Joel Glazer: Dirk Koetter deserves credit for Bucs playing hard late in season

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Dirk Koetter’s job security appeared in question after the Buccaneers went only 5-11 last season after being expected to contend for the postseason. Instead, the sometimes impatient owners of the team decided to give Koetter another season.

Koetter got a pass because of extenuating circumstances.

“When you start out a season and people are heading in 12 different directions in Week 1 because a hurricane is on its way and you go 16 weeks without a bye, and your quarterback is hurt and playing hurt and you’re not having success on the field, that’s when you learn about people,” Bucs co-chairman Joel Glazer said, via Scott Reynolds of the Pewter Report. “Dirk was the same person through it all. He kept the team playing hard and we were in close games that didn’t go our way. Here’s what I know: I know up to the final whistle of the season and the final pass for a touchdown, our team was playing hard. That has something to do with the head coach.”

Koetter, though, will enter 2018 on the hot seat.

The Bucs expect improvement after a what they have deemed a successful offseason.

“What’s interesting about the NFL is that every year there are some surprises,” Glazer said. “Teams that you don’t expect to do well, do well. I’m not going to put a number of victories we’re expecting or this or that. Nobody wants to win more than us. I know Jason [Licht] and Dirk, and last season killed them.

“We always look to see improvement. You can’t always control certain things, but we want to see a team heading in the right direction and ultimately built to compete, and not just for one year, but for several years. It’s tough this early in the year to set an early expectation. There’s an ebb and flow and you just let the season play out.”

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  1. I am not impressed by that and would not be if I was an owner. The players should always be playing hard.

    Jobs are always on the line, in Tampa and every other NFL city, and tape is going to be watched by any team that signs you. so it is in the players best interest to play hard.

    And as the owner, you are paying them to play hard.

    So I give Dirk no credit for the players trying hard

  2. He also deserves credit for their 5-11 record. I truly do not understand why teams hire offensive coordinators as NFL head coaches only for the sake of that coach being a QB whisperer to your QB. There is a lot more to head coaching than developing your QB and Bucs hired a career average offensive coordinator all for the sake of Jameis Winston. Dirk Koetter is not a good head coach and the team has suffered as a result

  3. I get his point. They could have tanked in order to get better draft position but they still were trying to win. An 16 weeks without a bye is rough. Both teams had a tough season.

  4. 2017 Jameis Winston Statistics (13 games):

    19 td – 11 int – 15 fumbles

    3 wins – 10 losses

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    2017 Ryan Fitzpatrick Statistics (3 games):

    7 td – 3 int – 0 fumbles

    2 wins – 1 loss

    Fitzpatrick and Winston both have 4.3 td%… but… Fitz has a much lower int%.

    Just look at those fumbles!!!

  5. Did you watch the any of the last 6 games they played? They had nothing to gain in last 6 games and didn’t give up. All the games were close, except the Atlanta game. But the score didn’t reflect the play of the field. I applaud the Glazers for being patient. The year before they were 9-7 with ascending team. Koetters record is 14-18. Last year for the Bucs was a very strange season with Hard Knocks, the hurricane and massive amount of injuries they sustained probably due to not having a bye week.

  6. We lost 7 games by 7 points or less; many by field goals because we made a poor decision to select aguyo and his replacement nick folk didn’t bode well either. Waiting for Doug Martin to return to form wasted most of the year at the rb position and we should have selected a rb last year earlier/ other than mcnicols or just let Barber start. I still don’t think desean is worth the money they’re paying him and with the emergence of Chris Godwin, he should be expendable. I give dirk the credit for the team playing hard; I don’t give licht the credit for bringing back aguyo for a second year(when he sucked the first), and for the running game being poor. In today’s nfl the successful teams stay ahead when it comes to decision making on roster moves, whereas Tampa struggles. Hopefully this year the defensive and offensive line play better, but another wrench will prob be thrown into the plan, such as Winston getting a 4-8 game suspension for the Uber thing, guilty or not. I like fitz as a fill in; Jameis has the passion and the locker room behind him and it shows.

  7. I want the Bucs to do well as much as any other Buccaneer fan but I view Dirk just as a offensive coordinator….I don’t he’s cut out to be a head. I hope i’m Wrong but I don’t think he makes it past this year. BTW…once they do a major overhaul next year please bring back Bucko Bruce and our great orange uniforms!

  8. Koetter’s an ok head coach in a league with a couple great coaches, a handful of good coaches, another handful of yet-unknown coaches, and a bunch of jags. He’s at the top end of the jags, perhaps, but he’s still just a guy. He’s not the only reason the team stinks but he’s also not the only answer to them getting better.

  9. Why would they tank for higher draft pick?
    They have proven they are a bad organization at evaluating talent…
    Just a few years ago they had the #1 pick and botched that opportunity ROYALLY!!!

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