Key dissenter in Ezekiel Elliott case leaves league office

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Kia Roberts, a rare voice of reason and caution in the NFL’s Ezekiel Elliott investigation, has left the league office, according to Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Roberts served as lead investigator in the Elliott case. She ultimately recommended that Elliott not be suspended.

Hill reports that Roberts left for reasons unrelated to the Elliott case. It’s somewhat surprising that Roberts stayed for as long as she did, given the evidence and testimony suggesting that someone may have tried to conceal the opinions of Roberts — who interviewed Elliott’s accusers on multiple occasions — from Commissioner Roger Goodell. For example, her opinion did not appear in the final internal report.

Roberts’ position fueled the initial success that Elliott enjoyed in court. He lost the case based not on merit, but based on legal technicalities regarding the NFL’s immense power to discipline players under the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Meanwhile, NFL senior V.P. of investigations Lisa Friel, whose credibility was called into question by one of the federal court rulings issued in the case, continues to be employed by the league, even though her work in both the Josh Brown case and the Elliott case raises real questions about her fitness for the job.

Then again, maybe she’s simply doing her job perfectly. The league’s effort to investigate and discipline players for off-field misconduct seems to be less about justice and more about P.R. Friel’s job could be, and perhaps is, to bridge the gap between facts and law on one hand and the outcome the league wants on the other — and to take the heat when things get periodically messy, so that others working at 345 Park Avenue will never face the blowback that comes from the perception/reality that the league was too soft on a player who possibly, maybe, might have committed a crime.

13 responses to “Key dissenter in Ezekiel Elliott case leaves league office

  1. Investigators have only one job to do – GATHER EVIDENCE. In no organization would they ever be asked to provide a recommendation as that is the job of the senior management and league lawyers.

  2. In the Josh Brown case, the (ex)-wife REFUSED to meet with league investigators.

    Hard to continue an investigation when she doesn’t talk.

  3. Investigators job do include gathering evidence and in every case
    I have ever worked on …all counsel involved routinely asked the .Investigator
    for an opinion on the witnesses crediblity. Do you really believe
    that trail lawyers don’t evaluate a potential witnesses crediblity.
    I can also guarantee that claims adjusters ask counsel to
    evaluate the witnesses ..apearence, credibilty….ability to
    answer questions.
    It’s a ahame this has ended this way..Is this an indication if you
    have to guts to call it like you see it ..and it’s contrary to
    Roger Goodell’s agenda on player conduct ..your frozen out?
    Is it an indication that Ms. Roberts was disgusted with the
    way Elliot was treated?
    I would love to see PFT interview her!

  4. The Commissioner’s fitness for the job has been called into question by hundreds of thousands of NFL fans for years and nothing’s happened.

    I’ve been singing it for years and once you all finally see how snowflake the NFL gets it’ll be too late.

  5. akira554 says:
    March 29, 2018 at 3:44 pm
    In the Josh Brown case, the (ex)-wife REFUSED to meet with league investigators.

    Hard to continue an investigation when she doesn’t talk.

    From the Josh Brown police report: “Including the May 22 incident, at least eight physical assaults were reported to the police and twenty more were detailed with the King County Sheriff’s Office.”

    Literally twenty cases (including 8 physical assaults, all reported to the police) and the NFL wouldn’t do anything about it. You think his wife is going to testify against him after 30 documented accounts of abuse? You are delusional. And the NFL is negligent. They let bad guys stay in the league while they suspend teenagers 16 games for marijuana.

  6. Friel’s just another puppet with an agenda who railroaded someone impartial who thought they were supposed to actually do their job professionally and fairly.

    Only the complete absence of credibility in the league office prevents this from eroding their credibility further.

  7. akira554 says:
    March 29, 2018 at 3:44 pm
    In the Josh Brown case, the (ex)-wife REFUSED to meet with league investigators.

    Hard to continue an investigation when she doesn’t talk.
    How is that? Couldn’t they just ignore\fabricate the evidence like they’ve done with every other case?

  8. The problem with the Bearded Woman Beater is that none of these situations is his first rodeo with female abuse. He has a track record prior to even this latest one at the end of his college career.

    Working in domestic violence, I can tell you that this jerk will repeat and could actually cause more physical damage the next time; he has shown in his pro career that he has no boundary of respect for the female body and he grabbed mammaries on a female he did not know in public. This guy is a serious menace to females and needs significant therapy.

    Mark my words – he will continue to abuse – the question is whether he’ll let the next one live to complain about it.

  9. Her career at the nfl was effectively over after that instance of mutiny. Actually, it is not surprising that she stayed as long; the more you earn, the longer it takes to find something similar. Plus most people don’t like hiring independent minded people.

  10. We almost made it through the day without seeing the never, ever used term snowflake. Hopefully people can start using the never, ever heard term dumpster fire. That would be a switch….

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