback on the roster behind Philip Rivers is Cardale Jones, though they did bring Geno Smith in for a workout yesterday.

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  1. Philip Rivers is one of the most squandered Quarterback resources to ever play the game. Had the Giants (who drafted Rivers) kept Rivers instead of trading him to the Charges, he would have at least be wearing four Rings (Under Coach Coughlin).

  2. bahoto34 says:
    March 29, 2018 at 4:40 pm

    they had a perfectly good quarterback in drew brees and still drafted rivers


    Maybe you’re not old enough to remember when Brees played for the Chargers but he was far from “perfectly good”. In fact, he was pretty bad for most of his time with the Chargers. Check his game logs. At one point he lost his starting job to Doug Flutie. He was the starting QB when they won just enough games to get the #1 overall pick which turned out to be Rivers after the trade. And that was with Tomlinson who had already established himself as a top NFL RB. Its easy in hindsight to look at Brees overall career and say the Chargers screwed that up. But at that time, Brees was bad, the new GM drafted his own QB and Brees had that shoulder injury. They had to move on. To the benefit of the Saints. He will be immortal in NO forever. I bet Saban still wishes he signed Brees instead of Culpepper.

  3. bahoto34 said: “they had a perfectly good quarterback in drew brees and still drafted rivers.”
    I guess you did not attend the games in person when Brees was with the Chargers. His performance was up and down/good and bad. Comparing the ability of Brees at year three to the ability of Rivers in his third year, one could clearly see who was better in their third year. It was Rivers hands down.
    Now we get to the organization and the offense that is employed. The offense that Brees had with the Chargers was not playing to his strengths. The Saints offense definitely uses Drew’s strengths.
    The offense employed by the Chargers utilizes Rivers abilities more, but the Chargers have wasted his career by having less than stellar offensive lines. Rivers cannot evade well. The guy has carried the Chargers for years, and management has done a poor job of maintaining quality around him.

  4. Rivers wants to retire and coach his childrens’ teams.

    He is done in 2 years.

    Give Lamar 2 years behind Rivers to learn how to be better at being an accurate pocket passer with a throw first mentality and he could be a probowler

  5. Rivers, Rothlisberger, Manning, Brees, and Brady ain’t young anymore. All of those teams need to start looking to the future. Considering his draft spot, Jackson could be the steal of the draft especially if he can sit and learn for a couple of years.

  6. No doubt they must look around for the future. Phillip’s lack of mobility has contributed to his absence in the Super Bowl. Not all his g=fault but he’s one dimensional. If none of the QB’s are there at
    #17 they must address the run stop. Pullard isn’t going to get it done. Rasheed Evans is a very good pick at #17. Take a QB in the second round (if Lamar isn’t there) Pass on M. Rudolph a slightly faster version of Rivers.

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