Kaelin Clay shuffles back to Buffalo

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Kaelin Clay is running a comeback route.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the free agent wide receiver has signed with the Bills.

Clay signed with the Panthers last April, but they traded him to the Bills in September for cornerback Kevon Seymour. But when the Bills waived Clay in October, the Panthers claimed him back.

He ended up starting games for the Panthers late in the season (which had more to do with them than him), and he returned a punt for a touchdown against the Jets.

He’ll have a chance to return punts for the Bills since they didn’t re-sign Brandon Tate.

6 responses to “Kaelin Clay shuffles back to Buffalo

  1. And who, exactly, should the Bills have pursued to fix the WR depth? That’s what I thought. Expect better production from the WR when they know a QB behind center will actually look their way, instead of “McCoy, Run, Sack” option. Jarvis Landry and Josh Gordon’s #’s are going to plummet with Charlie Checkdown in Browntown.

  2. Benjamin, Jones, Holmes, Streater, Clay, Bray, Reilly & Dupre… Clay gives them the speed aspect they were missing, along with an A+ return man on Kickoffs & Punts. Benjamin is a real good receiver(Redzone), but is too slow to be a true #1 receiver, so the Bills will need to fill that role at some point in the Draft. Jones is a solid slot receiver, so hopefully he will get more time in the position than he did last year. Streater & Holmes both make for excellent Redzone receivers and the rest of the group are virtually untested, so we’ll have to see if any of them make noise. #BillsMafia

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